UK broadband providers

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    As well as broadband and phone services, Sky offers TV packages that can be adapted with a variety of extra channels, such as Sky Cinema and Sky Sports. It also now offers Sky Mobile.

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    BT offers home broadband, phone and digital TV packages in the UK, along with a mobile service. Its fibre optic service reaches up to 76Mbps. BT TV uses BT broadband to deliver programmes.

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    Virgin Media provides the fastest widely available broadband in the UK – up to 300Mbps – along with a range of TV packages to rival Sky. The Virgin Mobile service operates on the 4G EE network.

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    Largely known as a mobile provider, EE also offers standard and fibre broadband, and EE TV, which is only available with EE broadband. The EE network offers the fastest 4G mobile connection in the UK.

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    TalkTalk supplies a range of well-priced fibre and standard broadband packages, available with a choice of TV and phone plans. TalkTalk TV is only available with TalkTalk broadband.

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    Multi-award winning Plusnet provides fibre and standard broadband at fair, competitive prices. Plusnet boasts high-quality customer service and has a good customer satisfaction record.

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    John Lewis brings its trustworthy reputation to the broadband industry with three broadband and phone packages, no activation charges or usage caps, and an emphasis on value, simplicity and service.

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    One of the UK’s oldest brands, The Post Office offers fibre and standard broadband products at reasonable prices, with totally unlimited usage, as well as a home phone service.

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    If you hate long contracts, NOW TV is ideal, offering one-month TV and broadband deals. Both fibre and standard broadband packages available, along with a selection of TV packs.

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    A lesser-known name in the broadband world, Origin is gaining popularity thanks to its fair prices and UK-based support centre. It offers standard and fibre broadband.

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    Direct Save Telecom offers standard and fibre broadband packages at cheap prices, with the option of taking a standard broadband deal without a contract.

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    SSE offers both standard and fibre broadband packages at low prices, with regular discounts for existing SSE energy customers. All its broadband packages are unlimited.

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