Sky Glass offer: 3 months free TV and 6 months free Sky Sports

Dan Howdle | December 16th, 2023

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Three months free Sky Glass plus six months free Sky Sports

This deal is aimed at easing you into what is actually not the cheapest broadband and TV combo out there. It is, however, with it offering an amazing six months of Sky Sports for nothing, one of the best. It's also a little niche, which we'll get into in our deal breakdown below.

Reasons to buy

  • Free Sky Sports
  • You get a telly
  • First three months TV free

Reasons to avoid

  • Limited availability on full fibre
  • 48-month contract
  • Pricier after offer period

Three months free TV and six months free Sky Sports

So why is this package a little niche? Well, Sky Glass comes as an actual physical television (specs at bottom of this page). And that means you're going to need a new TV in order to take advantage of this. If you already have a TV you plan to use, you'll want to take a look at Sky Stream packages instead:

And if that weren't niche enough, you'll also have to live somewhere you can get Sky Ultrafast (full fibre), which is currently only around one in four UK homes. Sky Ultrafast is a 145Mbps full fibre service. You can use hit the button (above) and enter your postcode to find out if you are living somewhere it's available. Provided the answer is yes to both questions ('Do I need a TV?' and 'Can I get full fibre where I live?') then, well, this deal is pretty sweet. You'll get the TV part of your subscription for nothing for the first three months, meaning you'll only pay £14 per month till March (at the time of writing).

The best part, though? Sky Sports is free for the first six months of your contract, access to which is normally an extra £25 per month.

Key features

  • Best for: Streamers, gamers, medium-sized households, if you need a new TV
  • Router: Sky Hub
  • Installation time: Two weeks average
  • Cancellation/cool-off period: 14 days after installation
  • Home phone options: PAYG calls, calling packages available at extra cost
  • Whole home wifi: On request at extra cost (WiFi Max add-on)
  • Wifi speed guarantee: With WiFi Max add-on, one month free if less than 3Mbps in any room

Sky Glass specifications

If you're wondering about the various ins and outs of the Sky Glass TV (s), here's a complete overview of the specifications:

Specs Description
  • Display type: UHD Quantum Dot
  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160
  • Colour: Over 1 billion colours
  • HDR: Dolby Vision®, HDR 10, HLG
  • 4k Ultra High Definition
  • Speakers: Dolby 3.1.2 output
  • 3.1.2 Configuration:
  • 3x outwards-firing
  • 1x central subwoofer
  • 2x upwards-firing
  • Audio format: Dolby Atmos
  • Sound output: Up to 215 W
Sky Inside
  • Delivery: WiFi or Ethernet
  • HD broadband speed required: 25Mb/s
  • UHD broadband speed required: 30Mb/s
  • Cables required: One power cable
The smarter TV
  • Channels: Over 150 channels
  • Apps: 21
  • Voice control: Far-field voice detection
  • Search: Single search across live, on demand and apps
  • Recordings: 1000 hours
Energy features
  • Power consumption:
  • Small 43": 66 W / 79 W (SDR/HDR)
  • Medium 55": 77 W / 117 W (SDR/HDR)
  • Large 65": 85 W / 169 W (SDR/HDR)
  • Power Saving: Auto-standby using motion / with no interaction
  • Overnight power saving
  • Eco Features: Ambient light sensor
  • Packaging: Free from single-use plastic 100% recyclable
  • Certification: Certified CarbonNeutral® product


Sky Glass is essentially the same as Sky Stream, the new-ish way to get Sky TV via a streaming 'Puck' rather than via a satellite dish. The big difference is that with Sky Glass you get an actual, physical television with all the Sky Stream gubbins built in. If you're thinking of upgrading your TV and the content and channels you have access to, it's a great choice, especially considering you won't pay much more than you would pay for Sky Stream on its own, with the kicker being the four-year contract. Right now, Sky Glass, when taken up alongside Sky Ultrafast broadband, is available with the first three months of TV for free, and six months of free Sky Sports.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Sky Glass?

Sky Glass is a physical television that combines traditional TV viewing with the convenience of smart technology. It provides access to over 150 channels, including a selection of apps like Netflix, Sky Entertainment, and more, all available via voice commands and with a variety of TV sizes available.

What hardware options does Sky Glass offer?

Sky Glass offers a range of hardware options, including a TV with UHD Quantum Dot display and Dolby Atmos speakers. It features different sizes - 43", 55", and 65" - offering stunning picture quality, HDR capabilities, and various energy-saving features across its range of models.

What content is available on Sky Glass?

Sky Glass offers access to over 150 channels, along with 21 apps, providing a wide range of entertainment options. Users can enjoy live TV, on-demand content, and apps like Netflix, Sky Entertainment, and more, all integrated into a seamless viewing experience.

Does Sky Glass support multi-room access?

Yes, Sky Glass supports multi-room access through additional Sky Stream Pucks. These devices allow users to extend their Sky Glass experience to multiple rooms within their home at additional cost.

Can I customize my content package with Sky Glass?

yes, Sky Glass offers flexible content packages, allowing users to tailor their entertainment options on a monthly basis. This flexibility enables them to add, remove, or change their content package according to their preferences and viewing habits.