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TalkTalk Fibre 65 broadband

Fibre 65 is TalkTalk's speediest entry-tier package, delivering a capable set of download and upload speeds that will serve well most customers and their online pursuits. In this simple guide, we'll take a quick look at what TalkTalk Fibre 65 is offering and who the package is aimed at.

TalkTalk broadband

Key features

Let's start by checking out a summary of TalkTalk's Fibre 65:

Price £28 per month
Download speed 67Mbps
Upload speed 18Mbps
Broadband Fibre to the cabinet (FTTC)
Home Phone Line rental included
Parental controls TalkTalk HomeSafe
Router TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub Black
Packages available Broadband & phone
Contract length 18 months

Who is TalkTalk Fibre 65 for?

TalkTalk Fibre 65 is an entry-level package that delivers solid download and upload speeds for small households: an average speed of 67Mbps on the download side and 18Mbps on the upload side.

Fibre 65 is an FTTC broadband service, which means it depends on a super-fast fibre cable that goes up to a street cabinet followed by a slower copper wire up to your home. As a result, the speed will slightly differ depending on how far you are from that cabinet. Your download speed could go up to almost 80Mbps but could also fall below 60Mbps. TalkTalk guarantees a minimum rate of 54Mbps; it will give you an estimate when you subscribe. Note that this speed will decrease during peak times.

This affordable package delivers a robust link for streaming, browsing and gaming on a few devices. Here's a brief rundown of who TalkTalk Fibre 65 is for:

  • Small households – TalkTalk suggests this package for families who use five to ten networked laptops, gaming consoles, smartphones and gadgets simultaneously
  • A few streaming devices – Watch everything from 4K (Ultra-HD) Netflix (at least 15Mbps required) up to the best-looking grand space sci-fi dramas on Apple TV+ (can easily exceed 50Mbps bandwidth usage)
  • For parents who want an easy way to secure their children's communications – TalkTalk Fibre 65 comes with parental control filters (HomeSafe), anti-malware software (SuperSafe) and phone anti-scam protections (CallSafe)
  • Cloud storage – Whether you are using the likes of iCloud and Google Drive to store your family photos or secure essential documents, Fibre 65's reliable download speed will mean that your precious files on the cloud are easily accessible at any time
  • Gamers – Play all the latest multi-player strategy games with ease and a low latency connection
  • Web Browsing – Whether you enjoy online shopping, scrolling social media, finding the latest audiobooks, or simply reading our website, Fibre 65 will be abundant for your online browsing habits

How does TalkTalk Fibre 65 compare?

Contrasted to some of TalkTalk's faster packages, Future Fibre, which rely on FTTP broadband (the high-speed fibre cable runs all the way to your property), Fibre 65 customers will get a lower-tiered wifi router and TV Box.

Fibre 65 customers will be getting the budget Huawei-produced TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub Black. This wifi router has a lower wifi speed and coverage than the similar-looking but award-winning Sagemcom-made TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub with which Future Fibre clients are being paired.

If you're looking to add TalkTalk's TV option to your package, you'll be getting the Full HD TV Box, while FTTP clients will be getting the higher-resolution Ultra HD 4K TV Box.

Unlike its more premium competitors, TalkTalk is not offering any broadband resiliency service (such as Vodafone's 4G USB stick) or mobile data alternative through the customer's own smartphone (such as with Sky and Virgin Media).

Next, we’ll see how Fibre 65 contrasts with other TalkTalk fibre packages:

Package Download speed
Upload speed
Contract length Monthly cost
Fast Broadband 11Mbps 1Mbps 18 months £29.95 per month
Fibre 35 38Mbps 9Mbps 18 months £28 per month
Fibre 65 67Mbps 17Mbps 18 months £28 per month
Full Fibre 150 152Mbps 30Mbps 18 months £29 per month
Full Fibre 500 525Mbps 72Mbps 18 months £39 per month
Full Fibre 900 944Mbps 110Mbps 18 months £49 per month
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What is included with TalkTalk Fibre 65?

The budget-conscious TalkTalk Fibre 65 plan does not pack any extravagant wifi router, elaborate networking features or premium wifi-extending accessories. But TalkTalk does grant its customers a reliable WiFi 5 hub that will provide steadfast wireless connectivity into a flat or small house as well as a wide-ranging set of security features, albeit fairly basic ones.

HomeSafe is the generously included assortment of parental control functionalities built into the router to filter out objectionable content. The free CallSafe is also incorporated, and it will screen your phone line for nuisance and phishing (scam) calls. Lastly, for a low monthly rate, you can pick up SuperSafe, which consists of both anti-malware software and a password manager that will help you stay safe online by securely storing all your passwords and helping you create tougher ones in the future.

If you're looking for more ways to secure your kids’ online activity, check out our guide on how to quickly secure your router or the one going through the basics of online safety.

Fibre 65 arrives with TalkTalk's 30 days Great Connection Guarantee that enables you to rescind your broadband contract with no charge if you're unhappy with TalkTalk's service.

TalkTalk router

TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub Black Router Specifications

  • Current gen WiFi – The TalkTalk's wifi router comes with the ubiquitous WiFi 5 technology, which enables high-speed connection to most laptops and mobile devices released in at least the last six years
  • Dual-band – The Hub leverages the 2.4GHz wireless band in order to improve range and stability and the 5GHz band to provide increased bandwidth throughput
  • Seven antennae – With no fewer than seven antennae, the router will provide a decent wifi range through a flat or small house
  • Reduced latency when Gaming – The hub leverages MIMo technology which enables it to send simultaneous data streams to multiple devices, therefore significantly improving latency
  • Basic security – The router comes with a basic internal firewall and WPA2 encryption, which will ensure you are not an easy target for malicious actors
  • Gigabit Ethernet ports – You can directly connect four devices via Ethernet for the best speed, lowest latency and increased reliability


For a modest monthly charge, you'll be able to pick up TalkTalk's TV option - sold on a month-by-month basis rather than as a distinct package as with most other providers. That means that you can cancel it anytime you want, with just 48 hours' notice, and it will have no effect on your main broadband plan.

The TV service comes with TalkTalk's TV Box media player that facilitates watching live TV as well as a vast range of streaming services, including Amazon Prime Video, BritBox, BBC iPlayer, Plex and many others.

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What we think

With Fibre 65, TalkTalk provides an affordable plan with adequate speeds to enable a small household to browse, stream, game and shop online. It comes with a basic but wide-ranging set of protection features to keep you and your youngsters safe online. Fibre 65 is perfect for those families looking for a budget-friendly no-nonsense broadband service without a multitude of extra options and other bells and whistles.

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