How to contact Vodafone broadband: Phone numbers

Dan Howdle | May 3rd, 2024

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Broadband providers want you to solve your problems in their FAQ sections. Call centres and online help centres cost them time and money. So what should be a simple question – what is the phone number for Vodafone broadband (or any other provider for that matter) – can often be quite the journey to find the correct details. That's where this guide comes in. Simply and straightforwardly, here are the up to date contact details for Vodafone broadband.

Vodafone broadband has our respect for making it somewhat easier to just call them up or otherwise reach them quickly should you run into any problems as a customer. Its phone lines are open 12 hours per day (8am to 8pm), seven days a week, while its social media channels are available to reach out to 24/7. Let's take a look at the details.

Vodafone broadband contact options

Service Contact
Vodafone customer services (landline) 0333 304 0191
Vodafone customer services (Vodafone mobile) 191
Vodafone broadband sales (new customers) 0330 678 1595
Calling Vodafone from abroad 0044 7836 191 191
Vodafone broadband new customers 0330 678 1595
Twitter @vodafoneuk

How to contact Vodafone broadband customer service

Vodafone broadband uses a single phone number whether you're an existing customer, or a new customer looking to sign up. That makes things somewhat easier. That number is: 0333 304 0191. If you have a Vodafone mobile you can also use the shorthand version, which is just 191.

Note that 0333 numbers, although not free, are usually included in landline call packages. If not, they are charged at the same rate as a standard UK landline number. Alternatively you can also use your mobile minutes to call without being charged extra.

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Vodafone broadband customer service via Live Chat

Vodafone broadband (and mobile) does have an online chat facility, although like many providers it has recently changed from humans manning this to artificial intelligence, in this case a chatbot called 'Tobi'. So it's less helpful than it used to be. If you have a question or problem the AI can't help you with, though, you will be handed across to a real person. And failing that, you can of course call Vodafone.

Vodafone broadband on social media

Vodafone broadband has a couple of useful social media accounts that can often get you quick answers from human beings fast. We'd still recommend calling them first, but should you get no traction there or it's simply taking too long to get through, you can reach Vodafone broadband on both Twitter and Facebook.

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How to complain to Vodafone broadband

A good place to start with a complaint is simply to call Vodafone. Realistically, a formal complaint can and should only be lodged once you've given your provider the opportunity to address the problem. So call them first. There is also a complaints portal on the Vodafone website (shared for broadband and mobile). You can use this to find the answers to common questions, and to get a callback if you need it.

There is also an official complaints form you can fill out here. Vodafone is contactable on a single number, and that includes in the case of complaints: 0333 304 0191 or 191 on a Vodafone mobile.

How to escalate your complaint

If you do not get the response you hoped for from Vodafone broadband, or if your complaint hasn’t been dealt with after eight weeks, you can take your complaint to the ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) scheme. This varies from provider to provider, but in the case of Vodafone broadband it is Ofcom-approved CISAS (the Communications and Internet Services Adjudication Scheme).

You can call CISAS on 0207 520 3814 or send an email to detailing your situation with evidence. CISAS is impartial and will investigate your case. If Vodafone is found to have been at fault, it is obliged to comply with the findings of CISAS.

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