VOXI mobile review 2024: Is it any good?

Dan Howdle | July 4th, 2024

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VOXI was launched by Vodafone in August 2017, positioned as a separate network exclusively for the younger generation. But it has since dropped the upper age limit on its packages, making them available to whoever wants them. Here we are now in 2024, and it's time to look again at how the provider is doing, what it's now offering, and more importantly, is it any good?

VOXI is the cool younger sibling of Vodafone. Its plans offer endless social media, free video streaming and on the top plan, unlimited data for everything else. With all the latest phones and only 30-day plans that won’t tie you down, VOXI is a tempting prospect, but is it right for you?

Tariffs & plans

VOXI offers five SIM-only plans, all on 30-day flexible rolling contracts. This means you can chop and change your tariff at the end of each month and there are no long-term contracts tying you down. You can cancel any time.

All tariffs come with free calls and texts as well as endless data for selected social and chat apps. You can use Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook Messenger as much as you want, without eating into your 30-day data allowance. At the very top end, there is the aforementioned unlimited data SIM.

VOXI’s entry-level plan comes with 20GB of data, unlimited social media, and is 5G ready. The four other plans all offer increasing amounts of data, and with unlimited social media.

If you're already a Vodafone customer, you can join VOXI immediately online and just use your Vodafone SIM. Otherwise, you will have to apply and will be sent a free SIM in the post. Customers not currently on Vodafone will need to get a PAC code to transfer their number. The network says this should take two to four working days, but you may also need to get your phone unlocked by your current provider to use the new SIM, which could take longer.

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Phone & device range

VOXI has a relatively modest range of phones including models from Apple, Samsung, Oppo and Google – and you can choose whether to pay the full amount outright or to break it down into 30 monthly payments. There's 0% fixed interest on the monthly payments option, so you won't be paying any more in total for the handset, and as VOXI uses PayPal Credit, you can make additional payments if you so wish, reducing the length of your term.

To use PayPal Credit, you must meet specific criteria, including having a good credit history, no recent bankruptcy declaration, and income greater than £7,500 per year. You may also ask someone else such as a guardian or parent to apply for credit and pay for you

Unlike every other mobile phone provider (with the exception of giffgaff), getting a pay monthly phone from VOXI doesn't tie you into that network. You'll need to choose a 30-day plan alongside your handset, but once 30 days are up you're free to request a Number Unlock Code (NUC) from VOXI and then switch to another provider if you so wish. We're not sure why anyone would do this as VOXI's rates are very, very good, especially since you can cancel anytime.

As for VOXI's handset range itself, there are the flagship iPhones, Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel phones that you'd expect to see alongside a few from lesser-known brands like Xiaomi.

Customer service

When it comes to customer service, VOXI only offers live chat – there is no customer service phone number. However, it is available 24/7 so you should always be able to get in touch if necessary. Customers can also get in touch via Facebook or Twitter.

Although VOXI itself is not included in the research, the latest Ofcom industry report from 2023 showed 86% of customers were satisfied with Vodafone’s mobile service, just under the overall average of 87%. The report shows that 17% of Vodafone customers had reason to complain and that 56% of those were satisfied with the way the company handled their complaints, slightly above the sector average of 53%.

VOXI, though owned and run by Vodafone, is a different offering though, with totally different deals and style of service. The latest reviews on Trustpilot suggest that the majority of VOXI customers are extremely happy, with a rating of 3.5 stars out of 5. This is exceptional for a mobile provider on Trustpilot, where people typically head when they have a reason to complain.

In comparison however, parent company Vodafone rates 4.4 out of 5 on Trustpilot. In general, mobile networks and broadband providers tend to review badly, as people generally only head to these types of sites when they have a complaint, so this would suggest VOXI is okay when it comes to customer satisfaction, but Vodafone is doing better.

Value for money

VOXI really is head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to value for money. Social media has the ability to make a fair old dent in your data. If you are a regular Twitter/X user or have several WhatsApp groups on the go, getting all this thrown in without using any of your monthly data is good value.

VOXI also offers a 'friends with benefits' scheme: if you invite a friend to join VOXI and they do, you’ll both get an Amazon.co.uk, PayPal or Just Eat gift card as long as you have both paid your first two bills.

It’s worth knowing that customers can only have one VOXI account but can purchase up to eight VOXI SIM cards under that account – ideal for families.

The network will also let you tether another phone, tablet, or laptop to your phone, and enjoy the same free data on social media and streaming apps according to your chosen plan. However, if you tether to devices such as your games console, TV, or through a smart device such as Chromecast, Roku, or Fire TV Stick, the data will come out of your allowance.

The deals themselves are up there with the best prices on the market and offer the flexibility of 30-day contracts. With the top package offering unlimited data, as well as free data for social media and streaming apps, VOXI offers superb value for money.

Network coverage

You get the same coverage on VOXI as you do on the whole Vodafone 4G/5G network. Vodafone’s 4G service covers 99% of the UK population, and its 5G rollout is ongoing. All VOXI’s plans come with 5G included for free, but bear in mind you will need a 5G handset and 5G in your area in order to take advantage.

According to Ofcom’s most recent research, 84% of Vodafone’s customers were satisfied with their signal and coverage. This compares favourably against the sector average of 81%.

There is a coverage checker on the VOXI website that will tell you how good your coverage will be both indoors and outdoors based on where you live. You can also check coverage in European destinations.

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VOXI aims to do things differently, with a focus on social media in its plans, and online-only customer service. The 30-day deals are well-priced and flexible, and there is the option to get a pay monthly handset without being tied to the network, and with the ability to pay off the cost of the handset more quickly if you so desire.

Being part of Vodafone gives users the guarantee of a decent signal, but some customers may be uncomfortable with the lack of a customer service number to call. Overall, however, VOXI offers excellent value for money and is well worth a look.

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