Get half-price Sky Broadband Superfast for only £17.99/m

Dan Howdle | June 13th, 2023

Sky Broadband

Half-price on selected Sky Broadband packages till 2024!

Most broadband providers will usually have some sort of enticing deal for new customers, but to be perfectly honest, they are rarely this good. For a limited time, Sky is asking new customers to pay only half the monthly fee on Broadband Superfast and Broadband Ultrafast Plus packages till the end of this year – a seven-month-long money-saver! Let's take a closer look at those deals.

Sky Broadband Superfast just £17 per month

Sky's basic Broadband Superfast package weighs in at a 61Mbps download speed (more on that next). It's an 18-month contract, so you will be tied in for a year and half. However, you'll only be paying £17 per month for the first seven before the monthly cost moved up to a more, frankly realistic, £34.50 per month. You'll be saving £17.50 per month for seven months then, for a total saving of £122.50. And yes, that extra 50p on the full price means that you're actually getting it for less than half price during that time.

Is 61Mbps fast enough?

First off, 61Mbps is the average speed received by a Sky customer at this speed tier (Broadband Superfast). That means the actual speed you get may be less, or it may be more. Sky will be able to give you a clear idea of the actual speed you're going to receive during the sign-up process.

Assuming the speed you're going to get is bang on the average (61Mbps), that's going to be plenty for streaming video and music, downloading, browsing the internet and coping with multiple household members using the internet in some capacity at the same time. However, at this speed you may start to hit speed limits when streaming 4K video on multiple screens concurrently, or when downloading large game files, which at this speed you can expect to take quite a while.

Sky Broadband Ultrafast Plus just £24 per month

Sky's Broadband Ultrafast Plus runs at a blistering 500Mbps download speed, and a speedy 60Mbps upload. At £24 per month till 2024, you'll be saving a whopping £168 off the total price of this 18-month contract. Before you whoop too hard though, bear in mind that as a full fibre package, availability is still quite scarce. You currently have about a one in five chance of being able to get it. So good luck!

Is 500Mbps fast enough?

Provided you can get it, 500Mbps is, if anything, too fast. Short of downloading the latest Call Of Duty game (notorious for their enormous file sizes), you're never going to scrape the sides on a 500Mbps connection. Even streaming 4K video on four TVs concurrently won't even use a fifth of that speed. Having said that, it is very future proof, not particularly expensive (especially with the special discount) and you can rest easy knowing you're simply never going to encounter any speed issues.

How do Sky Broadband packages compare?

Here's a quick snapshot of Sky's complete range so ou can see where these two special offers sit.

Broadband Package Download Speed Upload Speed Cost
Superfast 35 36Mbps 9Mbps £40 per month
Superfast 61Mbps 16Mbps £27 per month
Ultrafast 145Mbps 27Mbps £28 per month
Ultrafast Plus 500Mbps 60Mbps £33 per month
Gigafast 900Mbps 100Mbps £43 per month

Features of these deals

Here are the basic features you'll get with either/both of these deals.

Pay-as-you-go landline calls

People are relying less and less on their home phones these days, with the idea of even having a household landline feeling increasingly archaic, simply because pretty much everyone now has a mobile phone. Sky, like most other providers, will insist on giving you a phone line and you will pay extra for the calls you make, hence 'pay-as-you-go'.

If you don't use your landline or don't want a landline, no bother. Don't plug a phone in and don't use it. Job done. However, if you do need a landline, you are likely to use it a lot, and you don't want to pay for every minute you do, you can bolt on a Free Anytime Calls pack for just a couple of extra pounds a month, which will save you a bundle and won't exclude you from the half-price offer.

No set-up cost

Both these deals are offered with zero one-off or up-front costs. This is not often the case with Sky Broadband deals, often times with a set-up fee clocking in at either £29.99 or £59.99 depending on the deal. This can be viewed then as an additional saving.

Easy installation

Most households will already have an Openreach (phone and broadband) line coming into their home, and in these cases there is usually no need for an engineer visit. Sky will post you the equipment you need and all you need do is plug it in and follow a couple of simple setup steps.

If for some reason you don't have a line coming into your home, or the line has been disconnected, you may need an engineer to visit. This still may not involve them entering your home – it may just mean them making an adjustment at the local street cabinet. Sky will advise you of the setup and installation process when you sign up, but fear not, it's simple, straightforward and should be done and dusted within two weeks in most cases.

Sky ranks high for customer satisfaction

Our broadband customer survey revealed that Sky came out near the top for customer service. In our experience, the Sky customer service team is one of the best around, so if you're nervous as a new Sky customer, don't be. Sky will look after you.

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