Virgin Media broadband offer: Up to £110 bill credit

Dan Howdle | February 8th, 2024

Virgin Media Offer

Ends Thursday 29 February 2024

Bill credit is Virgin Media's thing when it comes to new-customer offers. The way it works is the amount offered will automatically be deducted from your first few bills. depending on the package you choose, how much it costs and the mount of bill credit on offer, this could amount to several months where your broadband is free.

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Up to £110 bill credit cashback with Virgin Media broadband

Bill credit deals basically deduct a set amount from your future bills, and that happens automatically. That's good, because most cashback deals from broadband providers these days will require you to claim your reward yourself within a tight time window, often quite a while after you first sign up. And that means a lot of people forget and miss out. No so with bill credit.

Let's take a look at the deals on offer and remember, they're only sticking around till the end of February (though you will get an extra day because it's a leap year).

Virgin Media M125 Fibre Broadband

£95 bill credit, no set-up cost

Not quite Virgin Media's slowest speed (there's an M50 if you're feeling particularly frugal and don't need much bandwidth), M125 is still very fast, offering actual average speeds of 132Mbps. Sure, that may not seem like much compared to M500 or Gig1 (516Mbps and 1130Mbps respectively), but it's all a matter of perspective. Those other packages are too fast for most households, while 132Mbps will comfortably allow you to stream five separate 4K movies to five TVs at the same time. It's a lot, it's very well priced compared to packages offering similar speeds, and we'd only recommend anything faster to houses full of gamers who are frequently downloading the latest titles.

Virgin Media M250 Fibre Broadband

£100 bill credit, no set-up cost

M250 doubles the speed of M125 for an average of 264Mbps. That's extremely fast and it wasn't so long ago when this was Virgin Media's top speed, and indeed the fastest widely available broadband in the country. That's somewhat dwarfed now by the existence of M500 and Gig1, but the mere existence of those obscenely fast packages makes M250 no less quick unto itself. 264Mbps broadband is enough even to download the latest, biggest games in minutes rather than hours. It's cheap compared to most competing packages this fast, and occupies an nice happy middle between 'just enough' and too much. It's the baby bear of broadband packages.

Virgin Media M350 Fibre Broadband

£105 bill credit, no set-up cost

M350 steps up the speed once again to an average download speed of 362Mbps. Again, it costs a little more than the packages below it, and it goes a bit faster. Will you be able to tell the difference between this and M250? We're going to say most likely not, since all of these speeds are so many multiples of what's needed for the most demanding online tasks. You can think of it like having a higher ceiling. It won't make any difference to how you move around the room, but you've just got that much more clearance. You'll get a bit more bill credit too, of £105.

Virgin Media M500 Fibre Broadband

£110 bill credit, no set-up cost

Finally, we have M500, a package that actually offers a bit more than its name suggests with average speeds of 516Mbps. This is the package we would choose if gaming is a big deal in your household. You can play competitive online games with as little as 2Mbps – actually playing the games uses very little bandwidth. But games are getting bigger and bigger these days in terms of the sheer amount of data they contain. The latest Call Of Duty, for example, comes in at a staggering 240GB. To put that in perspective, that nearly ten times as big as the last generation's Grand Theft Auto game. Ultimately, the more speed you have, the less time you spend waiting for things to download and update. Things do get more expensive with M500, but it'll be worth it for some customers.

No set-up fees

There are currently no set-up fees on any of these Virgin Media bundles. Outside of offers, this is usually £35.

Each of these deals comes on an 18-month contract and, depending on whether you already have a Virgin Media cable coming into your home, will in most cases require an engineer visit to install. Typically this takes around two weeksand you will need permission from your landlord if you don't own your home as it requires running a cable through your exterior wall and into your home.

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Virgin Media offers high speed satisfaction

The broadband customer survey asked 6,000 UK broadband customers what they thought of their broadband provider. Virgin Media came out near top for speed satisfaction. That is, how close to the speed promised its customers actually received.

Virgin Media is not available everywhere

A final note – something worth mentioning if you're not aware. Unlike most other providers, who operate on the Openreach network and are therefore available to almost everyone, Virgin Media operates on its own distinct network. For this reason it's not available to everyone. Currently around three out of five homes can get it. You can check if it's available at your address using out Virgin Media postcode checker.