Virgin Media broadband rewards: Up to £110 bill credit

Dan Howdle | February 21st, 2024

Virgin Media broadband router

Virgin Media isn't available to every home in the UK. In fact, only around 60% of UK homes can get it. However, if you're lucky enough to live somewhere you can, it represents the most straightforward way to get very, very fast broadband. Here we take a look at the best Virgin Media broadband deals that offer some form of cashback reward for signing up as a new customer.

Virgin Media broadband with rewards

The situation with cashback rewards with Virgin Media is a little unusual. Its main competitors tend to put the focus on cashback reward cards you have to manually claim at a set time after you're up and running. Virgin Media on the other hand tends to usually have one form of sale or another on at any given time, offering lower monthly bills than the 'standard price'.

Sometimes, however, Virgin Media does offer cashback rewards on top of a cut-down monthly cost. Rather than taking the form of either a reward card you can spend anywhere, or a gift card you have to spend with a specific retailer, Virgin Media offers its cashback in the form of bill credit. The money is simply taken off your bill.

But you won't find the current crop of bill credit offers on the Virgin Media website. These deals are exclusive to us at, so in order to take advantage of one of them you'll have to click through to the special, exclusive deal page at Virgin Media from here.

You can see every deal available from Virgin Media right now, including these bill credit offers, in our complete comparison page. For now though, here are the best three deals available right now that come with cashback rewards.

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M125 Fibre Broadband

£95 bill credit, no upfront cost

Virgin Media's M125 Fibre Broadband package, unlike the name suggests, actually offers an average speed of 132Mbps – speeds to expect being slightly higher than the package name suggests being a running theme with Virgin. As well as that £95 bill credit, Virgin Media is currently waiving its set-up fee, which is normally £35. There's no phone-line with this deal, but you can add one on if you want to.

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M250 Fibre Broadband

£100 bill credit, no upfront cost

You'll get everything with this deal that you do with the M125 (above), except everything is more. You'll get faster download and upload speeds (264Mbps and 25Mbps respectively). Effectively doubling the download speed will suit larger households and is especially advisable for households that include gamers. You won't get a phone line here either, but if that's something you need, you can add it into your bundle as you go.

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M500 Fibre Broadband

£110 bill credit, no upfront cost

For really, really fast broadband, short of going the whole hog and opting for a Gig1 deal (1.1Gbps), Virgin Media's M500 is in that comfy spot where you have epically fast speeds capable of literally anything you throw at it (516Mbps average), without the associated high cost of a flagship product. Here you'll get faster upload speeds (52Mbps average), no upfront cost, and a £70 bill credit.

Virgin Media Broadband and TV bundles

Much like the Virgin Media broadband-only deals above, there are bill credits and cut monthly cost offers on right now when you mix a TV package into your bundle. Virgin Media currently has no bundle deals offering cash back, gifts or bill credit.

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How do Virgin Media rewards work?

Virgin Media doesn't offer reward cards or traditional cashback at the time of writing. Instead it offers bill credit amounts – exclusive to Unlike reward cards you won't need to remember to claim these, they will simply be applied to your future bill.

Some of these package offer a gift alternative to the bill credit. You will need to choose these during the sign-up process if you would rather have the gift or gifts.

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Offers from other providers with cashback rewards

Of course, Virgin Media isn't the only game in town when it comes to offering cashback or gift cards to new customers. To see all of the gift and reward options on current broadband deals you should visit our broadband comparison page, which shows all providers and their current offers. In the meantime here are a few select alternatives should you want to shop around.

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