Sky Superfast broadband deal: Grab a £60 gift card

Dan Howdle | January 26th, 2024

Sky Broadband

£60 gift card, no set-up fee – limited time deal!

Ask us when the best time to get a broadband deal is and we'll first say 'whenever you're outside of your contract'. After that, though, our best advice will always be to look for the best limited-time deals. They come, they stay a short while, and they disappear so you have to grab them fast. And this 61Mbps Sky Broadband Superfast deal is no exception. Grab it while you can!

Sky Broadband Superfast

Sky's Broadband Superfast package offers an average download speed of 61Mbps. Sure, there are faster packages out there, but it should be noted that many of those are out of control, offering far more speed than anyone really needs. Certainly, there is going to be some peace of mind in getting the fastest speed available to you, but why spend money needlessly? Here are the features of this particular deal:

£60 gift voucher

As a new customer, you will be able to claim this voucher during a specific window after your cooling-off period (the period in which you have the opportunity to cancel the deal – usually 14 days after you're up and running). You will have to claim this yourself. Sky won't simply send it to you – it's not that generous, so make a note in your diary!

You will be able to choose between Sainsbury's, M&S, Tesco or simply have your reward in the form of a pre-paid Mastercard you can spend anywhere. Seems like a no-brainer to take the latter as it offers far more flexibility, but if you're intending to give it away as a gift, the retailer-specific options may be a good shout.

61Mbps download speed

It should be noted that 61Mbps is the average offered by this package and as such, some customers will get faster speeds and some slower. It all depends where you live. Sky will be able to give you a good idea of the speed you will get during the sign-up process. That said, here is what you will be able to do with a 61Mbps broadband connection:

  • Stream HD and 4K video: Enjoy smooth streaming of high-definition videos on platforms like Netflix, YouTube, or Amazon Prime Video without buffering
  • Video conference: Engage in video calls, online meetings, or virtual conferences with high-quality video and audio without interruptions
  • Download large files: Quickly download large files, such as software programs, games, or high-resolution images, in a short amount of time
  • Upload files: Effortlessly upload files, documents, or media content to cloud storage services or share them with others online
  • Online gaming: Enjoy smooth online gaming experiences with low latency, allowing for responsive gameplay and reduced lag
  • Multiple device usage: Connect multiple devices simultaneously, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and smart home devices, without experiencing significant slowdowns
  • Stream music: Stream high-quality music from various music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, or Amazon Music without interruptions
  • Browse the web: Experience fast web browsing, seamlessly loading web pages, and accessing online content without delays
  • Use video-on-demand services: Access video-on-demand services like Netflix, Disney+, or BBC iPlayer to stream movies, TV shows, and documentaries with ease
  • Cloud backup and synchronisation: Quickly back up files or synchronise data with cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive

No set-up fee

Sky's set-up fees come and go, but the default position is that there's usually something to pay up-front. Not so with this deal. Normally you would have to pay about £30 to get up and running, but Sky has waived that fee here. You will still have to pay a £20 charge if you don't currently have a phone line installed in your property, but that's going to be an extremely rare set of circumstances.

18-month contract

You might call 18 months the bog standard in the industry right now. There are 12-month, two-year and even one-month broadband contracts out there if you go looking, and generally the longer you sign up for the cheaper things get, and conversely you pay a premium for shorter contracts. So 18-months is kind of a sweet spot. It's where you (or most of us, at least) want to be.

How do Sky Broadband packages compare?

Here's a quick snapshot of Sky's complete range so you can see where this package sits.

Broadband Package Download Speed Upload Speed Cost
Superfast 35 36Mbps 9Mbps £40 per month
Superfast 61Mbps 16Mbps £27 per month
Ultrafast 145Mbps 27Mbps £28 per month
Ultrafast Plus 500Mbps 60Mbps £33 per month
Gigafast 900Mbps 100Mbps £43 per month

Pay-as-you-go landline calls

All Sky Broadband deals come with a phone line. Home landlines are less and less needed these days due to the fact we all have mobile phones, but you may still need one for a home business, or simply because it's how your household operates. Sky phone lines are pay-as-you-go as standard, meaning you pay for every call you make. However, you can specify a free anytime calls pacage at the checkout for a few extra quid a month, and if you're going to be using your home phone a lot for outgoing UK calls, we recommend you do exactly that.

Easy installation

Installation with Sky is simple, and often won't require an engineer to actually enter your home, unless you've been with Virgin Media for a number of years and need your phone line reconnecting. Usually, Sky will post you your router and give you a date to plug it all in, then it's simply a case of following some straightforward instructions to get you up and running. The whole process usually takes two weeks or less.

Sky ranks high for customer satisfaction

Our broadband customer survey revealed that Sky came out near the top for customer service. In our experience, the Sky customer service team is one of the best around, so if you're nervous as a new Sky customer, don't be. Sky will look after you.

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