Best Virgin Media broadband deals for June 2024

Dan Howdle | November 6th, 2023

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Around this time of year, broadband providers tend to offer some of their best deals, just in time for Christmas! Virgin Media's no different and for a limited time it's offering various amounts of bill credit or free months on its headline broadband deals. Let's take a look at what's on offer for November, and do bear in mind some of these will end before the month is out.

Our picks for the best Virgin broadband offers

It turns out that, somewhat unusually, in November 2023 there's a special offer of some kind available at every speed Virgin Media currently offers. It is not, however, the same offer repeated over and over, so depending on what speed you're after you're going to get a slightly different special offer attached. Let's run through each and then finish on some detail about how these free periods and bill credits apply.

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M125 Fibre Broadband

£70 bill credit, free setup

M125 offers actual speeds of 132Mbps and is somewhat erroneously regarded as Virgin Media's 'slowest' package. Slow is not a word we would readily apply since it's plenty fast enough for most households, and considerably faster a than most households can get from any other provider. Anyway, this entry-level bargain comes with £70 in bill credit and free setup until Virgin Media changes its mind. The contract is 18 months and you won't get a landline, though you can add one on ay additional cost during sign-up if you want or need one.

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M250 Fibre Broadband

£75 bill credit, free set-up

If you feel the desire to go twice as fast, M250 offers download speeds that average 264Mbps. That'll download a 5GB movie in about two and a half minutes. So, fast. Very fast. And if you look down this page we're barely a quarter of the way up Virgin Media's speed ladder. M250 suits a medium household that does a lot of streaming and a bit of gaming on the side. This deal comes with £75 bill credit and fee set-up. Again, no phone line so you'll need to add one if you need it and it'll add a bit to the cost of the package.

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M350 Fibre Broadband

£80 bill credit, free set-up

You may have noticed that while the speed and price of this line-up of packages increase, so too does the bill credit amount. There's an extra fiver of it on the M350 (which averages 362Mbps). All the broadband packages on this page are fast, and M350 is a bit of a middle child in that regard. It's not the fastest, it's not the slowest, it's in the middle somewhere. When talking about speed like M350 and up the benefits become purely about how long you're going to have to wait for your downloads. The faster you go, the less time you will have to wait, which becomes more of a concern the more gaming your household does, since gaming downloads are hefty. M350 is on an 18-month contract and comes with no phone line as standard.

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M500 Fibre Broadband

£85 bill credit, free set-up

M500 offers an average speed of 516Mbps, and we're well into the absurdly fast zone now. That said, gamers need ll the speed they can get when it comes to downloads. Did you know the most recent Call Of Duty weighs in at a file size of 234GB? On a standard fibre connection of 36Mbps, it'll take you 14 hours and 26 minutes to download that, and you'll hog your entire home connection while doing it. On M500 it'll take just one hour. That's a huge difference. M500 comes on an 18-month contract with no phone line.

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Gig1 Fibre Broadband

Three months free

Finally we have Virgin Media's fastest broadband speed, the Gig1. It offers broadband speeds averaging an awe-inspiring 1130Mbps. Now, technically, that would mean you could download the absurdly large videogame we mentioned above in just 27 minutes, but bear in mind you'll not get that full speed over wifi (even Wi-Fi 6 can't cope with that speed), only over a LAN cable, and only to a PC with a 2.5Gb ethernet port. In terms of serving the whole house with blisteringly fast speeds across lots of devices, nothing beats it. It's the fastest widely available broadband in the UK and it's reliable too. Again, it's on an 18-month contract and doesn't come with a phone line as standard (you can add one on if you desire).

About these offers

Here's a slightly more detailed look at what these offers mean in practice:

How bill credit works

It's thankfully very simple. Unlike cashback rewards where in all cases you will need to remember to claim them within a narrow window of time after your cooling off/cancellation period or miss out, bill credit happens automatically. It will be applied to your first Virgin Media bill, and any remaining credit applied to subsequent bills.

Say, for example then that you've picked a deal that offers £80 bill credit and your monthly bill will be £40. You will in essence just get two months for free.

How free months work

It's as uncomplicated as it sounds. If you have three months free on a deal from Virgin Media Broadband, you won't pay a bean until the fourth month of your broadband contract.

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