Limited time offer on Virgin Media bundles: £200 bill credit or Nintendo Switch 1.1

Dan Howdle | April 23rd, 2024

Virgin Media offer

Okay, this one's not going to be around long – just a couple of days, in fact – with the final day of the offer Thursday 25th April. You'll get either £200 bill credit or a Nintendo Switch 1.1 on four different Virgin Media Bundles. We'll take you through some of the bundles and what's in them in this blog, but the offer is the same across the board, and we think it's very generous.

Virgin Media broadband and TV special offers

These deals are only available up to and including Thursday 25th April 2024, so if you see one that suits your needs, you'll need to jump on this fast.

The offer is available on a total of seven different broadband and TV bundles. Here we're going to take a look at four of them to give you a good flavour, but if you want to compare all current Virgin Media bundles, you can use our Virgin Media bundle comparison tool.

Virgin Media Bigger Combo Bundle + Movies

£200 bill credit or Nintendo Switch console

The Bigger Combo Bundle starts off with M125 broadband, which clocks in at a competent 132Mbps – plenty for most households. Like all the bundles in this line-up, you can swap this out for something quicker if you feel the need during the checkout process. Next you'll get the Bigger TV package including Virgin Media's excellent TV 360 set-top box and over 200 channels. Added to that is Sky Cinema HD (that's the movies part). As with all deals in this line-up this offer comes on an 18-month contract.

Virgin Media Bigger Combo Bundle + Sports

£200 bill credit or Nintendo Switch console

Starting with broadband that's twice as quick as the package above (Virgin Media's M250, which runs at 264Mbps), though as ever you can swap out for a different speed as you please during the checkout process. The basic TV offering is the same, with over 200 channels, including Sky Entertainment channels in HD. Where it differs is instead of movie channels you'll get sport channels. You'll get all Sky Sports channels bundled in. These normally cost more outside of the bundle, making this quite a cheap way to get them. You won't get TNT Sports, but you can add it on.

Virgin Media Biggest Combo TV Bundle

£200 bill credit or Nintendo Switch console

The Biggest Bundle, as its name suggests, offers the best of both worlds, expanding the TV offering to over 210 channels, including Sky Cinema, Sky Sports, and a Netflix subscription. It's a good choice if you just want to have everything. The package starts out with M125 broadband, offering a speed of 132Mbps. It's plenty for most households, but with a package of this sort of price and weight, it's going to be tempting to get something quicker, which you can do during the checkout process.

Virgin Media Mega Volt Bundle

£200 bill credit or Nintendo Switch console

The Mega Volt Bundle offers the best value of the lot, if you happen to need everything in it. You'll get over 230 TV channels, including Sky Cinema, Sky Sports and a Netflix subscription, and you'll get the ludicrously fast Gig1 broadband, which offers download speeds of 1130Mbps! You'll also get a phone loine with inclusive anytime calling to UK landlines and mobiles and an unlimited 5G SIM on O2. £85 per month is a lot, but when you break all that down separately, you're paying about half of what it's all worth individually. A great deal, if you can make use of everything in it.

£200 bill credit cashback or Nintendo Switch games console with Virgin Media bundles

The advantage of bill credits is you get the benefit right out of the gate. Unbeknownst to most people, cashback reward cards have to be claimed by the customer within a tiny window of time months after your deal has started and if you forget, you lose the reward. Not so here. You'll just get the £200 taken off your first few months' bills.

Nintendo Switch 1.1

Or a free Nintendo Switch games console

The Nintendo Switch 1.1, an upgraded version of the original Switch console, retains the innovative design that made its predecessor popular. Offering both handheld and docked modes, (where you can play on your telly) it seamlessly transitions between on-the-go gaming and home entertainment. The updated version boasts improved battery life. It has a 6.2-inch touchscreen display and versatile Joy-Con controllers.

Its library of exclusive titles, including beloved franchises like The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario, coupled with its portability, make it a must-have for gaming enthusiasts.

No set-up fees

There are currently no set-up fees on any of these Virgin Media bundles. Outside of offers, this is usually £35.

Each of these deals comes on an 18-month contract and, depending on whether you already have a Virgin Media cable coming into your home, will in most cases require an engineer visit to install. Typically this takes around two weeksand you will need permission from your landlord if you don't own your home as it requires running a cable through your exterior wall and into your home.

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Virgin Media offers high speed satisfaction

The broadband customer survey asked 6,000 UK broadband customers what they thought of their broadband provider. Virgin Media came out near top for speed satisfaction. That is, how close to the speed promised its customers actually received.

Virgin Media is not available everywhere

A final note – something worth mentioning if you're not aware. Unlike most other providers, who operate on the Openreach network and are therefore available to almost everyone, Virgin Media operates on its own distinct network. For this reason it's not available to everyone. Currently around three out of five homes can get it. You can check if it's available at your address using out Virgin Media postcode checker.

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