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Cable.co.uk may earn a commission when you purchase via links on our site. The price you pay will always be equal to or often cheaper than the price you would pay by going direct to the provider. Broadband speeds are dependent on where you live and you may receive slower speeds than listed. Broadband is subject to availability – check with the provider. All our monthly costs are inclusive of line rental. Prices may change during this period unless otherwise stated. Some broadband providers may increase monthly prices in line with the retail or consumer price index each year during the length of your contract. Please refer to individual broadband provider's terms and conditions before signing up. All prices are inclusive of VAT except business prices. Contract lengths may vary.

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Broadband only deals December 2023

Last checked by Dan Howdle | August 14th, 2023

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How to get the best broadband only package

Although a ‘broadband only deal’ sounds simple, providers have their own definitions of what this type of package includes and involves.

Broadband only, for example, could mean broadband with no landline phone line at all, broadband with a landline phone connection provided by another company, or broadband without a combined TV, landline phone call package, or mobile phone provision.

A broadband only deal is perfect if you don't make calls from your landline. Broadband only is also ideal if you don't want to bundle your subscription TV (such as Sky) or pay for separate TV services with another provider (like Netflix or Amazon Prime TV).

You'll also be paying less for services that you don’t want, giving you the cheapest broadband possible. You may still have to pay line rental for your landline connection, but not having a handset or call package means that you can avoid nuisance calls.

Cable.co.uk compares broadband only packages from the leading UK providers, saving you time and money. Look out for our exclusive deals you won't find anywhere else.

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Which UK providers offer just broadband?

Most UK providers offer broadband only deals, without TV, landline phone calls or mobile phone provision included.

Our comparison lists every UK provider who offers their version of broadband only. This can be split into ultrafast broadband without a phone line, and broadband with a phone line but just PAYG calls. Here’s a run down of what the major UK providers offer in terms of broadband only deals:

Provider Top download speed Landline Calls Price from
Virgin Media 1.1Gbps No None £26.50p/m Compare
BT 900Mbps No None £29.99p/m Compare
Sky 900Mbps Yes Pay as you go £25p/m Compare
Plusnet 910Mbps No None £24.99p/m Compare
TalkTalk 910Mbps Yes Pay as you go £24.95p/m Compare

For more detailed reviews about the providers we list on Cable.co.uk, have a look at our broadband reviews to see which ISP is right for you.

Cheap broadband only deals

Do I still need a landline if I don’t use the phone?

Generally, most types of broadband do require a landline connection to deliver an internet signal, so even if you don’t want to make calls with it, you’ll still need to have a phone line or landline installed. And that means paying line rental. This is because both 'standard' ADSL and the widely available fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) broadband require a landline to deliver services to your property.

However, there are several alternatives if you really want a broadband deal that doesn’t require a landline. The latest fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) broadband that is being rapidly rolled out across the UK doesn't need a conventional landline at all. So we are now increasingly seeing fibre broadband packages without a landline. In fact, in some cases, you have to actively choose to add a landline if you want one. Virgin Media uses its own network and does not require a phone line to deliver its services. Hence it has always been able to offer broadband without a phone line, albeit bizarrely at extra cost than a broadband and phone plan.

Finally, there are also a number of smaller, full fibre internet providers such as Hyperoptic, Community Fibre and YouFibre, that offer internet access without a landline as standard.

Contrary to what you might think, it’s not always the case that you’ll save any money by opting for a landline-free broadband deal. And with the majority of broadband products, the cost of line rental is included in your overall monthly bill anyway.

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Can I get fibre without a landline?

A wide range of fibre broadband deals are available that don’t include phone calls. But some will still come with an actual phone line, even if the package doesn't include any telephone usage.

The advent of new ultrafast and gigafast broadband has meant that a landline is no longer automatically included in these packages. In fact, Openreach has announced that it will be switching off the old analogue phone network in 2025 and customers will instead be offered a digital phone line instead. For now, ultrafast packages of 145Mbps and more that operate over the Openreach network (used by BT, PLusnet, Vodafone, TalkTalk and Sky amongst others) do not come with a landline as standard, but you can choose to add one if you want.

Other, smaller fibre networks, such as Community Fibre based in London, YouFibre (which is currently rolling out its network across areas of the UK), community provider Gigaclear and London provider Hyperoptic all use exclusively pure fibre networks, which means all their packages are broadband only as standard.

Best broadband only deals

Best broadband only deals

Here are best broadband only offers for December 2023 based on popularity and incentives.

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Cheapest broadband only deals

Here are our cheapest broadband only offers for December 2023 based on monthly price.

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