Claire Nottage | February 16th, 2024

Vodafone Full Fibre 200 broadband

Vodafone offers two full fibre broadband packages – 200Mbps and 500Mbps – as well as its Full Fibre 900 package with up to 900Mbps download speed. Of the Ultrafast packages, the 200Mbps is the slower, but the difference in performance when you start to reach these extremely high speeds becomes negligible. So what does a 200Mbps download speed actually mean and is it right for your household? Let’s take a look.

Vodafone broadband

Key features

Here’s a quick summary of what you can expect to find with Vodafone Full Fibre 200:

Price £0 per month
Download speed 0Mbps
Upload speed 200Mbps
Broadband Fibre to the premises (FTTP)
Home Phone None, Evening & Weekends, Anytime
Parental controls Vodafone SecureNet
Router Vodafone WiFi Hub
Packages available Broadband only, Broadband & phone, Broadband, phone and TV
Contract length 24 months

Who is Vodafone Full Fibre 200 for?

Anyone who wants a fast, reliable download speed will appreciate a Vodafone Full Fibre 200 connection. It may not be the fastest download speed on offer (Vodafone also offers its Gigafast package of 900Mbps), but it will easily support a large number of devices, as well as video streaming in UHD. Larger households, gamers and anyone that does a lot of downloading will benefit.

To summarise, if you fall into one of the following categories, then you will appreciate a 200Mbps download speed:

  • You live in a medium-size household: – If you live in a house of four or more people, then 200Mbps is ideal. The greater the number of people and devices sharing a single broadband connection, the greater the download speed will need to be in order to cope
  • You do a lot of gaming – Although you don’t need a particularly high download speed for gaming, if you want to download a large new game in double-quick time, it is useful. Plus, the equally fast upload speed of 200Mbps will really come in handy
  • You watch a lot of 4K TV – When streaming in UHD, it can use up to 50Mbps at a time, which leaves virtually nothing for other household members if you’re on a standard fibre connection of 38 or 67Mbps.
  • If you just want it – Just wanting a fast, reliable download speed is sometimes a good enough reason alone to choose an ultrafast service

How does Vodafone Full Fibre 200 compare?

Broadband Package Download Speed Upload Speed
Fibre 1 Fibre 38Mbps 10Mbps
Fibre 2 Fibre 67Mbps 20Mbps
Fibre 100 100Mbps 100Mbps
Full Fibre 200 Broadband 200Mbps 200Mbps
Full Fibre 500 Broadband 500Mbps 500Mbps
Full Fibre 900 Broadband 910Mbps 910Mbps
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What's included with Vodafone Full Fibre 200?

The Vodafone WiFi Hub is a very capable router that will comfortably support ultrafast speeds around your home. It has dual-band technology which will automatically provide you with the best signal around your home, and has four gigabit ports should you want to connect certain devices with a cable to get the best speed possible. It also has two USB slots – one of which you will need for your 4G back-up if you subscribe to Vodafone Pro Broadband.

Vodafone WiFi Hub specification

  • Next generation WiFi – The WiFi Hub uses the latest wireless standard (802.11ac)
  • Smart channel selection – The WiFi Hub will automatically connect your devices to the fastest and strongest frequency available around the home
  • Beamforming technology – The Hub will automatically locate devices and then ensure each one has an optimal connection at any one time
  • Dual band – As with all the latest routers, the WiFi Hub uses both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands
  • Four gigabit ethernet ports – These ports enable you to connect up to four devices with a cable to get the best speed possible
  • Seven antennae – The WiFi Hub has seven antennae which means you should have excellent wifi coverage around your home


Vodafone offers a good set of security software called SecureNet which comes with three levels of control: Safe, Supersafe and Ultrasafe. The highest level – Ultrasafe – protects against everything, including viruses and malware. It automatically blocks harmful sites such as those including violence, drugs and gambling, as well as access to any adult sites. SecureNet is free for three months and then costs just £1 a month thereafter.

Vodafone offers customers the option to take Apple TV as part of a bundle with its broadband plans if you sign up to Vodafone Xtra. You will get free access to Apple TV+ for three months and can choose to subscribe to NOW TV, Netflix and Amazon Prime in addition if you wish.

Vodafone Pro Broadband

To guarantee you are never without a broadband connection, Vodafone offers its Pro Broadband service. Much like BT’s Complete WiFi service, Vodafone Broadband Pro comes with a back-up 4G router so that in the unlikely event of your fixed broadband failing, the 4G router will kick in and keep you online until your cabled connection is back up and running.

Vodafone Pro also comes with its Super WiFi Plus booster with Alexa built in, meaning you will get superb wifi around your home and voice command internet all rolled into one. Vodafone definitely leads the way here as this is the only voice-integrated wifi booster currently available on the market.

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What we think

For many households with increasing numbers of wifi-enabled devices, a fibre speed of 38Mbps or 67Mbps just won’t cut it any more. This is where a step up to an ultrafast package really comes into its own. Vodafone’s 200Mbps speed offers that extra oomph to keep everyone happy and connected without breaking the bank for a 900Mbps Gigafast service.

You can choose to pair it with a phone package and Apple TV if you want to, and the upgrade to Vodafone Pro will appeal to many. Pricewise, Vodafone is comparable to both its BT and Virgin Media counterparts. The only downside is the lack of widespread availability, but this is an issue with every ultrafast broadband provider.

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