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Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 5G 128GB BlackPay MonthlySamsung Galaxy S20 Plus 5G 128GB Black5GBdata5000minutes5000texts36monthcontractZeroupfrontcost£44.99per monthGet DealTesco Mobile
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G 128GB BlackPay MonthlySamsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G 128GB Black5GBdata5000minutes5000texts36monthcontractZeroupfrontcost£52.49per monthGet DealTesco Mobile
Samsung Galaxy S20 5G 128GB GreyAdvanced 100GBFeel at Home in EuropeRoam around the world in 71 destinationsSamsung Galaxy S20 5G 128GB Grey100GBdataUnltdminutesUnltdtexts24monthcontract£29.00upfrontcost£36.00per monthGet DealThree
Samsung Galaxy S20 4G 128GB BluePay MonthlySamsung Galaxy S20 4G 128GB Blue2GBdata5000minutes5000texts36monthcontractZeroupfrontcost£32.99per monthGet DealTesco Mobile
Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 4G 128GB BlueUnlimited Calls and Texts 10GBRoaming PassportSamsung Galaxy S20 FE 4G 128GB Blue10GBdataUnltdminutesUnltdtexts12monthcontractZeroupfrontcost£35.00per monthGet DealSky Mobile
Samsung Galaxy S20 5G 128GB GreyPay MonthlySamsung Galaxy S20 5G 128GB Grey5GBdata5000minutes5000texts36monthcontractZeroupfrontcost£40.99per monthGet DealTesco Mobile
Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 5G 128GB Cloud WhiteO2 Refresh FlexO2 TravelSamsung Galaxy S20 Plus 5G 128GB Cloud White15GBdataUnltdminutesUnltdtexts36monthcontract£40.00upfrontcost£41.67per monthGet DealO2
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G 128GB BlackPay MonthlySamsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G 128GB Black5GBdata5000minutes5000texts36monthcontract£180.00upfrontcost£47.49per monthGet DealTesco Mobile
Samsung Galaxy S20 5G 128GB PinkO2 Refresh FlexO2 TravelSamsung Galaxy S20 5G 128GB Pink15GBdataUnltdminutesUnltdtexts36monthcontract£30.00upfrontcost£47.50per monthGet DealO2
Samsung Galaxy S20 5G 128GB PinkAdvanced 100GBFeel at Home in EuropeRoam around the world in 71 destinationsSamsung Galaxy S20 5G 128GB Pink100GBdataUnltdminutesUnltdtexts24monthcontract£29.00upfrontcost£36.00per monthGet DealThree
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G 128GB BlackPay MonthlySamsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G 128GB Black5GBdata5000minutes5000texts30monthcontractZeroupfrontcost£59.99per monthGet DealTesco Mobile
Samsung Galaxy S20 4G 128GB PinkPay MonthlySamsung Galaxy S20 4G 128GB Pink2GBdata5000minutes5000texts36monthcontractZeroupfrontcost£32.99per monthGet DealTesco Mobile
Samsung Galaxy S20 4G 128GB BluePay MonthlySamsung Galaxy S20 4G 128GB BlueUnltddata5000minutes5000texts36monthcontractZeroupfrontcost£50.99per monthGet DealTesco Mobile
Samsung Galaxy S20 5G 128GB GreyPay MonthlySamsung Galaxy S20 5G 128GB GreyUnltddata5000minutes5000texts36monthcontractZeroupfrontcost£55.99per monthGet DealTesco Mobile
Samsung Galaxy S20 4G 128GB PinkPay MonthlySamsung Galaxy S20 4G 128GB Pink20GBdata5000minutes5000texts36monthcontractZeroupfrontcost£40.99per monthGet DealTesco Mobile
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Plus 5G","label":"Galaxy S20 Plus 5G","selected":true},{"id":"Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G","label":"Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G","selected":true},{"id":"Galaxy S8","label":"Galaxy S8","selected":false},{"id":"Galaxy S8 Plus","label":"Galaxy S8 Plus","selected":false},{"id":"Galaxy S9","label":"Galaxy S9","selected":false},{"id":"Galaxy S9 Plus","label":"Galaxy S9 Plus","selected":false},{"id":"Galaxy Z Flip","label":"Galaxy Z Flip","selected":false},{"id":"Galaxy Z Flip 5G","label":"Galaxy Z Flip 5G","selected":false},{"id":"Galaxy Z Fold2 5G","label":"Galaxy Z Fold2 5G","selected":false}]}]},{"id":"network-section","filter_group":[{"id":"network-group-1","filter":[{"id":"Three","label":"3"},{"id":"BT","label":"BT"},{"id":"EE","label":"EE"},{"id":"giffgaff","label":"giffgaff"},{"id":"iD","label":"iD"},{"id":"O2","label":"O2"},{"id":"Plusnet","label":"Plusnet"},{"id":"Sky Mobile","label":"Sky"},{"id":"Smarty","label":"Smarty"},{"id":"Tesco Mobile","label":"Tesco"},{"id":"Virgin Mobile","label":"Virgin 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About Samsung Galaxy S20 deals

In this guide

  1. What are Samsung Galaxy S20 phones?
  2. What models of S20 are available?
  3. Samsung Galaxy S20 features
  4. Galaxy S20 5G phones
  5. Samsung Galaxy S20 – best providers
  6. Alternatives to the S20
  7. Frequently asked questions

Samsung released its flagship Galaxy S20 series of phones on 11 February 2020. It replaced its previous flagship models in the Galaxy S10 range. Don't be fooled into thinking the S20 range is twice as good as the S10, though. As we will discover when we dig into the specs, like most jumps from one generation to another, gains are relatively small.

The Samsung Galaxy range as a whole has come on leaps and bounds over the last few generations, however. And if you're not into all things Apple – as far as Android phones go – they are generally, and rightly, regarded as probably the very best phones on the market. As such they are not cheap, but the real question is: Are they worth it?

What are Samsung Galaxy S20 phones?

Samsung has released a newly numbered addition to its Galaxy range of flagship phones pretty much annually for as long as the range has been around. This time, though, the Galaxy S20 range (and there are a number of different versions, which we will talk about in more detail below), came a little later than previous generations.

Meanwhile, Apple and others have made their own leaps forward with their flagship models. The race is always on. But Samsung has very much held its own with the S20 range, as we will discover in the sections that follow.

What Samsung Galaxy S20 models are available?

Where some might appreciate choice, to others too many handsets to choose from only causes confusion. Samsung is certainly pushing the boundaries this generation, with five different models, all with differences in screen size and technical specifications. What follows here is a step-by-step breakdown of the differences between each model, starting with the base model, the noting the additional specifications added to each level of handset.

  • Samsung Galaxy S20 (base model) – Comes with an octa-core processor, a 6.2" dynamic AMOLED display with a resolution of 3200x1440 (Quad HD+). There are three cameras on the back offering a resolution up to a frankly insane 64 megapixels, and 10 megapixel front-facing camera. The base model offers 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. It does not offer 5G connectivity. It weighs 163 grams and its total dimensions are 151.7 x 69.1 x 7.9mm. Battery life is given as 14 hours.
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 5G – Is exactly the same phone as the S20 base model, but additionally contains the upgraded electronics it needs to connect to an ultrafast 5G network.
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 5G+ – Traditionally, the '+' on the end of a Samsung Galaxy model number refers to additional screen size. And that's no different here, with the plus model offering a 6.7" screen over a 6.2" inch screen. That may not sound like much but it actually makes a big difference to the eye, in the pocket and in the hand. This model is, as the name suggests, also equipped for 5G.
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra (128GB) – Bear in mind the S20 Ultra models are the most expensive of the lot. They are the flagship of the flagship. As such they come with an even bigger screen that the S20+ at 6.9" in diameter. They also have the best camera and the most camera features of any in the line-up, and the fastest possible form of 5G. This is a huge phone and one so-feature-packed we could write about it all day long and barely cover it all.
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra (512GB) – As the title suggests, this is a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, but with a vastly expanded amount of onboard storage. We can't actually think of a lot of uses for this much storage, so we actually recommend this model more for anyone who just has to have the best of the best regardless of cost or need.

Samsung Galaxy S20 range – main features

Although there are a number of differences across the entire range of S20 phones, mostly screen size, storage and whether or not the phones can connect to 5G, every Samsung Galaxy S20 phone also has most of its base features in common with all the others. Let's take a look here at the main features you can expect from any phone in the range.

  • A fast, octa-core processor – Every Samsung S20 model shares the same, incredibly powerful, eight-core, 64-bit CPU, meaning there is very little input lag and that apps, games, and the Android interface itself run smoothly and load quickly.
  • Dynamic AMOLED 2x screen – Whether the base model's 6.2" screen, or the 6.7" and 6.9" screens of the S20+ and S20 Ultra, they all share the same bright AMOLED screen technology, offering high dynamic range, brightness that can cope easily with strong sunlight and excellent colour presentation. The S20's screens are hard to beat.
  • Four cameras – Each phone has three rear-mounted cameras and one forward-facing (selfie) camera. The three rear cameras offer telephoto zoom, 960 frames per second slow motion recording, auto focus and an incredible 64 megapixel resolution. The Ultra model offers a camera that goes up to 108 megapixels. Just… why?
  • A hell of a lot of memory – Only the S20 base model features 8GB of working memory (RAM), with all other models clocking in with a massive 12GB. All models offer 128GB of onboard storage, except for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra (512GB) model, which as we're sure you've worked out, offers four times as much.
  • Dual-SIM – Somewhat unusually, all S20 models offer you the ability to insert a second SIM. This can be useful if you wish to keep your business and personal use on the same phone and have separate numbers.
  • Face unlock and on-screen fingerprint sensor – Like the S10 series before it, you can unlock your phone by pointing it at your face, or using the fingerprint sensor, which is actually on the screen itself. Very sci-fi!

Which providers offer Samsung Galaxy S20 deals?

You can get a Samsung Galaxy S20 phone on contract or bought outright from any number of providers out there. It's not so 'boutique' and niche as something like a Google Pixel phone, so is carried pretty much everywhere and by everyone. Here is a list of providers we recommend taking a look at. Naturally, you can compare all of their deals in the table at the top of this page.

Alternative phone brands

There are a wealth of cheap and/or niche brands out there, but here let's instead take a look at brands that might actually manufacture something that can compete with these mighty Samsungs. It's a pretty short list, truth be told.

  • Apple – The iPhone 11 (not the Pro) is priced similarly to the Pixel 4. It is, in our opinion, a better phone in some respects. However, iPhone means you'll be tied into the iOS operating system. If you've historically had Android phones, this means you will no longer have access to your apps, and that makes Apple's iPhones a decent alternative with certain conditions
  • Google – Google Pixel phones have long traded on the strength of their cameras, but the truth is everyone else has mostly caught up on that front, and it could even be argues that Samsung has leapfrogged them. Still, it's a fairly uncommon phone to see out in the wild, so if you like to be different, these are great phones in the mid-range pricing point.
  • Sony – A top end, Sony Xperia phones will cost you similar money to Google Pixel phones. We're not all that enamoured with Sony phones here at, mainly because we feel there are better options for the money. However, those of you who are brand loyal may consider the name more important than other considerations
  • OnePlus – Is a Chinese manufacturer whose aim is to offer you top-specced handsets for less money. To that end, the OnePlus 7 Pro is similarly priced to the Google Pixel 4, but equals or betters its specifications, in some cases by a large margin. For example, you'll get 8GB RAM and 256GB storage on the OnePlus for the same money you'd get 6GB RAM and 64GB storage on the Google Pixel 4

Frequently asked questions

What is Samsung Galaxy S20?

The Samsung Galaxy S20 range of phones comprises the base model, the larger-screened Galaxy S20+, the 5G version of the S20+, the even larger screened Galaxy S20 Ultra (128GB) and the huge storage version of that phone, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra (512GB).

Are Samsung Galaxy S20 phones any good?

As a general answer, yes. In actual fact there are plenty of arguments that they constitute the best phones you can buy right now, though Apple fans may disagree. Certainly in the Android space they are very, very hard to beat.

Can I connect Samsung Galaxy S20 phones to my TV?

Yes. If you have a Samsung smart TV you can use screen mirroring. In addition, through the purchase of an additional adapter, you can connect your S20 directly to your TV via HDMI.

Can I get Samsung Galaxy S20 phones SIM-free?

Yes. All of the providers of Samsung Galaxy phones outlined in this article will sell you an S20 outright, if you so desire. You can also purchase one both directly from Samsung, or from online electronics retailers such as Amazon, Currys and PC World.

Can I buy refurbished Samsung Galaxy S20 phones?

At the time of writing, the phone has only been on the market for around 5 months. For this reason it is unlikely you will find a market flooded with refurbished S20s this year. Mid to end of 2021 will be when it will become easy to get hold of one.

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