Cheap broadband deals

Cheap broadband deals

Compare our cheapest broadband packages for December 2023 starting from just £17.99 per month. Enter your postcode for the best deals in your area.

Cheapest deal Shell Broadband
Broadband speed 11Mbps
Contract length 18 months
Upfront cost Zero
Monthly price £17.99 per month may earn a commission when you purchase via links on our site. The price you pay will always be equal to or often cheaper than the price you would pay by going direct to the provider.
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This could be because your property is a new build or your postcode has recently changed. may earn a commission when you purchase via links on our site. The price you pay will always be equal to or often cheaper than the price you would pay by going direct to the provider. Broadband speeds are dependent on where you live and you may receive slower speeds than listed. Broadband is subject to availability – check with the provider. All our monthly costs are inclusive of line rental. Prices may change during this period unless otherwise stated. Some broadband providers may increase monthly prices in line with the retail or consumer price index each year during the length of your contract. Please refer to individual broadband provider's terms and conditions before signing up. All prices are inclusive of VAT except business prices. Contract lengths may vary.

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Shell Energy Broadband

Cheapest broadband provider December 2023

Shell Energy Broadband's Standard Broadband package is the UK's cheapest broadband deal. You'll get unlimited usage and average download speeds of 11Mbps for £17.99 per month.

Cheapest fibre provider: Shell Energy Broadband

Shell Energy's Superfast Fibre Superfast Fibre package is the cheapest fibre broadband deal. You'll get unlimited usage and average download speeds of 38Mbps for £21.99 per month.

Cheapest full fibre provider: Gigaclear

Gigaclear Superfast 200 package is the cheapest full fibre broadband deal. You'll get unlimited usage and average download speeds of 200Mbps for £17 per month.

Compare cheap broadband deals

Tips on how to get the cheapest broadband deal

Dan Howdle | November 9th, 2023

There are various factors to think about when shopping around for cheap broadband and WiFi. The main things to consider when deciding between broadband deals are:

  • Price – A cheap deal may offer a low monthly fee, but it’s important to know if there will be extra or hidden costs. You’ll need to check if the monthly price you’re offered is fixed for the entire term of your contract or if it’s just an introductory offer that will increase after the initial period. Comparing several deals and looking at all costs (up-front and for the duration of the contract) will help you to get good value for your money.
  • Freebies – the best broadband deals may offer tempting rewards like vouchers, cashback or reduced equipment or installation charges, but be sure to consider the deal and all associated costs on its own to ensure you’re getting a good price.
  • Speed – Your connection speed is one of the most important factors, particularly if you livestream a lot of content or play games online. Faster download speeds tend to cost more per month. You can check your current speed to get an idea of the speeds you require. It’s important to note that advertised speeds and guaranteed speeds vary, so be sure to check both in the provider’s terms.
  • Availability – Some providers and connection types are not yet available across the UK, so be sure to check your postcode to find out which services are available in your area. Most providers will ask for your postcode before showing you which deals are available in your area.
  • Equipment – You might need new equipment if you’re upgrading your service or switching providers. Many providers offer free equipment and delivery, but this isn’t always the case. Check the costs for equipment and installation in addition to the monthly fees.
  • Customer service – The cheapest broadband providers may not offer the best customer service. If service is important to you, make sure you read our broadband reviews before choosing your provider.

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Cheap broadband providers

Broadband Provider Average Speed Prices From
Shell Energy broadband 11Mbps £17.99 per month
NOW Broadband 11Mbps £20 per month
Vodafone broadband 38Mbps £24 per month
Sky broadband 61Mbps £26 per month

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Save money with bundles and packages

Bundling your broadband, TV, and/or phone services usually means you’ll save money. This is because providers usually offer discounts to customers who want to sign up to multiple products. Bundles are often cheaper than individual contracts, and you can have your bills and customer service with the same provider, giving you one point of contact.

Special offers and rewards

Many internet providers offer freebies and special offers alongside their broadband tariffs, such as introductory pricing discounts, cashback rewards, gift cards, vouchers or reward cards. While the rewards can be enticing, it’s important to consider the deal apart from the rewards, as the rewards will not impact the speed or quality of the service you’ll get.

Broadband with free gifts

Low starting price

Some internet providers offer attractive introductory pricing for the initial period of your contract, which is a great way to save money, but you might find a big price increase or extra charges after the introductory period of your contract. Be sure to read the contract terms carefully to make sure you really are looking at the cheapest deals, not just a great deal for a few months before you get hit with an unexpected monthly price increase.


Cashback rewards are incentives that refund you part of your initial payment, after a fixed period of time has passed (usually between 30-90 days) from when you first signed up for your contract; the details will be included in your contract terms). The claims process for rewards differs from provider to provider, but most of the time you will need to submit a claim using an online form. Your cashback reward will likely be paid directly into a bank account, or sent via cheque, made out to the person who is being billed for the service being provided.

Shopping vouchers

Shopping vouchers or gift card rewards are similar to cashback offers, but they are specific to certain retailers. Internet providers will often reward new customers with vouchers for popular high-street or online retailers to entice them to sign up. Similar to cashback rewards, claims processes vary and you’ll likely be required to submit an online form to get your reward.

See more: How to claim vouchers and rewards

Free installation

Some broadband providers have initial setup fees, and/or phone line installation charges, but these charges are often waived or reduced for new customers. Be sure to check these fees up-front to avoid any unexpected costs.

Broadband with no upfront fees

Free equipment or delivery

If your new deal requires equipment, for example, a new router, some cheap broadband offers will give it to you for free when you sign up. Many providers will offer free or reduced delivery charges for any required equipment, so be sure to check your terms up front so you know what you’re being charged for. At the end of your contract with a provider, you will likely need to return any equipment or recycle it, and the process will vary depending on your service provider.

Contract terms

Standard contract terms – A standard broadband contract is a two-way agreement, covering both your obligations as a customer, and your service provider in terms of the services you’ll receive. Broadband contracts usually run for 12, 18 or even 24 months and, in theory, the longer you can commit, the cheaper the price – although each provider tends to have their preferred contract length and won't vary from that.

Introductory pricing – Unless explicitly stated, your broadband provider can change any part of your broadband provision at any time, including the monthly cost. If this happens, however, the 30-day cooling off period you’re entitled to will be refreshed, allowing you to switch away to a new provider without incurring a penalty.

Fixed-price contracts – Several broadband providers offer fixed-price contracts, which means you won’t be subject to a price increase during the minimum term of your contract period. Many of the larger broadband providers don’t offer fixed-price contracts, and you should check the contract terms for mid-contract price increases to avoid any unexpected charges.

Fixed-price broadband

When a fixed-term contract ends, a provider is likely to steeply raise or ‘hike’ the monthly price of your service, unless the consumer switches to a new deal. That’s why when you know your contract is nearing completion, it’s worth shopping around between providers to secure a better deal. Thanks to Ofcom regulations, broadband providers must inform you when your contract is due to finish so you can decide what you want to do before it happens.

Hidden and upfront costs

Some deals offer fixed, cheap monthly rates, but also include extra costs like installation, delivery or activation fees – sometimes payable upfront. You may also have to purchase equipment, such as a router, although that's unlikely. We always show the extra costs that we're aware of, but be sure to read the fine print on the provider's website or in the contract terms if in doubt.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the cheapest broadband deal?

The cheapest broadband deals are subject to change daily. Our cheapest broadband price is currently £17.99 per month. Please refer to the table at the top of this page to find out what the cheapest deal is available today.

Which provider has the best deals?

Our experts search the market to ensure you get the best broadband deal for your budget. Use our postcode checker to find out what the best deals in your area are available today.

Do BT, Sky or Virgin offer cheap deals?

Not often, but you might find free gifts or vouchers if you check regularly. You may also find cheaper monthly costs as limited time offers, particularly around Black Friday. And if you see any of these providers reduce or remove their extra costs, then you know it's probably a good deal.

Is cheap broadband reliable?

Most cheap broadband deals in the UK are for ADSL, also known as 'standard' broadband. This is usually fine for single people, couples, and smaller households where nobody uses the internet to stream content or play games very often. Larger households and heavy users may be better suited to fibre broadband deals, where speeds are faster and the service is more reliable. Choosing the right internet speed for your lifestyle will help you avoid connectivity problems, ensure reliable speeds, and help to avoid overpaying for speeds you simply don’t need.

Can I get cheap broadband without a landline?

These days you can find true broadband deals without landline requirements, even though they were rare just a few years ago. Even bigger players like BT offer broadband-only packages. Due to its separate network, Virgin Media has always provided the option of no landlines.

If you can’t find a cheap broadband deal without a landline that works for you, another option is to look at 4G or 5G mobile broadband, mobile tethering from a mobile phone, or satellite broadband. But none of these are cheap ways to avoid a landline. Even if you know you won’t use a landline once it’s been installed, it’s still likely to be cheaper to opt for broadband including line rental.

Can I get cheap broadband if I have bad credit?

Yes, there are some providers who don’t do credit checks on new broadband customers. Direct Save Telecom, Plusnet and NOW Broadband offer cheaper broadband deals with no credit checks required - perfect for finding a fast and affordable home broadband deal if you’re worried about your credit. The bigger providers tend to check credit before accepting new customers, so this is good to be aware of before you apply.

It’s still possible to get broadband if you’ve got a less than perfect credit history. Broadband credit checks are not as strict as applying for a mortgage or credit card, so you may still qualify depending on your credit history.

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