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BT Fibre 2 broadband

BT’s Fibre 2 is BT’s premium, widely available fibre broadband package. Slower than the ultrafast packages, which are not yet as widely available, Fibre 2 offers a good download speed that averages 67Mbps.

BT broadband router

For many years Fibre 2 (or BT Infinity 2 as it was known), was BT’s premium option and the fastest download speed available, with the exception of the packages offered by Virgin Media. Today, it has been taken over by the ultrafast speeds that range from 145Mbps to 900Mbps. However, 67Mbps is still a very good broadband speed and is ideal for most households.

From single gamers to larger family homes where numerous devices need to be kept online, BT Fibre 2 is a solid choice. We take a look at what kind of activities 67Mbps can support and what else you get with the BT Fibre 2 package.

Key features

Here’s a quick summary of what you will get with BT Fibre 2 broadband.

Price £36.99 per month
Download speed 67Mbps
Upload speed 19Mbps
Broadband Fibre to the cabinet (FTTC)
Home phone None, Evening & Weekends, Anytime
Parental controls Yes
Router Smart Hub 2
Packages available Broadband only, Broadband & phone, Broadband & TV
Contract length 24 months

Who is BT Fibre 2 for?

BT Fibre 2 offers the fastest speed possible to homes that cannot yet get ultrafast speeds or a Virgin Media connection, making it the best broadband speed you can get for the majority of the population. A 67Mbps service will cope admirably with keeping several devices online at once – with streaming, downloading and gaming.

However, here is a bit more detail on the capabilities of BT Fibre 2 and what kind of household it would suit:

  • Households with 5+ occupants – 67Mbps will support a fairly large household or family of four or five.
  • Gamers – With a download speed of 67Mbps and an upload speed averaging 16Mbps, BT Fibre 2 is ideal for gamers.
  • Video streamers – For households that regularly stream TV – even in UHD – 67Mbps will do the job, although it may struggle to support more than one UHD stream at a time if several other devices are also in use
  • Cloud storage – With an upload speed of around 19Mbps, saving photos and documents to the cloud presents no problem for BT Fibre 2
  • Several devices – Depending on what your household does online, a 67Mbps connection will comfortably support up to 10 devices on average
  • Live streamers – Livestreaming requires between 5 and 15Mbps download speed so 67Mbps is ideal for anyone that goes live on a regular basis. It is also ample for video calling using Zoom, Teams or FaceTime.

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How does BT Fibre 2 compare?

Broadband Package Download Speed Upload Speed Monthly Cost
Broadband 10Mbps 1Mbps £29.99 per month
BT Fibre 1 50Mbps 9.5Mbps £34.99 per month
Fibre Essential 36Mbps 9.5Mbps £33.99 per month
BT Fibre 2 67Mbps 19Mbps £36.99 per month
BT Full Fibre 100 150Mbps 28Mbps £29.99 per month
BT Full Fibre 500 500Mbps 73Mbps £49.99 per month
BT Full Fibre 900 900Mbps 110Mbps £44.99 per month
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What's included with BT Fibre 2?

BT Fibre 2 offers a 67Mbps download speed that is fully unlimited with no fair usage limits and it comes with the BT Smart Hub, a capable router that can comfortably support several devices both over wifi and via a cabled connection. Customers that choose to pay extra and upgrade to Complete Wifi will receive a Smart Hub 2 router.

BT Hub router

BT Smart Hub router specification

  • Next generation WiFi – The BT Smart Hub router is a WiFi 5 router that uses the common 802.11ac wireless standard. It is not the latest router available from BT, which is the Smart Hub 2, but there is little to separate them in terms of capability
  • Smart channel selection – To ensure you always have the best wifi signal, the Smart Hub will automatically connect to the fastest frequency available
  • Latest WiFi Technology – The Smart Hub 2 ensures you constantly receive the best signal possible, by filtering out interference and rebooting automatically as necessary
  • Dual band – As with mst other routers, the Smart Hub is dual band, meaning it uses both the 2.4GHz frequency and the 5GHz frequency to provide a reliable mix of both range and strength of signal
  • Four gigabit ports – There are four gigabit LAN ports on the rear of the Smart Hub that enable you to connect up to four devices by cable to get the best speed possible
  • Seven antennae – The seven antennae on the Smart Hub ensure your wifi signal can reach as far around your home as possible


Customers who sign up to BT Fibre 2 will automatically receive free security software in the form of BT Web Protect. This works at network level, protecting any device that is connected to your Smart Hub from phishing attacks, viruses, and trojans. A warning will flash up before you visit a potentially harmful site to protect your device from attack. Web Protect also blocks pop-ups, and scans your emails to protect against spyware and viruses.

In addition to Web Protect, BT Fibre 2 also comes with BT Virus Protect. This software is for individual devices and BT Fibre 2 customers will automatically receive two licences to use on devices of their choice. To protect additional devices, customers can choose to pay extra to get 15 licences.

BT Virus Protect protects individual devices from viruses and spyware. Customers can also choose to download Norton password Manager, which enables you to create and store complex passwords in one place to keep all your personal information secure.

All BT broadband packages come with BT Parental Controls. Designed to protect young eyes from anything ranging from social media to pornography sites, the parental controls come with a choice of three settings: Moderate, Light and Strict controls, which parents can then adapt accordingly if they wish.

There are over five million BT Wifi hotspots scattered around the country that BT broadband customers can take advantage of via their mobile or laptop when they are away from their home wifi, from stations and airports to hotels and shops. Customers just need to download the BT wifi app, which will enable your device to automatically connect to a hotspot whenever it is in range, saving your mobile data for when you need it.

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What we think

BT Fibre 2 offers a decent download speed that will comfortably support a generous amount of devices in a busy family home. It comes with good security software and customers have the option to bundle it with a calls package and a BT TV package if they wish – BT TV is a well-priced TV service that comes with Netflix and NOW TV entertainment as standard.

FIbre 2 does, however, come on a 24-month contract that is considerably longer than the 18 months offered by several comparable broadband providers. It is also not the cheapest package around, but with the free Wifi hotspots and free security software, it does offer fairly good value for money.

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