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Broadband deal of the week: BT Infinity fibre, 52Mb, £50-off set-up, £150 cashback, £29.99 p/m

Friday, February 16th 2018

So what about those maths? Well, the cheapest fibre deal in the market right now, if you look solely at monthly cost, is Vodafone’s 38Mb Fibre. At only £20 per month, free setup, an excellent router and great customer...

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Fibre broadband deal of the week: BT Infinity fibre 52Mb, £50 off set-up, inclusive calls, £31.99 p/m

Friday, October 13th 2017

From a price perspective, BT’s unlimited Infinity 1 fibre broadband isn’t the cheapest out there. But that’s because BT offers a more premium service than you’ll get with many of the more bare-bones services offered at...

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Broadband deal of the week: Plusnet Unlimited Broadband, 17Mb, weekend calls, £50 cashback, £18.99 p/m

Thursday, October 12th 2017

From a price point of view you really can’t go wrong here. Though the monthly tariff isn’t quite the cheapest out there right now, it’s bloody close – only 49p more, in fact. I’ve added some of the cheapest deals from...

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Broadband deal of the week: First Utility Ultra First 76Mb, free installation, PAYG calls, £29.99 p/m

Friday, September 15th 2017

This deal ends on 2 October, so first thing to bear in mind here is that it won’t be around forever. You’ve got a couple of weeks to consider, but it won’t wait around for you forever. ...

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Broadband deal of the week: BT Infinity 52Mb, £2 off monthly cost and £50 off up-front cost, £100 cashback – Exclusive to Cable.co.uk

Friday, September 1st 2017

How does this work then? Well, we’ve been sweet-talking BT into reducing the up-front and monthly cost of its 52Mb Infinity 1 fibre broadband, and not only has it relented, it has done so exclusively through...

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Sky just launched the cheapest broadband deal in the country – here’s what I think

Thursday, August 31st 2017

Thanks to a combination of factors, including failing to singularly attain Champions League and Premier League broadcasting rights – now shared with BT – Sky hasn’t been gaining customers a swiftly as it once did. So said...

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This week’s best broadband deals with cashback

Wednesday, August 30th 2017

Kay, few things to bear in mind before I give you the full list. First, most of these cashback rewards arrive in the form of pre-paid cards you can spend anywhere, not in the form of folded tenners in a gold clip such as that...

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Sky broadband deal of the week: Up to 17Mb, unlimited usage, PAYG calls, £100 cashback

Thursday, August 24th 2017

I’m not going to spend this whole blog comparing this Sky deal with the BT one I talked you through yesterday, but I will say this: The £100 cashback offered here is pretty much identical to the £150 offered by BT. BT, you...

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BT broadband deal of the week: 52Mb Infinity 1 fibre with £150 cashback

Wednesday, August 23rd 2017

It's a good deal, but still, it's not all roses and creme eggs... there are some downsides too. We'll get to those further down, but first let's kick things off with the positives. The upsides 52Mbps may not...

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Myths and megabits: How much broadband do you actually need?

Tuesday, August 22nd 2017

“640k should be enough for everyone”. That’s a quote famously (he says apocryphally – well, you would, wouldn’t you?) attributed to Microsoft founder Bill Gates circa 1981, of the at-the-time uber-powerful personal...

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