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Virgin Mobile triple data SIM only deals: Get 120GB for £20 a month

By Phil Wilkinson-Jones
Wednesday, January 16th 2019

Virgin Mobile SIM deals Virgin Mobile is offering triple data on some of its SIM-only deals meaning you can currently get your hands on a whopping 120GB of data for just £20. You have until 31 January to take advantage.

If you're all sorted for a handset, SIM-only deals are a great way of increasing your monthly data allowance while saving a bit of money.

This sale gives you the chance to get your hands on a huge 120GB of data – easily much more than most people will use in a month – plus unlimited minutes and unlimited texts for £20 a month. Take advantage soon and you'll be getting triple the amount of data usually included in the tariff for less than the usual monthly cost (this plan usually offers 40GB for £23, which still isn't bad).

You can also get triple the usual amount of data with what is normally the 2GB plan – right now £9 a month will instead get you 6GB of data to use each month, along with 1,500 minutes and unlimited texts.

Virgin is also offering triple data on another SIM-only plan. You can get 30GB of data – a lot of data – instead of the usual 10GB for £16 a month. This plan comes with 2,500 minutes and unlimited texts.

Virgin Mobile offers free data exclusively for messaging on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Twitter with all of its plans, so you’ll be able to use your allowance for other tasks.

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Unlimited data for TV and broadband customers

If you’ve got Virgin broadband or TV at home, you’re quids in. There is an exclusive unlimited data, minutes and texts SIM-only deal for £25 a month. There is no time limit on this deal but you can only sign up if you’re an existing Virgin Media customer.

One of the perks of joining Virgin Mobile is the data rollover feature. Any data from your inclusive monthly allowance that you don’t use up will be added to next month’s allowance.

There is no wriggling out of the fixed term contract, once you’re in, you’re in but there is some added flexibility with Virgin Mobile. You can change your airtime plan up or down without facing any penalty fees throughout your contract.

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