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Android vs iOS: Which users are more loyal?

By Cable.co.uk | Thursday, November 12th 2020

We conducted a study of 2,095 UK adults* to reveal key thoughts and opinions surrounding mobile phone brands and handsets. We wanted to know if people are brand loyal or loyal to specific handsets, what the driving force is when purchasing a new phone and see what else we could uncover.

The results did not disappoint.

Happy mobile phones

Key findings

  • iPhone owners are more loyal; just 25% of them said they would consider changing brands when upgrading, compared to 49% of those with an Android phone who would consider changing to another brand
  • 57% of iPhone owners had switched from an Android phone previously, whereas only 31% went the opposite way
  • Those with Android phones were found to be much more satisfied with their handset: 58% of respondents with Android phones said they were ‘very satisfied’ (15%), ‘satisfied’ (22%) or ‘somewhat satisfied’ (21%)
  • iPhone users were less satisfied: only 24% were happy with their current phone, with 5% ‘very satisfied’, 13% ‘satisfied’ and 6% ‘somewhat satisfied’
  • ‘Cost’ (35%) was found to be the main consideration when buying a new handset, followed by ‘make or model’ (23%) and ‘practicality’ (18%)
  • iPhone users are more likely to cite ‘make or model’ as the most important deciding factor (28%), while it was ‘cost’ (40%) for Android phone users

Android vs iOS infographic

*UK adults over the age of 18. 970 respondents stated that they own a handset with iOS operating system, 960 own a handset with Android operating system and the remaining 165 either did not know what their operating system was or owned a different type of handset.

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