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Can I get BT Infinity in my area?

Tuesday, February 11th 2014

BT Infinity is fast and has a carefully sculpted public image to get across both its speed and usefulness. But not everyone can receive it. BT's ongoing rollout, which currently claims to reach 62% of British homes still leaves around a third of us with nothing but slower, old-fashioned, copper infrastructure.

Here's everything you need to know whether you can receive it, and if BT Infinity fibre broadband isn’t currently available in your area, some alternative options you may wish to consider.

BT Infinity checker

BT has recently announced that 62 per cent of the country can receive the service. The best way to find out if you’re one of these households is to pop your postcode into our availability checker below or visit BT's official Infinity checker.

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What you get with BT Infinity

So you’ve discovered that you can get BT Infinity, here’s what you can look forward to from one of the country’s fastest broadband connections.


If you’re aiming for BT Infinity chances are you’re after some speed. BT has two widely available speeds for you to choose from, each coming with varying types of landline and TV packages to suit different needs.

Speeds range up to 76Mbps

BT Infinity 1 offers download speeds of up to 38Mbps download speed and you can opt for data caps of 20GB or 40GB, or you could go for the more expensive option of unlimited data usage. BT Infinity 2 comes with up to 76Mbps download speed and an unlimited usage limit.

Unless you're really lucky...

It is possible that you could access BT's Infinity 3 or Infinity 4 services, with speeds of up to 300Mbps, but these are available to only a tiny proportion of the UK population.


The BT infinity packages all come with BT’s Home Hub 5, it’s most up-to-date router, which offers a wireless signal for all your devices around the house. Sports fans will be delighted to hear that Infinity customers will also be given access to BT Sports via its app and online player.

Widespread public wi-fi is useful extra

BT also offers access to the UK’s largest public wi-fi network, BT SmartTalk, BT Parental Controls and a set amount of storage space on the BT Cloud. If you want to know more, you can get a complete overview of BT Infinity in our Is BT Infinity any good? guide.

Check BT Infinity availability

What to do if you can't get BT Infinity

Virgin Media

If you live in an area that isn’t connected to BT’s fibre optic network, you won’t be able to sign up to BT Infinity. However, you may be able to access the Virgin Media fibre optic network, and you can check that by using our Virgin Media availability checker.

Availability alerts

If Infinity is not available to you yet, chances are you’ll want to know when it’s coming. Luckily we can help in that department as well. If you’d like us to contact you when BT Infinity is available in your area you can use our free availability alert tool.

Comments (63)

D Milne
22nd October 2014

As loyal BT customers for X amount of years it just seems that currie midllothian area is very far from BT thoughts of giving this area fibre optic only cause this area is not important to them

30th July 2014

Post Code TN17 4NJ, BT infinity not available and at the given speed of 1Mb available BT are unable to provide their BT sports package unless of course they can add it to my SKY sports package. This they provided me with free, as I was a broadband customer. But now unless I renew my broadband package they are going to charge me £6.75 /mth for the service through my Sky package, which cost me £50+/mth.i.e. to receive BT Sport it will cost me £56.75+/mth because they are unable to provide a broad band speed fast enough to deliver it normally. They can't be serious I hear you say. Yes they are! Renew your contract or pay £6.75/month -providing of course you have the SKY sports package..

31st March 2014

After 12 months of complaining, BT found a line fault (via Open Reach) and my speed went from 2Mb to 14Mb, I have now Left BT, as I had been lied too for so long and switched to Talktalk unlimited for less per month. Re, satalite, the reviews I read suggested it was best as a last resort, as speed dropped radically with use, although I have no personnel experience of the service.

29th March 2014

Yes, I sympathise with you all. I am in same boat, with 2 MB download speeds in CM61JN, whilst our exchange, just 1.5 mikes away, gives the rest of the town BT infinity . No sign of it getting here, in spite of several requests for updates, from me. Well. Perhaps it's time to invest in Avonline satellite broadband . That's the only viable option. Does anyone have any experiences with this - ie how reliable is it?

Sue hart
24th January 2014

The service I'm getting is not what I was expecting I do a lot of skypeing to America as I have family and friends there was hoping bt had got better wanted infinity but not in my area not good skype breaks down breaks up and freezes what am I really paying for even a straight forward internet game is a pain still bring infinity ti this area and you will have a happy customer

14th December 2013

I was tempted to go with Infinity 2 but these posts above and my innate suspicion of the "up to" claim about real speeds have raised doubts. Let's face it 0.01Mb is still legally correct within the "up to" speed claimed! Previously the checker said we couldn't have fibre type speeds in M26 xxx now it says we can get up to 76mb....but is it spin?

We struggle to get over 1 even though a Manchester suburb and it is terrible for continually dropping out up to several times an hour.. For years our broadband was barely faster than dial up, quite literally. I'd pay more if I knew for sure they can deliver on the claims.

12th December 2013

you and me alan think the same mate,that was my argument, paying bt full price each month for a c*** 2mbps when you can get 20 or 30mpbs with infinity ,but we have no choice because we need the service ,i cant get an answer from bt when they are going to upgrade my junction box,but apparently 90% of houses should be upgraded by 2016 lets hope mate.

12th December 2013

I have had Infinity for 18 months, speed before 1Mbps, am now on 2Mbps again because I live away from the cabinet, What really annoys me is that I am charged full price and receive a poor service so there is no incentive for BT to improve my situation because I am already paying them full price.

10th December 2013

I have had BT Infinity since August. Speed before upgrade was around 7Mbps and after is around 16Mbps - not a massive improvement. At the Post Office, 100 yards up the road, speeds of 56Mbps are estimated and when I checked with an engineer who was working locally, it is back to the problem of which fibre cabinet you are connected to. Unfortunately, I am connected to a cabinet a long way back towards the exchange. Even though there is another cabinet much closer, the pole that I am serviced by does not have cabling in the direction of that one as other people here have also discovered. I am resigned to knowing that this is the best that is likely to be offered until there are complete infrastructure changes or fibre to the premises reaches me. Infinity gives different speeds to everyone and you are better to move nearer to the cabinet than wait for the service to improve!!!

4th December 2013

Reply to Rikki Auluk. The unfortunate thing Rikki is that you are not alone. This saga of a private company managing something as important as the roll out of fibre is a nonsense. superfast broadband is as important as the real highway to the future prosperity of the this country. there should be a department in local government much like the highways department, whose sole responsibility is making sure that the roll-out is thorough and complete you can always vote the councillors out if they do not come up with the goods.. It is an absolute disgrace that Rikki is not able to be connected based on some short term return on expenditure. For the good of the whole country we have to be better than this. And how about BT notifying those people that havn't got a hope in hell of getting fibre within the next 10 years rather than dangling the "superfast broadband" carrot in front of them all the time. I love this country, but its inability to do some basic things very well is a head banger

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