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Can I get fibre optic broadband in my area?

Friday, June 6th 2014

Fibre broadband is faster than standard broadband connections, providing speeds from 38Mbps to 152Mbps. It’s not as widely available as standard broadband, but you may be able to get it where you are.

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How to get fibre

If our postcode checker says that you can get fibre optic broadband, we will show you a list of the packages on offer from the fibre optic broadband providers operating in your area. You can then compare the different speeds, download limits and costs of each package so you can choose the right fibre optic broadband package.


Once you’ve signed up for a fibre optic broadband package your provider will send an engineer to install it for you.

An engineer will perform the installation

Around 80% of UK homes now have access to a pre-existing fibre optic broadband connection. However, in some cases, as a physical connection must be made between your home and the fibre optic network, an engineer might need to run a cable from the road to your home. If you have your own home this will not be a problem. If you rent a property however, or if you live in an apartment block, you will of course need the permission of the owner before you can allow any digging to take place. If you’re unsure, you should discuss this with your landlord and your preferred fibre optic broadband provider.

Your home may need a dedicated connection point

Once the physical connection is made to the outside of your property, the engineer will then need to connect the master phone point (and TV points, if a digital TV cable subscription is included with your fibre optic broadband package) to your new fibre optic cable, or they will install a new dedicated connection point.

Most of the time, equipment is supplied free

Your broadband provider will supply all the equipment needed to connect your home, including the wireless router, and the engineer will install everything and test it, and answer any questions you may have, before he leaves.

The benefits

There are many benefits to fibre optic broadband. Most notably fibre optic broadband is much faster than any other broadband package that you may have used before, meaning little or no waiting time for things to happen online.

Fibre broadband gives you faster downloads

Download speeds can be up to 10 times faster than the best standard broadband, with some packages offering up to 152Mbps. At speeds like this you can download entire MP3 albums from sites like iTunes in a matter of seconds, stream services such as the BBC iPlayer with no annoying interruptions and download high definition movies in a matter of minutes.

Upload speeds are quicker too

Upload speeds are also much higher, with some services offering uploads at up to 19Mbps. This means you’ll be able to upload photos and videos, even HD, in a fraction of the time you may be used to.

Prices are becoming comparable to standard broadband

Currently a subscription to a fibre optic broadband will cost more than a standard broadband package, but prices are falling as competition increases in the fibre optic broadband market. As it stands, for most people, the slightly higher price of fibre optic broadband is easily outweighed by the benefits it brings.


If you can’t get fibre broadband, you should still be able to get online using a standard broadband connection instead. The good news is that there are plenty of broadband packages that are available to over 90% of UK homes, so if fibre isn't an option for you, why not find out exactly what you can get in your area using our Ofcom-approved broadband comparison listing.

And don't forget, Cable.co.uk now produces in-depth broadband reviews of every major UK broadband package, so check them out if you need more information.

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Comments (82)

31st August 2014

Hi i have virgin broadband and would like to get fibre optic which we have in the area but not with virgin why? and when will they be doing it in my area don't wont to change supplier but it seems every other provider bar virgin are doing it in my area

25th June 2014

Were currently on sky broadband and applied to upgrade to fibre as broadband speed is only 4mb capacity. Fibre is available in our area and taking orders but what they dont warn you about is if there is space in the cabinet to connect you. Weve been told it will be months before we can connect and only if someone else leaves leaving space to connect. What they dont tell you is how many other people are waiting also to connect. Whats needed is availability checker as well as knowing if fibre is in your area. Well disappointed with sky for not telling us this before we applied, all they wanted was our order and to stop us going elsewhere.

Paul N
1st April 2014

Hi Waiting for my FIBRE OPTIC BROADBAND to be fitted today. I'm a little bit sceptical about what is going to happen. Concrete front garden,are they really going to get a cable to the cabinet, replace the old copper cable. I don't think so i just reckon I'm going to get a boost, but we shall see, I will update you later

Pat Close
18th March 2014

Is it not time you started including results from atlnets like B4RN - here in north Lancs I have FTTH with a connection rated at 1Gb and usual speeds of around 600Mbs. I know it's a relatively small area but important to those who are using broadband availability as a criterion for deciding where to locate. Rightmove now quotes B4RN speeds so isn;t it time others did as well. Also by showing what's possible it might put more pressure on the big boys.

15th March 2014

Im in a horrifically annoying situation.

My neighbour has fibre, i do not. This is because of their new house being connected to the green box, and my old house being connected directly into the exchange.

What is BT doing to rectify this? I feel its creating a 'fibre envy' of the haves and have nots. Fibre has been on my exchange for 2 months now, and BT still wont give any answer as to when or even if they have any solution to this.

Anyone else had any look in a similar situation? As its starting to get unbearably frustrating, no answers given from them! I don't even know where to go to, should i start thinking of moving house?

3rd February 2014

maybe work being done near alresford hants has put my phone off. 3days I was it is now 7 and counting . B.T. say it is OPENREACH taking the time to do work B.T. say they cant contact engineers.

20th January 2014

Hi Hannah I have previously left my post code SA149ST, house 59a

It states they are accepting orders but it has been like this for months, I am desperate for fibre, so could u provide a rough estimate when I'll b able to order


17th January 2014

Hi all

If fibre broadband isn't available in your area yet, sign up here and we'll send you an email as soon as it's available at your address.

Hannah - Cable.co.uk

anne allen
16th January 2014

i live in g32 8jt area and would like to be notified when cable is available to me is it going to be soon

10th January 2014

@Jay - Look up Hyperoptic they DO provide FTTB high speed broadband with speeds of 20Mbs, 100Mbs, 1,000Mbs (yes - that's 1,000Mbs) to high rise flats.

.....all you need to do is get your neighbours to express and interest - sadly my neighbours wont support me - so I'm going to have to move.

The great British public are sadly on the whole apathetic.

Why oh why did the government give all six broadband contracts to one supplier - BT??

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