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Sky TV channels

By Mike Whitehead
Tuesday, January 29th 2019

In the increasingly crowded subscription TV market place, Sky is still seen as the premier provider of quality programming across all genres. From Sky Sports to Sky Cinema, and the coveted Sky Atlantic, we've got all the details of exactly what channels Sky offers.

With the largest channel choice of all the Pay TV providers, Sky has a competitive pricing structure to match. For a full outline of everything Sky has to offer, through all the different packages, this guide will tell you all you need to know.

Complete list of all channels available on Sky TV

With at least 370 channels at your fingertips, this handy tool allows you to check what channels are available across different categories. The basic Entertainment starter package includes quite a few of these channels as standard – including Sky Atlantic. You can then add to this basic offering by choosing a bundle package for an additional monthly premium.

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Freeview channels

Sky’s basic offering – Sky Entertainment – includes 250 free-to-air channels including all the familiar terrestrial TV favourites; BBC One, BBC Two, ITV, Channel 4 (including HD) are all available, as you’d expect. In addition, there’s a range of entertainment channels such as Dave, Yesterday and Challenge. If films are more your thing, you can watch Film4 and TCM.

250 channels does sound a lot. However, be mindful there’s quite a bit of repetition included here. For example, how many news channels do you really need if they all have the same headlines? We all have our favourite and will simply stick with that.

There’s also +1 channels included if you want to watch a programme that may clash with something else, along with a number of channels that are quite niche, including religious, adult-only viewing and shopping channels.

Premium channels

Sky’s premium channel offering begins with its Entertainment package. Essentially, any premium channel is one that is not classed as Freeview. Whether you would personally class some of these channels as premium viewing is subject to opinion.

Nevertheless, the Entertainment bundle includes an extra 75 channels in addition to the Freeview ones.

Premium entertainment channels

Over the last few years, Sky has made great strides with its original programme offering and has earned a terrific reputation for quality output. The Entertainment bundle includes Sky’s crown jewel – Sky Atlantic – which is, of course, home of the award-winning fantasy drama, Game of Thrones.

In addition, you’ll find other awesome programmes such as Billions, starring Damian Lewis, and Blue Bloods, starring Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg.

Sky One is another channel that has massively improved its output and includes The Late Show with James Corden, and everyone’s favourite cartoon comedy, The Simpsons.

You can also grab all the latest new programming available through Sky Living, Fox and Universal. If you’re a comedy fan, in addition to Dave, there’s Comedy Central and Gold where you can enjoy all the old vintage classics such as Only Fools and Horses and Fawlty Towers.

Sky TV Channels

Premium factual channels

Sky’s competitors cannot really come close to the offering it has for factual and documentary channels. Whatever channel you’re looking for in this genre, if you can’t find it with Sky you’ll struggle to find it anywhere.

National Geographic, Nat Geo Wild, Crime & Investigation, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and History Channel are all to be found with Sky’s Entertainment package.

Premium kids' channels

Adding the Kids bundle to your basic Entertainment package should keep the little ones happy with a suite of channels to satisfy all their needs. With 11 kids channels, including Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Nickelodeon, Nicktoons, Nick Jr, Disney Channel and CBBC, there should be something for everyone.

Premium music channels

No matter what your age or what type of music you like to listen to, there’s something for all of you with Sky’s range of music channels.

In the beginning, Sky’s music offering was basically MTV. Nowadays not only are there lots of other choices, MTV alone has a suite of seven separate channels, such as MTV BASE and MTV Classic. In addition you can watch VH1, Box Hits, KISS, Magic and Kerrang. There’s even a NOW 80s channel for any A-Ha or Rick Astley fans out there.

If music documentaries are your thing, the Sky Arts channel has a great selection available as part of its regular programming schedule.

Premium movie channels

Sky Q Box

For all film fanatics, the Sky Cinema package will give you everything you’re looking for and can be added on to the basic Entertainment package. In total you get an extra eleven channels dedicated to films across a range of categories.

Sky Premiere, as the name suggests, is where you will find all the most recent cinema releases shown on UK TV for the first time. Sky Hits includes a range of titles that were both a critical and box office success when they were released, such as Cast Away, starring Tom Hanks, or Gladiator, starring Russell Crowe.

Sky Greats has a fantastic range of all-time classic movies. On here you’ll find pretty much anything made by Steven Spielberg or Quentin Tarantino. Sky Comedy provides the laughs with titles such as Love Actually or Airplane and pretty much anything starring Eddie Murphy or Will Ferrell.

You can see plenty of Drama and Thriller titles with dedicated channels to these genres and Sky Classics has a wonderful range of timeless movies from the likes of Taylor, Burton and Eastwood. With On Demand, you can watch all of these movies, whenever you like.

Premium sports channels – Sky Sports

Back in its infancy, Sky was very much seen by some as the bully in the playground, taking all the best sports away from poor old Auntie Beeb. However, whilst it’s had its ups and downs over the years and has had to work tirelessly to get its various formats correct, Sky’s sports selection is undeniably second to none.

Its Sports package is the foundation upon which Sky has secured its success. More recently, along with its cinema package, Sky has conducted a very successful re-branding of its sports offering with the result being a much more focused, concise selection centred on particular sports rather than a mix of everything.

Sky Sports Main Event has all the big events happening here and now. The big golf major, the cricket test match, and the big premier league clash – you’ll find them all here. The other premium channels are all centred on a specific sport. Sky Sports Premier League, Sky Sports Cricket, Sky Sports Golf, Sky Sports F1 all have programming totally focused on their respective sports.

In addition to Sky Sports Premier League there’s Sky Sports Football, which offers programming away from the top-flight and focused on lower league matches.

There’s no doubt Sky has suffered some setbacks of late with increased competition from BT who managed to capture a healthy portion of Premier League games, both European club competitions and, most recently, The Ashes in Australia. This competition is only going to become fiercer as time goes on but, for now, Sky’s sports package is still the best overall and well worth adding on to your basic Entertainment package.

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