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EE Broadband – everything you need to know

By Dan Howdle | Tuesday, May 28th 2019

In this guide

EE is best known for it mobile network, given that it is the UK's largest, not only hosting contract phones and SIMs under the EE brand, but also supporting a number of other mobile providers that operate on it. EE is now owned by BT, though the two brands run as distinctly separate entities.

Several years ago now, EE began offering broadband on the Openreach network (the same physical broadband network used by all other providers except Virgin Media). It offers both ADSL and fibre broadband deals that are available almost everywhere. Let's take a closer look.

Who is EE Broadband?

EE stands for Everything Everywhere and was founded in on April 1 2010 through the merger of Orange and T-Mobile. But EE is no April fool's joke. It has gone on to become the largest and most popular mobile provider in the UK, offering the widest coverage and the best data speeds.

In terms of its broadband offering, it switched existing customers from now-defunct Orange broadband back in 2013. Now EE broadband has a reasonably large customer base and offers ADSL and fibre broadband deals under its own brand. So what are its main selling points?

  • Fairly priced broadband – EE Broadband isn't the cheapest out there, but it's also not the most expensive. It usually sits mid-tier in terms of pricing, and offers good value for money. EE Broadband offers a quality router along with good customer service and plenty of options in terms of available speeds and calling packages
  • Smart Hub router – This is the same as the router offered by BT, which makes sense since BT owns EE. This is a good thing. The Smart Hub is one of the best free routers in existence, delivering a strong wifi signal to parts of the home many other routers cannot
  • Free landline with several options – All EE Broadband deals come with a landline with several different calling package options, from pay as you go calls charged at 7.5p per minute, to inclusive evening, weekend or anytime calls, which come at an extra charge on your monthly bill
  • Option to add EE TV – Though quite basic, EE offers EE TV – a set-top box delivering Freeview channels with the option to add premium content such as Sky Sports, Sky Movies and more

What does EE Broadband offer?

EE Broadband is on the Openreach network, so in terms of its speeds you will find it very similar to other providers, almost all of whom share the same network.

  • Broadband – EE offers ADSL (non-fibre) broadband with speeds averaging 10Mbps. This is fast enough to stream Netflix in high definition (HD), but too slow for 4K and will struggle in a household with multiple users. It also offers two fibre packages at 36Mbps and 67Mbps. For busy households we recommend getting the fastest broadband you can get. The cost difference is small, but you will be glad you did
  • Home phone – All EE Broadband deals come with a home phone line, with a selection of calling package options: Pay as you go, where you pay for each call, and free evenings, free evenings and weekends and free anytime calls, all of which are self-explanatory

Broadband, TV and mobile bundles

You can bundle EE TV with any broadband package here on our EE broadband and TV bundles page. EE TV offers a great set-top box that allows you to record your favourite shows and delivers dozens of Freeview channels in the process. It also allows you to add premium channels such as Sky Cinema, BT Sport and Sky Sports. Well worth considering if you don't need a bajillion channels and a satellite dish or cable TV installation.

What are the alternatives?

EE is, somewhat obviously, far from the only game in town when it comes to broadband. Every provider out there tries to offer something a little different from the next in order to stand out. With all but one or two providers on the Openreach network and thus providing near-identical speeds (roughly 10Mbps, 36Mbps and 67Mbps) they don't always succeed. Nevertheless, here are all the other providers you might want to take a closer look at, along with what they offer.

  • BT – Everyone's heard of BT. Iy offers similar broadband speeds to EE, as well as the option of BT TV, which is a more full-fledged TV option than EE's own EE TV, offering up to 142 channels and usually coming with the most basic version of BT Sport
  • Direct Save Telecom – Specialises in low-cost broadband. It's cheap, basically. And while you will absolutely get the same sort of speeds you will get with EE, and you will pay less, you won't get a router of the same quality
  • Shell Energy Broadband (formerly First Utility) – Shell, the big, evil oil company, has bought energy and broadband provider First Utility, rebranding its energy arm Shell Energy, and its broadband component the unnecessarily long and confusing Shell Energy Broadband. It offer similar speed to EE, but with no option to bundle with TV
  • Hyperoptic – Runs its own pure fibre network. The upside to this is that it can and does deliver broadband speeds up to a frankly insane 1Gbps (1,000Mbps). The downside is its network footprint is so small it is incredibly unlikely you will be able to get it
  • John Lewis Broadband – Is the posh broadband brand for posh people. It offers similar speeds and service to the others in this list and isn't particularly cheap or expensive. Definitely one for those who care about the brand name
  • NOW Broadband – Sky offers its channels on stream through its NOW TV service. From that sprung NOW broadband, which is technically Sky broadband by a different name. It offers similar speeds to EE Broadband, but does not carry out any credit checks, making it a good choice for those with a poor credit history
  • Plusnet – Wins most customer service awards. Plusnet customers love being with Plusnet, which should tell you a lot. It's owned by BT, but run independently and still based in Yorkshire. It also offers a basic TV service – Plusnet TV – and similar broadband speeds
  • Post Office Broadband – Aimed at older people it's quite a bare-bones service, with a basic router and good customer service. Speeds are pretty much the same as EE
  • Sky – Offers similar speeds to everyone else (except Hyperoptic and Virgin Media), with great quality equipment and the ability, of course, to bundle up with Sky's excellent TV service
  • SSE – Formerly an energy provider, now also a broadband provider, again, speeds are the same as the majority, with SSE selling itself primarily on its low, low prices
  • TalkTalk – Offers similar speeds to everyone else, but aims itself more at the budget end of things. It's rarely the cheapest, though you will get a better router than you will with some ultra-budget providers. TalkTalk also offers TalkTalk TV, which is quite similar to EE TV in that it's mainly Freeview, but with the ability to bolt on premium channels
  • Virgin Media – Offers by multiples the fastest widely available broadband in the country, with speeds up to 514Mbps. It's not available everywhere, though, so you will have to check if you can get it. With broadband this fast you simply need never worry about anything connectivity related again. Ever
  • Vodafone – Has been in the broadband game for a few years now and it's ben doing a great job of offering a good-quality service at a very low price. Unlike other budget-priced providers, Vodafone will provide you with a stellar router and A1 customer service

Frequently asked questions

How much is EE broadband a month?

EE broadband usually sits somewhere in the middle of a comparison table listing all the current deals in the UK. It is never the cheapest and never the most expensive. To check the cost right now, simply scroll up to the top of this page and take a look at today's prices.

Is EE good for broadband?

As good as anyone else. Most UK providers operate on the same network – Openreach. So the only real difference between EE and everyone else is the way it is branded, its customer service, its equipment (router) and its price.

How much is EE broadband and phone?

All EE broadband deals come with a phone line. So to answer this question all you really need do is take a look at our comparison table at the top of this page to see what the prices are like right now. Use the 'more info' dropdown to see what's included in the landline calling package with each deal.

How much is EE TV and broadband?

To bundle in TV you're better off checking out our dedicated EE broadband and TV comparison page. This will show you the prices of all available bundles as they are today.

Want to learn more about broadband?

Our broadband guides contain a wealth of information on just about every aspect of current broadband packages.

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