BT Broadband Black Friday deals: THREE months free broadband

Dan Howdle | November 13th, 2023

BT Black Friday broadband

Three months free BT Broadband for a limited time!

It's Black Friday again and BT has switched thing up a bit by offering three months' free broadband. We're old enough to remember last year's Black Friday offering from BT when its broadband packages were half-price for the first six months, which is of course completely different to getting three months for nothing (looks knowingly into camera). Originality aside, three months for nothing is a fab deal, so let's take a look at how that affects the various packages on offer.

Save up to £199.97 on BT Fibre broadband, with no up-front costs

You can get the first three months free on almost any BT Broadband package right now, saving £199.97 on its flagship Full Fibre 900 deal. There are no up-front costs and BT is also giving away a £50 reward card on these deals, which takes the form of a pre-paid Mastercard you can spend anywhere. We've selected three of the five deals available to show a good cross-section of what's on offer. For a full list of these deals, please refer to our BT Broadband comparison.

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Fibre 2

Black Friday deal: Save £157.97

Offering perfectly decent speeds averaging 67Mbps, BT's Fibre 2 is where most BT customers find themselves. It's available everywhere (not so with the faster speeds, which we'll get into next), it's fairly well-priced outside of sale times, and with BT you do get a lot of added value with features like its whole home wifi and Wi-Fi guarantee. There's a £50 voucher here (see bottom of this guide on the Ts and Cs in claiming that), as well as the first three months for free (on a package costing £35.99 per month).

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Full Fibre 500

Black Friday deal: Save £184.97

This is where it gets tricky, because although 500Mbps is very, very fast, and we are leaning more towards recommending such speeds than we used to, this speeds means full fibre. And full fibre is only available to around one in four households. So it's a bit pot luck. If you can get it, this is the sweet spot between extreme speed and ludicrous speed, but will serve well any household containing gamers and streamers. You'll get the first three months free (normally £44.99 per month) and you'll get that £50 cashback reward card too.

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Full Fibre 900

Black Friday deal: Save £199.97

Likewise to the deal above, availability of ultrafast full fibre is limited (whether with BT or with anybody else), so you should definitely take a moment to see what you can get where you live using our postcode checker before deciding this is the way to go. 900Mbps is not only absurdly fast, but also represents the limit you can possibly route to a single device via a LAN cable, unless you buy and install special, expensive gear. If you want to fastest broadband you can get, this will be it for most households. You'll get three months free on Full Fibre 900 (normally £49.99 per month), and a £50 cashback reward card.

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Notable benefits of these deals

Here are some things you'll get with a BT Broadband deal.

The BT Smart Hub 2 router

No more BT Smart Hub, it's been superseded by a next-generation router with Wi-Fi 6 – the BT Smart Hub 2.

Free BT Virus Protect for total peace of mind

BT’s excellent security software, powered by Norton, comes with two free licences with any BT broadband purchase to protect your devices from viruses, malware and other cyber criminal activities. Paired with Norton Password Manager, it offers complete protection from online attacks.

How BT Rewards Cards work

This may annoy many who get so-called 'cashback' deals from BT, which is why we need to tell you how this works. You have to claim these cashback rewards yourself, and you can only do so after the cancellation period has passed (more than 14 days after you're up and running. If you forget, you will lose out. Once you have the case you will then have up to three months to spend it. The card's expiry will be made clear in the details that arrive with the card.

Just be mindful and set a reminder on your phone or in your character to claim your card and, ideally, spend it as soon as possible so's not to run the risk of expiry.

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