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We compare the UK's leading TV providers including Sky, Virgin Media, BT, TalkTalk, NOW TV and more.

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As well as broadband and phone services, Sky offers TV packages that can be adapted with a variety of extra channels, such as Sky Cinema and Sky Sports.

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Virgin Media provides the fastest widely available broadband in the UK – up to 1.1Gbps – along with a range of TV packages to rival Sky.

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BT offers home broadband, phone and TV packages in the UK, along with a mobile service. Its fibre optic service reaches up to 900Mbps.


NOW TV is a subscription-based streaming service that allows you to watch top Sky content on a flexible month-by-month basis.

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TalkTalk supplies a range of well-priced fibre and standard broadband packages, available with a choice of TV and phone plans.

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About TV providers in the UK

There is already is an excellent range of digital TV packages on offer from a range of companies, but where should you start when choosing a digital TV provider? Let us talk you through the process.

Which digital TV providers are in my area?

The first thing to consider when selecting a TV provider is the issue of availability. Some services are available countrywide, while others are not quite as widely available. So, before you can start comparing digital TV providers you need to find out exactly which providers operate in your area.

This is very easy to do on with our digital TV postcode checker. Once you enter your postcode and click “Check” we’ll be able to instantly confirm exactly which providers are available in your area and show you a list of all of the packages you have to choose from.

Tip: You may like to open the postcode checker in another window so you can refer back to this page.

Which is the best digital TV provider?

Once you’ve used our digital TV postcode checker you’re now ready to start comparing providers and packages.

Try not to get hung up on working out which is the best TV provider, think instead about which is the best TV provider for you. What do you want from your provider? Do you want a seemingly endless selection of channels? Or do you really just want the Freeview digital TV channels and the option to watch the occasional HD movie on-demand?

You can fine-tune the list of providers and packages available in your area by means of the package filter. So, if you’re specifically looking for a digital TV provider and package that includes a sports channel, add a tick in the box next to “Sports”. You can add as many ticks into the filter as you like to whittle down the list of packages until you’re left with the ones that meet all of your criteria.

What are digital TV bundles?

Bundles are a great way to get the digital TV service you want with other great services that you might need. Most of today’s digital TV providers can also offer you a fast broadband package, an inclusive calls plan and maybe even a new phone line when you sign up. Some can even provide you with all three.

There are a couple of very compelling reasons why you should consider a digital TV bundle from your chosen provider instead of a TV only package.

Firstly, you can get these extra services plus your TV deal at a price very often much lower than you’d be able to get all of your chosen services individually from different providers. And secondly, you’ll get the convenience of having all of your charges on a single bill each month.

When comparing providers and packages you can narrow your search to include relevant bundles by mean of the filter at the top of our digital TV comparison page. You can add your requirements for broadband on the left and phone towards the right. Or you can leave those fields blank to compare every single package and bundle in your area.

However you go about it you’ll find that using our comparison page will let you quickly and easily find the digital TV provider that's right for you.

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