UK mobile providers

  • Sky Mobile

    Sky Mobile offers both pay-monthly handset and SIM only deals. Sky's SIMs are on the expensive side if you’re not a Sky TV/broadband customer, but if you are there are bargains to be had.

  • BT Mobile

    BT Mobile offers both both pay-monthly phones and SIM only deals, and you’ll get money off if you’re already a BT broadband customer. BT Mobile also offers good discounts for taking out multiple SIMs.

  • Virgin Mobile

    Virgin Mobile offers a wide range of pay-monthly deals with handsets from all the top manufacturers. You’ll also find SIM only deals, as well as discounts for Virgin broadband and TV customers.

  • EE Mobile

    EE is the UK’s largest network provider, offering not only an enormous range of pay-monthly mobile phones and SIM deals, but also a great range of tablets, data SIMs and even the odd smart watch.

  • Three Mobile

    Three is one of the UK’s four network providers. It offers a huge range of handsets along with a dizzying array of SIM only options (including unlimited data) to suit all possible tastes and needs.

  • Plusnet Mobile

    Plusnet Mobile is a SIM only provider, so no handsets. However, its 30-day rolling contracts are some of the cheapest in existence. If you already have a phone you’re happy with, Plusnet is a great choice.

  • Tesco Mobile

    Tesco pitches itself as a budget mobile provider, offering some excellent deals on the latest phones and SIMs. Tesco also offers great deals on slightly older phones if ’the latest thing’ is not your priority.

  • Vodafone Mobile

    Vodafone provides its own network, offering phones and tablets from premium manufacturers such as Apple, Google and Samsung, as well as mid-range phones, budget phones, and SIM only deals.

  • O2 Mobile

    O2 provides one of the UK’s four mobile networks, and the only one that doesn’t offer home broadband. Nevertheless, with O2 you will find an excellent range of handsets, tablets and SIM only deals.

  • Giffgaff Mobile

    Giffgaff, which runs on the O2 network, is rather unique in that it relies on its excellent community to help customers solve problems. This costs giffgaff less, and as such it commonly offers some of the cheapest deals in the country.

  • ASDA Mobile

    Asda Mobile, after the well-known supermarket brand, does one thing only: Cheap SIMs. It doesn’t offer handsets, but for those after simply the cheapest SIM deal they can find, Asda is a good place to start.

  • iD Mobile

    iD Mobile is the brand identity of Carphone Warehouse’s own, in-house mobile network. It offers a wide range of SIM-only and handset deals for all budgets.