NOW Broadband drops 63Mb Super Fibre to £20 per month

Dan Howdle | November 10th, 2022

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63Mb Super Fibre now just £20 per month!

There are a bunch of reasons why you might want to consider NOW Broadband, from its outright value, Sky-quality customer service, or lack of credit checks. Right now there's an even more tempting reason to hop over to NOW. For a limited time, its 63Mbps Super Fibre package has been reduced in price to match its 40Mbps Fab Fibre deal – just £20 per month!

Incredibly cheap for broadband this fast

When viewing this NOW Broadband deal from the perspective of other deals around right now, it's incredibly impressive. To get an idea of just how cheap this deal is, we can say with absolute certainty that, at the time of writing, it's the cheapest deal in the UK in this speed category.

Of course, being the cheapest, you won't be getting any new-customer rewards such as vouchers, cashback or gifts. Such is the nature of the beast. If you want those things, you will pay more. But if your sole aim is to pay the least for your broadband each month, this deal is it. It should be noted there is a £5 upfront charge for postal of your new router.

The deal arrives on a 12-month contract, so you won't be tied in as long as you will with some providers. And despite the low price, NOW Broadband's NOW Hub 2 router offers next-generation wifi, smart channel selection, dual band and five antennae. And if you're not at all sure what all that geekspeak means, basically, it's a decent router!

NOW Broadband doesn't carry out credit checks

This is a pretty unusual feature. Broadband packages are essentially a credit arrangement. You get a free router and broadband access, and in return you pay a total amount equal to the contract length times the monthly fee.

For this reason, most broadband providers will carry out a credit check when you sign up, which means that if your credit rating is poor for whatever reason, there is a chance you could be turned down as a new customer. Not so with NOW Broadband. Anyone who wants to sign up can, irrespective of their credit history.

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You can add NOW TV Entertainment to your package

NOW TV Entertainment supplies most of Sky TV's shows, available to watch at your convenience via the NOW TV app, which you can download to your streaming stick/box, mobile device or Smart TV operating system. You'll need to check whether there is a version of the app available for your chosen device.

However, sadly there's no discount for bolting it onto your NOW Broadband deal. It's £9.99 per month whether you're a NOW Broadband customer or not. This is to be expected when the broadband is already this cheap, but could be considered a convenience in the sense that it'll all go on one bill.

Installation takes around two weeks

Provided you have a landline running into your home, NOW Broadband takes about two weeks to get up and running from the moment you sign up. Most broadband providers are on the same network – Openreach – with Virgin Media being the exception. So if you're on Virgin Media and are switching to NOW Broadband, this can take a little longer depending on your situation.

Once you have the router in your hands, it is a case of simply plugging it in and following the instructions in the box. There should in most cases be no interruption in service between your old and new provider.

NOW Broadband ranks high among customers asked 6,000 broadband customers what they thought of their providers in our broadband customer survey. NOW Broadband came third place overall, with particularly high scores for installation/ease of switching and value for money.

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