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Dan Howdle | February 21st, 2024

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Perhaps the most household of all household names when it comes to broadband and phone provision, BT has seriously upped its game in recent years when it comes to service quality, equipment and customer service. But, no one would ever say BT is 'cheap'.

BT Broadband with rewards

That's why it's a good idea, if you intend to switch to BT, to do so at a time when BT is offering a little something extra to sweeten the deal. And that's what this guide is all about. BT is somewhat unlike other providers when it comes to rewards and cashback. You'll never see free gifts being thrown in, and unlike Sky or TalkTalk for example, the reward cards supplied by BT can be spent anywhere since they take the form of pre-paid Mastercards.

You can see every deal available from BT right now in our complete comparison page. For now though, here are the best three deals available right now that come with cashback rewards.

Fibre 2

£50 reward card, no upfront cost

Fibre 2 averages 67Mbps download speed. That may seem low compared to a lot of the deals out there right now, but worth bearing in mind that speeds are getting quicker faster than we actually need them to. 67Mbps is plenty for a small household who likes to stream movies and all the usual stuff. This deal comes with a £50 reward card. There's no phone line on this deal, so if that's something you need, you will have to add it at the checkout. Right now there's also a £6 per month saving on the regular monthly price.

Full Fibre 100

£50 reward card, no up-front cost

Everything in this deal is somewhat similar to the one above. Your speed here is 150Mbps (confusing guven the name of the package), and as a pure fibre connection you'll have to live somewhere where that's available. Availability for full fibre is still rather limited. You'll get a £50 reward card with this deal, and it's on a 24-month contract. Right now there's also a £8 per month saving on the regular monthly price.

£50 reward card, no up-front cost

This is a full fibre deal, and that means due to ongoing rollout of faster full fibre, you have about a one in five chance of getting it. So before you get your hopes up, you'd best use our postcode checker toe see if it's available where you live. 500Mbps is extremely fast, making this a great choice for gamers. Again, there's a £50 reward card here for new customers. Right now there's also a £13 per month saving on the regular monthly price.

BT broadband and TV bundles

Again, the following three deals are hand-picked – what we consider to be the best BT TV and broadband bundle deals with cashback rewards right now. There are other combinations available and you will have the option to swap in and out various features and extras at the BT checkout.

Sport + Fibre 2

£50 reward, reduced monthly price, no up-front cost

As well as BT's capable 67Mbps broadband (Fibre 2), you'll be getting a TV package including all of the BT Sport channels and BT's excellent TV Box Pro. The box allows you to watch and record live TV and allows you to stream in 4K HDR with Dolby Atmos, provided you have the equipment to take advantage of those formats.

Entertainment + Fibre 2

£50 reward, redused monthly price, no up-front cost

The broadband is the same as the other Fibre 2 deals in this line-up. As is the provision of BT's excellent, brand new TV Box Pro. The primary difference is of course than instead of the sport channels offered in the deal above, you have entertainment channels in their place. You'll also a Netflix subscription and a NOW TV subscription, the latter bringing you exclusive Sky Entertainment, including the output of the ever-popular Sky Atlantic.

Full Works + Fibre 2

£50 reward, reduced monthly price, no up-front cost

BT's VIP bundles are the everything including the kitchen sink approach to bundle packages. You'll get BT's Fibre 2 broadband again here, with its 67Mbps download speed, and BT's TV Box Pro. But with that you'll get everything. Literally everything. A Netflix subscription, all BT Sport Channels, all Sky Sports channels, all Sky Cinema channels, a NOW TV subscription, as well as a bunch of premium channels such as AMC. You won't run out of things to watch, but then again it isn't exactly cheap.

How do BT reward cards work?

Most providers offer gift cards for specific retailers to entice new customers. BT doesn't do that. Instead, its partnership is not with retailers, but with Mastercard, and what you will get will therefore be a pre-paid Mastercard you can spend absolutely anywhere. This is a huge advantage!

However, just like other providers, your reward card isn't simply going to turn up in the post day and date of your new broadband (and TV) contract. No. Instead you will have to remember to claim your reward after the initial cancellation period is over – or to put it another way, after your right to cancel the contract has expired. This will usually be 30 days after you're set up.

BT also stipulates that you can't claim your reward more than 90 days after your contract begins, giving you what amounts to a window in which to remember to claim it.

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Offers from other providers with cashback rewards

Of course, BT isn't the only game in town when it comes to offering cashback or gift cards to new customers. To see all of the gift and reward options on current broadband deals you should visit our broadband comparison page, which shows all providers and their current offers. In the meantime here are a few select alternatives should you want to shop around.

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