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Dan Howdle | September 11th, 2023

Sky Stream

It's actually extremely rare to see Sky giving away its broadband for free. 'Free' is of course a rather relative concept with these sorts of deals – you'll still be paying for your TV services from Sky Stream, and at the end of the nine-month 'free' period your monthly cost will rise steeply. Nevertheless, nine months is a long and generous period on this offer, amounting to an enormous saving of £432 across the length of your 18-month contract.

Free Sky Broadband for nine months

Bear in mind this deal isn't available on any solo Sky Broadband packages. We know, we know, wouldn't it be lovely if you could get Sky Broadband truly for free? The reality is Sky wants a commitment to more services in exchange for its generosity, but that's no bad thing when all it's asking you to commit to is the brilliant Sky Stream TV service.

Here's an overview of those deals before we get into the details:

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What is Sky Stream?

Sky Stream is essentially a replacement for Sky's traditional satellite TV services. You can get most of, but not all of, Sky's TV channels on Sky Stream, and you won't need a satellite dish since Sky Stream is essentially a 'puck' device that you plug into your TV and works entirely via the internet. It's very neat and convenient, though there are some caveats when comparing with the Sky Q satellite TV service.

For one thing, you're going to be missing some channels and services. All the big, popular channels are present and correct on Sky Stream, but channels that require additional subscription (such as MUTV), aren't available, and neither are some of the more obscure foreign channels and *ahem* 'adult' channels.

If you need to see exactly what is or isn't available on Sky Stream channels-wise, we've got you covered with our complete guide to Sky Stream channels.

Sky Box Sets are included

'Sky Box Sets' is the official name for Sky's catch-up service that allows you to watch all your favourite shows whenever you like. There are over 30,000 shows to watch. However, this enormous figure has become rather muddy recently, since Sky now rolls up everything on Netflix into that figure. Prior to Sky doing that there were around 500 unique shows on Sky Box Sets, mostly comprised of content from Sky, HBO, and Discovery channels.

You get a Netflix subscription bundled in

Don't worry if you already have a Netflix subscription. Transferring it over to your Sky bundle is quick and easy. You'll only get Netflix Basic bundled in, which is worth about £5 per month. If you have a higher tier Netflix subscription, you can transfer your account over to Sky, then pay the difference for the upgrade, thus still saving you some money each month.

Sky bundles offer pay as you go calls

Did you know landlines are being phased out completely? That's right – by 2025 there will be no landlines delivered via an analogue cable (copper phone network). Landlines will still exist, but they will be digital, where your voice is transmitted via the internet. Functionally, for customers, it'll be the same. However, we expect landline use to continue to decline into oblivion, and as such providers easing off on offering sweet free calling packages for the landlines included in their broadband deals. If you do use a landline, these Sky bundles do have one, but you'll have to pay for each call you make, or you can add a calling package at the checkout if you're going to be using your landline a lot.

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About Sky

Sky is a household name in the UK and is known for delivering high-quality broadband and TV services. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, Sky offers an array of broadband options that cater to different needs. From the lightning-fast speeds of Sky Fibre to the budget-friendly Sky Essential broadband, there's a plan for everyone. Sky's broadband packages come with extras like inclusive calls and the Sky Hub router to ensure a seamless online experience.

When it comes to TV, Sky truly shines. With a vast selection of channels, including exclusive ones like Sky Atlantic and Sky Sports, customers can enjoy a diverse range of content, from blockbuster movies to thrilling sports events.

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