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Dan Howdle | February 9th, 2024

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TalkTalk' Full Fibre 900 represents the fastest speed TalkTalk offers, but as with all full fibre packages (characterised by being fibre optic over 100% of the network), there's a catch: It's not available everywhere. In fact, it's only available to around one in four households at the time of writing, although that figure is steadily increasing.

Key features

Here’s a quick summary of what you can expect to find with Full Fibre 900.

Price £49 per month
Download speed 944Mbps
Upload speed 110Mbps
Broadband Fibre to the premises (FTTP)
Parental controls Yes
Router eero 6 by Amazon
Packages Broadband only
Contract length 18 months

Who is TalkTalk Fibre 900 for?

With broadband as fast as this (944Mbps, in case you were wondering), there are really just three groups of people who should consider it. Because it's hard to get across just how fast this is. Put it this way, streaming 4K movies is one of the most demanding things the typical households does regularly, and TalkTalk Full Fibre 900 would allow you to stream a separate 4K movie to 47 separate TVs. Who has 47 TVs? No one, and that's why the only people likely to want or need this are gamers, home workers with certain types of job, and people who just have to have the best irrespective of whether they actually need it (which is fine, of course).

In more detail, the sorts of households that would benefit from TalkTalk Full Fibre 900 are:

  • Gigantic student dorms with 20+ occupants – 944Mbps is faster than the connections entire companies who employ hundreds of people had just a few years back, so it's going to take a lot of people to stretch this. Just be sure that, if you're planning to install this in a big student dorm or other sort of shared housing, you limit the amount of speed attainable to any one individual to get an even distribution
  • Gamers – Games are huge these days and waiting for them to download can be a little painful on slower broadband. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (the largest ever game in terms of file size) weighs in at a whopping 240GB, which would take eight hours and 45 minutes on a typical 61Mbps fibre connection. Here, it'd be done in around half an hour
  • Working from home – Specifically, working from home if you're an architect, graphic designer, video editor or something else that requires the upload and download of large files on a regular basis
  • People who have to have the best – If 'fastest' means 'best' to you no matter whether the logic of the statement strictly follows, then you may just want the fastest whether you can make full use of it or not. And that's fine. People don't typically buy Ferraris to actually drive them at 200Mph – they just want them anyway

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How does Full Fibre 900 compare?

Package Download speed
Upload speed
Contract length Monthly cost
Fast Broadband 11Mbps 1Mbps 18 months £29.95 per month
Fibre 35 38Mbps 9Mbps 18 months £28 per month
Fibre 65 67Mbps 17Mbps 18 months £28 per month
Full Fibre 150 152Mbps 30Mbps 18 months £29 per month
Full Fibre 500 525Mbps 72Mbps 18 months £39 per month
Full Fibre 900 944Mbps 110Mbps 18 months £49 per month
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What's included with Full Fibre 900

All full fibre broadband plans with TalkTalk are supplied with a brand new eero 6 by Amazon router. The state-of-the-art router comes with WiFi 6 tech, which can supply faster speeds than WiFi 5 routers, and to more devices. This advanced piece of kit also promises stronger coverage around the home. Amazon’s eero routers sport mesh technology, meaning you can quickly and easily boost your broadband coverage with extra eero devices should you want.

TalkTalk’s broadband is truly unlimited, with no pesky quotas or download caps to catch you out.

There is a £4.95 router delivery charge to be paid up front on Full Fibre 900, but other than that, setup ios free. Full Fibre installation has a few more steps than your typical broadband connection, as it requires a new hole to be drilled into your exterior wall to feed the fibre cabling into your home. This is necessary to receive an FTTP service, so you will need your landlord’s permission if you are a renter.

Amazon eero 6 router

Amazon eero 6 router specification

  • Next generation WiFi – The eero 6 router includes emerging WiFi 6 technology (802.11ax), which first appeared in 2019. WiFi 6 will eventually become the new standard for routers and devices alike
  • Truemesh channel selection – Similar to features seen on other routers, the eero’s TrueMesh software automatically connects your devices to the strongest channel available, with limited interruption or interference
  • Dual band – Now the standard for most home hubs, the eero 6 router has two bands – 2.4GHz and 5GHz – to ensure you receive the optimal signal around your home
  • Zigbee built-in – Amazon’s eero 6 routers have built-in Zigbee hubs, so you can connect devices like Amazon’s Alexa without the need for an additional hub plugged into your router. Zigbee is the same tech used by Philips Hue bulbs, as well as IKEA’s smart lighting
  • Two gigabit ethernet ports – The eero 6 router features two gigabit Ethernet ports. This is fewer than the typical router, but you can boost this number with additional eero devices, if you desire


TalkTalk broadband customers can access two safety features when in contract, namely HomeSafe and SuperSafe. HomeSafe is a web filter built-in to your broadband supply, which can be activated to block certain content, or restrict it with a PIN code. The benefit here is you can place a blanket ban on websites known to be malicious, but can set PIN access for websites that you don’t want the kids to see, without blocking yourself from these same sites.

SuperSafe, on the other hand, is a premium add-on which offers protection per device, through a standalone app. SuperSafe, also known as Online Defence, costs £4 per month and is developed by F-Secure. F-Secure is award-winning, and it also powers Virgin Media’s dedicated Internet Security app. SuperSafe can be installed on up to ten devices, guarding you from viruses, malware and phishing scams on the move.

Customers should bear this in mind, as you will need to sort out a separate call plan if you need a landline supply. No line rental may appeal to those who have no need for a landline, and are happy to use a mobile phone instead. You can, however, purchase a landline as an add-on and keep your existing phone number too.

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What we think

What else is there to say about broadband that's for most of us both unnecessarily fast and out of reach. If you're lucky enough to live somewhere it's available, and you either can make use of 944Mbps or you just want it anyway, then fill your boots. TalkTalk's Full Fibre 900 is much like a plethora of other providers offering similar speeds to the same small proportion of the UK population. If you can't get it, Virgin Media offers even faster speeds, and with 60% availability, so you have a better chance of being able to get it.

But for the vast majority of households this is overkill. It's over overkill, in fact. If you can get Full Fibre where you live, we'd recommend TalkTalk's Full Fibre 150 as the package that'll get all bases covered for the vast majority of households. If you just want 944Mbps anyway, well, then knock yourself out.

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