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Why choose Virgin Media mobile broadband?

With Virgin Media mobile broadband you can take the internet with you wherever you go, keeping you and several other devices simultaneously connected. Whether it’s for family outings or your daily commute, you can find yourself the best package available by comparing the mobile broadband deals above.


Virgin Media’s mobile broadband service operates on the Vodafone network and it’s 4G service is available to 99% of the UK. You can check how good Virgin’s mobile coverage is in your area using the coverage checker. If you plan to use mobile broadband in multiple locations, be sure to check the coverage for those areas too.

Portable WiFi Hub

Virgin Media mobile broadband customers will receive a mobile wi-fi device (also known as MiFi or wi-fi modem). Virgin is currently offering the Huawei portable WiFi Hub. It weighs 100g and measures just 10cm x 0.7cm x 5.8cm – small enough to tuck into your pocket.

The Hub creates a 100m-range personal hotspot to which your wireless devices can connect – assuming there is no interference to block the signal – and no cables, USB ports or additional software are required. The device can be used continuously for up to six hours before it needs to be charged.

Data allowances

Customers have a choice of three data allowances on both 30-day and 12-month contracts: 3GB, 6GB and 15GB. A 3GB allowance will support over 100 hours of web browsing, thousands of emails, or the playback of a couple of hundred YouTube videos. Given the relatively small data allowances on offer, Virgin Media mobile broadband is not really suited to streaming films or TV episodes through services such as BBC iPlayer or Netflix.

Customer service

According to Ofcom findings, around half of customers contacting Virgin Media customer support in 2020 were satisfied with how their complaint had been dealt with, and the average call waiting time to get through when calling the customer service number was 1 minute and 35 seconds.

A whopping 93% of Virgin Media mobile customers who had contacted the provider’s customer support team in 2020 were satisfied with the provider’s service, indicating a high level of satisfaction. This was also in line with the sector average, and ahead of both Vodafone and Three for customer satisfaction.

Vouchers and promotions

You can find some of the latest offers for Virgin Media mobile broadband on this page. If you have a voucher or promo code, you can redeem it after following the deal link.

Frequently asked questions

How do I choose a Virgin mobile broadband deal?

Depending on how long you need to be connected when you are away from a wi-fi signal, and what you do online – such as streaming video – will indicate how much data you will need. The best thing to do is look at your current data usage and take it from there. Virgin Media mobile broadband deals are available as 30-day options or 12-month options, so you can try out a 30-day option before committing to 12 months.

Is Virgin mobile broadband 5G-ready?

No. Although Virgin Media’s mobile plans are all 5G ready, it only offers 4G services with its mobile broadband plans. If you want a 5G plan, it is worth looking at a new mobile SIM deal for your phone instead. Currently Virgin Media 5G is available on the Vodafone network in a growing number of towns and cities across the UK, including Birmingham, Edinburgh, London and Manchester.

How fast is Virgin mobile broadband?

Virgin Media mobile broadband operates over Vodafone’s 4G network, which averages a download speed of 22.4Mbps. Be aware though that this can vary depending on your location and the number of devices attached to your mobile broadband hub at any one time.

Can I get unlimited data?

No, unlike its home fibre broadband plans, Virgin’s three mobile broadband packages come with a set monthly allowance of data. At the time of writing, the most data available with a mobile broadband SIM-only deal is 15GB. The other options are 3GB and 6GB.

Does Virgin Media offer pay-as-you-go mobile broadband?

No, Virgin’s mobile broadband plans are only available on a contract term basis that you pay for each month on either a one-month or 12-month plan. If you’re after a pay-as-you-go mobile broadband solution, you may want to consider Three.

How many devices can I use with mobile broadband?

Virgin’s mobile wi-fi device can wirelessly support up to 16 devices at once at a range of up to 100 metres. Remember that every device connected to your wi-fi hotspot will be sharing your monthly data allowance, which may use it up more quickly. Download speeds may also be slower if several devices are connected at once.

How can I contact Virgin Media customer services?

Should you have any problems, you can call Virgin on 789 if you have a Virgin Media mobile phone, or 0345 600 0789 from any other phone. Customer services are available seven days a week from 8am to 10pm.

Can I use Virgin Media mobile broadband abroad?

Yes, as long as your SIM can connect to a local provider. Roaming charges may differ according to the country you are visiting so we advise that you check this information before you travel. For details on the latest charges for using mobile broadband abroad (roaming) visit the Virgin Media website.

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