Virgin Media sale: No set up fees for a limited time only

Dan Howdle | November 22nd, 2022

Virgin Media Black Friday broadband

Flash sale – ends Monday 28 November!

Virgin Media is currently making its Black Friday deals even more appealing by cutting its regular upfront costs to zero in its latest Flash Sale. If you’re thinking about a new broadband deal then don’t hesitate to take a look at Virgin Media as you could save up to £557 on a new package if you hurry and snap one up this week.

No set-up fee with Virgin Media this week only

With the usual £35 set-up fee now removed for one week only, this Black Friday is the time to make considerable savings on all Virgin Media broadband only; broadband, TV and phone; and Volt bundles – all you need to do is choose.

Virgin Media broadband only deals

Virgin Media’s broadband only deals usually come with a set-up fee of £35. With that fee cancelled, you can potentially save an entire month’s payment, depending on the deal you choose. Virgin offers five broadband only speeds so you can pick the one that’s best for your home.

  • M50 – Virgin’s entry-level speed comes with an average download speed of 54Mbps. It's aimed at smaller household, but still has anough speed for gaming, watching 4K UHD TV and anything else you want to do with it. Big downloads like videogames may take quite a while, though
  • M125 – The M125, unlike its name suggests, actually comes with an average download speed of 132Mbps and an upload speed of 10Mbps. It's ideal for streaming and gaming in smaller households, though no one can really accuse it of being slow. Even though it's at the lower end of Virgin Media's offering, this is still very fast broadband
  • M250 – Homes looking for that little bit more oomph can choose M250, which comes with an average download speed of 264Mbps and an upload speed of 25Mbps. This is very fast broadband and if it weren't that Virgin Media doesn't stop here, we would suggest this is already more than most people need
  • M350 – Virgin’s mid range broadband only deal comes with average download speed of 362Mbps and an upload speed of 36Mbps. We're into the silly zone here, with blisteringly fast downloads and enough left over to never touch the sides when it comes to serving your entire household
  • M500 – Virgin’s M500 comes with an average download speed of 516Mbps and an upload speed of 52Mbps. Comfortably in the more than you need category now, but then again, who really needs a Porsche? Want, though – want is different
  • Gig1 – If you want the fastest possible speed on offer, then Virgin’s Gig1 comes with an average download speed of 1162Mbp and an accompanying upload speed of 104Mbps. To put into perspective just how fast this is, you could stream 4K movies to around 60 different 4K TVs all at the same time. Definitely the choice if you just want to keep up with the Joneses

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Virgin Media broadband, TV and phone bundles

Along with a host of other discounts this Black Friday, Virgin Media is also scrapping its £35 set-up cost on all its broadband, TV and phone deals for this week only. You can tailor the deals to your requirements, with options to bolt on a calls package (on top of the inclusive weekend calls), change the download speed and add various channels including Sky Sports and BT Sport, Virgin’s broadband, TV and phone bundles offer excellent value and now with no upfront fee, you can save even more this Black Friday.

  • Big Bundle – Virgin’s entry-level bundle is called the Big Bundle. It's a confusing beast because you can sort of configure it how you like. There are versions of the Big Bundle that have faster broadband than others, for example. Whichever broadband you selecy, you'll also get a phone line, and of course a Virgin Media set-top box where you'll be able to watch over 100 channels
  • Bigger Bundle – The Bigger Bundle is really bigger in the sense you'll get a lot more TV channels to watch. Over 190, in fact, including the rather premium BT Sport. Like the Big Bundle, you'll get to choose which broadband speed you want bundled in
  • Bigger Bundle and Movies – As above, but now with 200+ channels. Tht extra dozen or so is the complete set of Sky Cinema channels, allowing you to watch movies mere months after their theatrical release, as well as Sky-exclusive films

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Virgin Media Volt bundles

Virgin’s Volt bundles come with the best of both Virgin Media and its partner O2, with ultrafast broadband, TV, calls, and an O2 SIM-only deal for good measure, keeping all your connectivity and entertainment in one place. Enjoy 5G as standard with your O2 SIM, as well as O2 Travel as standard and access to the rewards app O2 Priority. For this week only, Virgin is also slashing the cost of its set-up fees – usually £35 – to zero, giving you a generous discount on one month’s fees.

  • Big Volt – The entry-level Volt bundle comes is the Big Bundle, but with the addition of that O2 SIM. Like all other bundles you will be able to configure it how you wish once you get to the checkout
  • Bigger Volt – The Bigger Bundle, plus the O2 SIM basically. Enjoy 190+ TV channels, including BT Sport, and get your boradband and home phone all in one
  • Ultimate Volt – For those who must have the best of everything, with Gig1 broadband; 230+ TV channels, including Sky Sport, BT Sport, and Sky Cinema; a complimentary Netflix standard subscription; free anytime calls and an unlimited data O2 SIM. It's not cheap, but it is extraordinarily complete

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