Editorial team

Cable.co.uk's experienced team of authors, journalists and editors.

Dan Howdle

Dan Howdle is Cable.co.uk’s resident telecoms expert. Dan appears regularly in the UK press to talk about issues faced by UK consumers on matters of broadband, TV and mobile, and has appeared on BBC Breakfast, ITV News, Sky News, and on a number of BBC and UK radio stations.

If you have a question for Dan, you can email him at dan@cable.co.uk

Phil Wilkinson-Jones

Phil is an experienced editor, journalist and copy writer with a background in newspapers and magazines. He has spent most of the past six years writing about all things broadband, TV and mobile for Cable.co.uk, and now works for a variety of publications in a freelance capacity.

Aaron Howdle

Despite an extensive background in telecoms research, Aaron currently spends most of his time drawing and sculpting for tabletop games and private clients. When he’s not arting it up, he brings his research and writing experience to bear on Cable.co.uk’s many broadband guides.

Claire Nottage

Claire Nottage is an experienced editor and writer with an extensive background in publishing. Having also worked for several years in telecoms, she now regularly writes guides on home broadband and mobile for Cable.co.uk, and has a nifty little sideline in travel writing.

Tim Smith

Is a consumer tech journalist and editor with more than 35 years experience researching and writing about everything from mobile phones to broadband both in the UK and in Australia. Tim has also worked as an Information and Communications Technical Director with responsibilities for purchasing and evaluation a wide range of tech.

Marc Shoffman

Is a highly experienced freelance writer and journalist. As well as writing about broadband for Cable.co.uk, Marc has written about a multitude of consumer issues for publications such as The Times, Property Industry Eye, P2P Finance News and many more.

Emma Lunn

Is a freelance writer and journalist. When she is not reviewing broadband packages or writing guides for Cable.co.uk, Emma writes on consumer issues for The Guardian, Money Observer, Money Week, The Telegraph and many more.

Mof Gimmers

Is a freelance consumer writer, journalist, DJ and vinyl enthusiast. When not spinning discs and worshipping Michael McDonald, Mof writes consumer-focused articles for a number of other publications besides Cable.co.uk.

Luke Albiges

With many years of consumer-focused writing behind him in the field of videogames, Luke also writes the odd games-focused guide for us here at Cable.co.uk. There is literally no better guy to inform us all of the best broadband connectivity when it comes to gaming and other similar pursuits.

Steve McCaskill

Steve is a freelance tech, telecoms and sportswriter. Formerly editor of tech site Silicon UK, Steve now writes on a variety of consumer-focused topics for a number of different publications, including, of course, Cable.co.uk.

Emma Woollacott

Is a freelance journalist specialising in technology, business and consumer affairs. She has written for the likes of Forbes, Private Eye and AOL to name but three, and has appeared on BBC Radio as an expert in consumer issues.