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Sky One

By Tim Smith | Monday, July 26th 2021

Sky One is a British digital television channel offered in SD and HD and is part of Sky TV. It offers a range of light entertainment, comedy, documentary, light drama and film programming both original and imported.

Sky One is available to consumers in the UK on several platforms, including as part of broadband deals, via a satellite dish, via mobile apps and using an add-on 'stick' that plugs into your TV's HDMI slot.

What is Sky One?

Sky One is a British digital pay TV channel that began life in the late 1980s. Sky One can be viewed both Standard Definition (SD) and in High Definition (HD). It is available to viewers with a paid subscription to Sky TV, and via a number of other outlets including short-term subscriptions via the NowTV service. Sky considers it to be a flagship channel, and it is funded by subscription and advertising.

Sky One is an entertainment TV channel targeted to grown-up viewers, though Sky offers eight of their own channels dedicated to family-friendly programming as well. It features new and catch-up content including Sky original content, and popular high quality shows from other countries. The content on Sky One has a wide range of content, including comedy, sports, drama, light documentary shows, and more.

How do I get Sky One?

The first thing you need to know is that you can't receive Sky One via a FreeView or FreeSat box or enabled device. You’ll need a Sky TV subscription to view Sky One, and unless your Smart TV supports it directly, you’ll need an additional piece of hardware.

You can view Sky One TV on your TV, laptop or desktop computer, smartphone or tablet. Here’s a breakdown of the different ways to get access to Sky One.

Sky TV via a satellite dish

While you do need internet access to get Sky One, you don’t need to get your broadband through Sky. You will need to get Sky to install a satellite dish if you don’t already have one, and once it’s set up, you can connect to Sky’s TV receiver, better known as a Sky Q box.

Sky TV and broadband subscription

Sky doesn't just produce and broadcast TV in the UK, it is also a major supplier of broadband internet. You can sign up for one of Sky’s popular bundle deals, combining your TV and internet services, which will save you money.

Sky offers several subscription levels for its broadband and TV deals, all of which come with Sky One. Sky will then send you one of their Sky hubs, which is the hardware you need to access your broadband service. The hub provides the WiFi signal to use around your home. You also get a Sky Q box, which is the top set box that plugs into your television and into the broadband hub, enabling you to receive the channels you signed up for.

The Sky Go app

Sky One is available on the go via the Sky Go app (available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and using your Windows PC or Apple Mac. Sky Go enables you to watch Sky One and other Sky channels when you’re out and about using your existing Sky TV subscription. You can even download content to view offline later if you’re going abroad or won’t have access to broadband or mobile data for a while.


Sky also owns NOW TV, which offers a variety of non-contract TV subscription packages by using the NOW application on your Smart TV, through the mobile application, or using a NOW Smart Stick that plugs into the HDMI port on your TV. Once you've chosen your TV package you can also watch on your tablet device and computer.

TalkTalk TV subscription

TalkTalk TV has discontinued its TV packages, but has since collaborated with NOW TV to provide access to all the same great content as before, but in a slightly different format. Rather than the option of adding bundles of different Sky TV channels, TalkTalk TV now integrates NOW TV passes, which you can sign up for on a month-by-month basis and get access to Sky One and other channels.

Virgin TV subscription

Sky One is available as an add-on for your Virgin TV package and is included in their Bigger bundle, Bigger + Sports bundle and their Ultimate Volt bundle. TV channels are delivered via Virgin's TV box.

BT TV subscription

Sky One is available as an add-on for your BT TV package. So is NOW TV, which enables you to watch Sky TV channels including Sky One without the need for a contract. BT TV is supplied with its own BT TV box that can connect to an aerial or straight to your BT broadband hub.

Using a Gaming Console

You can access Sky One and other Sky subscription channels on your Xbox or Playstation using an app called TV from Sky if you have signed up for an account with Sky Go Extra, a premium version of the Sky Go app. This comes included with the Sky Mobile, Sky Q experience, Sky Multiscreen, and Ultimate on Demand packages. If you don’t want the extras, Sky Go Extra can be added to your subscription for an additional fee. You’ll also need a Sky iD and password, an active PlayStation or XboX account, and at least 250MB of available space on your console hard drive.

What shows can I watch on Sky One?

Sky One is a popular entertainment channel aimed at adults. The channel broadcasts a mix of original and imported programming. You can view new and catch-up shows including light drama (cop and crime procedural shows), comedy, panel games, and documentary programming. Here are some of the most popular TV shows available on Sky One.

  • The Simpsons – The iconic animated comedy featuring working-class father Homer Simpson and his dysfunctional family deal with comical situations and the ups-and-downs of life in the town of Springfield. The show has been running since 1989 and ended after 32 seasons in May, 2021
  • The Flight Attendant A flight attendant wakes up in the wrong hotel, in the wrong bed, with a dead man - and no idea what happened. In a fit of panic and fear, she tries to clean up any trace of her presence and jets back to New York in a state of barely concealed anxiety. Of course, she has no idea of the dark and crazy mystery about to unfold.–
  • Bulletproof: South Africa –Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters return as Bishop and Pike for a special three-part outing for the wise-cracking London cops.
  • Magnum P.I. –Charming paradise-based private eye Thomas Magnum is back in this fast-paced reboot of the hit 80s show.
  • Modern Family –A popular import from across the pond, Modern Family is a show about three modern-day families from California trying to deal with their kids, quirky spouses and jobs in their own unique ways, often falling into hilarious situations.

What do I need to watch Sky One?

Most importantly for watching Sky One is a subscription to Sky TV. This can be achieved as an add-on to your Sky, BT, Virgin, and Talk Talk broadband deals. It is also available via Now TV. You can also receive Sky One via a satellite attached to your home (check with your landlord if you're renting). Once you have a subscription you can use the following:

  • Sky TV box – If you have signed a Sky TV or Sky broadband plus TV deal, you will receive Sky Q box that will enable you to watch Sky One and other channels included in your paid subscription
  • Xbox – Once you have your subscription you can watch via your Xbox console using an additional app
  • Playstation – Once you have your subscription you can watch via your Playstation using an additional app
  • NOW TV – You can watch Sky One using a NOW TV membership (a non-contract package deal) via software or a NOW Smart stick that plugs into your TV

Frequently asked questions

How much does Sky One cost?

Because there are a number of ways that you can view Sky One, this is a difficult question. For example, you can watch via a one-day NOW TV membership or via an annual Sky TV subscription. The best thing to do is check out our Sky TV comparison.

Do I need additional hardware to watch Sky One?

You don't need extra hardware to watch Sky One on your computer, smartphone or tablet, or if you already have a TV deal with Talk Talk, Virgin or BT. If you want to watch Sky One using a Sky broadband deal you will receive a new hardware box called a Sky Q box.

Does Sky One have any kids' shows?

Not really no. Not for smaller kids. Sky One is aimed at grown-up viewers. Sky does offer dedicated channels for families with children as an optional add-on.

How many devices can I watch Sky One on at the same time?

Sky One comes as part of Sky TV's multi-device Sky Go deals. These enable you to watch Sky One on up to six devices (smartphones, tablets, computers) simultaneously. You can also use Sky's Q Mini boxes in your home to connect more TVs in other rooms. You can purchase additional Mini Q boxes online for as little as £20.

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