Sky Stream £22 per month: Get Sky without a dish!

Dan Howdle | April 26th, 2024

Sky Stream

Full-fat Sky TV without a dish – hurrah!

Up to now, the only way to get Sky without a satellite dish through the rather limited streaming app NOW TV, or more recently with Sky Glass, which is essentially a TV with an exclusive Sky Streaming app loaded into it. Well, now that’s all changed. Finally, Sky offers its complete subscription TV service without a satellite dish and all you need is a subscription, an internet connection and the Sky Stream Puck, which Sky will send you when you sign up.

Sky Stream now just £22 per month

For the first time ever, Sky's complete subscription TV service is available via the internet – no need for a satellite dish! That's over 30,000 shows when you factor in the included Netflix subscription (if you already have a Netflix account, Sky will link it so you can still make use of the included one). It's a great solution for homes where attaching a dish is tricky, and unlike a regular satellite subscription, you won't need to ask your landlord or landlady.

Although Sky Stream is offered via a discreet little box much like a Roku or Apple TV device, which you can simply plug into your TV's HDMI socket, it is a subscription service, just like regular Sky TV. So you will be tied in for 18 months – worth bearing in mind when we're all pretty used to opting in and out of streaming services on a monthly basis. You can, however, opt for a slightly more expensive version of Sky Stream, which will allow you to opt out with 31 days notice.

At just £22 per month, including the streaming box, this represents incredible value for money, especially when you consider that both Netflix and Freeview are thrown in, and considerably cheaper than a comparable Sky satellite TV package.

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You can bolt on a lot of extras

With over 30,000 shows advertised, you won't be short of things to watch. As well as all the Freeview channels, the complete Netflix service and all of the Sky exclusive channels such as Sky Atlantic, Sky Max and Sky Witness, you will also be able to add on both movies and sport in the form of Sky Sports and Sky Cinema.

Of course, those don't come cheap. Much like Sky's traditional satellite subscription service, you'll be paying an extra £18 per month for Sky Sports and £8 per month for Sky Cinema. You can also add on TNT Sports (formerly BT Sport) for a somewhat eye-watering £26 per month, Sky Kids for £4 per month, and a UHD and Dolby Atmos bolt-on, aimed at those with high-end systems, for an extra £4 per month.

So sure, if you want everything it's going to come to a pretty penny. However, you'll not find a cheaper way to do it either via satellite dish or the technically underwhelming NOW TV app.

Sky Stream Whole Home (multiscreen)

You can also add additional Sky Stream pucks if you want to stream to more than one room. To do so you'll need to subscribe to the Sky Whole Home bolt-on for an additional £10 per month. Sky is currently waiving the one-off £39.95 fee for the first additional Sky Stream Puck. However, if you need more than two Pucks total you'll need to pay £39.95 for each additional Puck (one-off), and bear in mind you won't own any of that equipment and will still have to give your Pucks back to Sky at the end of your contract.

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Add Sky Broadband to save on your bundle

When you bundle Sky Stream with Sky Broadband, you will save money. So getting Sky Stream when it's time to change your broadband provider is a wise move. How much you save will depend on which version of Stream TV and broadband you sign up for, so be sure and tinker at the checkout to find the best combo.

No need for an engineer visit

There are many advantages to not having a satellite dish. They're not pretty, renters need landlord or landlady permission, and you'll be having holes drilled in your walls to run the line in. Not least, though, you'll need a Sky engineer to come and do all this for you, and a day at home to wait around for them.

Not so with Sky Stream. Sky will post you the box, and you just need to plug it in and follow the startup instructions included in the box. No mess. No fuss.

Sky ranks high among customer satisfaction

Our broadband customer survey revealed that Sky came out near the top for customer service. In our experience, the Sky customer service team is one of the best around, so if you're nervous as a new Sky customer, don't be. Sky will look after you.

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