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Sky offers TV, standard & fibre broadband and phone. Sky TV Packages can be bundled, and you can add a variety of extra channels and services, from Sky Sports and Movies to Sky Multiscreen and Sky Go Extra.


BT offers home broadband, phone and digital TV packages in the UK, along with a mobile service. Its fibre optic service reaches up to 76Mbps. BT TV uses BT broadband to deliver programmes.


Virgin Media provides up to 350Mbps superfast broadband along with a range of broadband, TV, phone and mobile packages. Prices start from as little as £22 a month.


TalkTalk is now a quad-play provider, offering broadband, TV, home phone and mobile in a single package. It offers standard and fibre broadband, up to 76Mbps.


Plusnet, the multi-award winning, Yorkshire-based broadband provider, features fibre optic and broadband-only packages at competitive prices.


Now TV is a streaming service that gives you access to Sky Sports and Sky Movies, as well as a multitude of Sky Entertainment channels, including Sky Atlantic, but doesn’t need a satellite dish.


EE is a provider of fibre broadband, phone, TV and mobile services. EE TV is delivered only via EE broadband. The EE network offers the fastest 4G mobile connection in the UK.


Vodafone is best known as a mobile network, offering phone and mobile broadband services. It now also offers home broadband, with speeds up to 76Mbps.


SSE now sells broadband as well as energy, SSE has a number of competitively priced standard and fibre optic broadband packages with unlimited usage and inclusive calls.


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How to choose a provider

Choosing a broadband, TV and phone provider can be a tricky undertaking, especially if you don’t know where to start. So, let us break the process down into some logical steps for you, to make the whole thing a little easier.

First off we recommend using our postcode checker to find out which providers operate in your area. Some providers are available almost everywhere while others are only available in some areas. By using our postcode checker you can check quickly and easily what your provider options are.

How to compare providers

There are three different ways you can use our postcode checker:

If you’re only interested in one particular provider then click on their logo above. You’ll be sent to a page that lists all of their packages and lets you check availability in your area by postcode. This may not be the best method as ignoring all of the other providers may mean you’ll miss out on some of the best moneysaving deals.

If you want to compare all packages from all providers you might want to start with the postcode checker on our homepage. You can click on the blue Cable logo in the top left of any screen to go there.

If you’re interested in a specific service such as broadband or digital TV then you may find it easiest to start by going to the comparison page for that particular type of package. Have a look at the list of our comparison pages in the “See also…” section at the foot of this page and simply click on the most relevant one.

Do I need to compare providers?

We strongly recommend that you do. The broadband, TV and phone market is a very competitive place and there are some amazing deals to be had if you don’t limit your comparison to a single provider.

If you’ve got an idea of what you're looking for when you start your search but keep an open mind and compare a wide selection of providers and packages you may well find something better than you hoped at a lower price than you were expecting.

Who is the best provider?

Each provider has their own strengths and their own range of bundles, deals and offers. You may have come to this site assuming that one provider is better than the others but when you compare them all you’ll see that they each have a lot to offer.

Some providers offer faster broadband than others, but may restrict your downloads with a fair usage policy. Some providers may have more TV channels than others but no HD. So take the time to compare every relevant provider before deciding which is the right provider for you.

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