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How to turn your TV into a smart TV

By Marc Shoffman
Friday, February 2nd 2018

Television has been around in different forms since the early 1900s, but only now is the box in the corner (or on the wall) catching up with the internet age.

TV is no longer just a dumb box of glass and wires. TV is getting smart – it can do far more now that just let you watch Eastenders. With the use of a special device, you can browse the internet, play music and stream films and music beyond what your digital service provider offers. In many cases you can even ditch your TV service and just use streaming apps such as Netflix alongside Freeview channels, and just pick and choose premium paid-for content when you want it. Here's how to make your TV smart and bring it into the 21st Century.


Google may be the place you turn to for search engines or email, but it could also make your TV smart. Released in 2014, Google’s Chromecast was among the first devices on the market that transformed the capabilities of television beyond digital and HD channels.

Chromecast plugs into your TV's HDMI port and gives you access to streaming apps such as Neflix, NOW TV, iPlayer and YouTube plus a range of games. You don’t need a remote control like the old days of television. Instead, you control the content via the Google Home app on your smartphone or PC.

It allows you to display web browsers from your phone on the television screen, as well as photos and videos stored on your smartphone.

There have been four generations of Chomecast released since 2014. The first, costing £30, supports displays of 1080 pixels and is shaped like a flash drive. The second generation, which costs the same, is disc-shaped which gives more room for placing behind a television and up against a wall.

There is also a Chromecast specifically for audio that turns your TV into a music player for apps such as Spotify and SoundCloud. It also retails at around £30.

If you have a 4K television, then it is worth considering the Chromecast Ultra, which is set up for the more modern TV models. This costs more than double the first generation devices and is also disc-shaped.

If you are an iPhone user, you cannot use the Amazon Prime app with Chromecast. Instead you need to access Chromecast through you PC or laptop and cast it through that, rather than enjoying the ease of using an app on your phone. In comparison, if you are an Android user, you can download the Amazon Prime Video App onto your phone, but you cannot use your phone while casting a show on TV.

Apple TV

If you are reading this article on an iPhone or Mac, sport an Apple Watch, and have drawers of old iPods stored away in your house, then here is another way to let Apple further into your life.

Apple TV brings iTunes and the Apple Store into your lounge or TV room or wherever you are watching television. The small box has an HDMI cable that plugs into the back of a TV. You will need to enter your iCloud account details and the device will then stream any music or video content from iTunes, and purchases or downloads from the Apple Store such as video games or Netflix.

As with the Chromecast, you can also display pictures, web browser content and videos from your phone on the television using Airplay - Apple's wireless streaming app.

Apple TV isn’t controlled by your phone though. Instead it comes with a remote, or you can control it using the Apple TV Remote app or the Apple Watch.

The remote has Apple's virtual assistant Siri built in, so you can tell it what to do rather than having to press buttons. It's easier to use the Apple TV Remote app if you want to type – either when you want to search for content or need to enter user details on Netflix.

You can get the latest Apple TV for £149 or a 4K-ready model at £179.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

The Amazon Fire Stick provides a smart TV device that has Alexa integrated. So you can tell your TV what to do and get it to search for your favourite shows on streaming apps such as Netflix or Prime Video. The stick plugs into an HDMI port and uses your wi-fi to access services.

You can also access Apple Music and Spotify using the Fire TV Stick, and Amazon Prime members will get access to exclusive shows such as The Grand Tour, along with channels including Discovery and Eurosport Player. Amazon provides access to most streaming channels except NOW TV.

You can control Alexa using the remote control that comes with the device. The remote will also let you pause, rewind and select shows, but when it comes to entering details, it may be easier to use the Fire TV Remote App’s keyboard as it will be less clunky than doing it on screen.

An HD Fire TV Stick costs £39.99 but they are often discounted during sales such as Black Friday. Alternatively there is a 4K-ready Fire TV device that retails for £69.99.

NOW TV Smart Box

The trouble with TV packages is you often end up paying for channels that you rarely ever watch. NOW TV has come up with a smart solution. The NOW TV Smart Box provides more than 60 Freeview channels plus 12 in HD, along with catch-up services from the usual apps like BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub.

The small NOW TV Smart Box comes with a remote control that lets you pause and rewind live television. But where this box gets really clever is in the flexibility it gives you with paid-for channels. You can buy Passes to watch a collection of channels whenever you want.

The NOW TV Entertainment Pass offers 11 channels not available on Freeview such as Sky Atlantic and Comedy Central, as well as access to boxsets from shows such as Modern Family and FOX’s NCIS. The Entertainment Pass costs £7.99 per month after the initial 14-day free trial.

Film buffs can get a NOW TV Sky Cinema Pass, giving you access to more than 1,000 movies for £9.99 a month after the 14-day free trial.

Keep the children occupied with the Kids Pass that provides popular channels such as Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. The Kids Pass costs £2.99 per month after the trial period.

Perhaps the most attractive option is a pass for sports fans. NOW TV offers a Sky Sports Pass that gives you access to all the Sky Sports channels for one day for £6.99. ALternatively, you can buy a week pass for £10.99 or a one-month pass for £33.99.

This means you can just pay to watch your favourite football team when their match is on, rather than paying each month for matches you aren’t interested in.

The passes provide more flexibility in your TV watching as you can cancel them after a month - there is no obligation for a long contract.

The NOW TV Smart Box costs £39.99, or you can get a basic NOW TV box for £14.99 that only provides the streaming apps and won’t let you pause or rewind.

Roku TV Streaming Stick

If you are looking for a device that combines streaming apps such as Netflix, NOW TV and Amazon Prime Video, with low cost, then Roku may be the device for you.

It simply plugs into your TV’s HD port, connects to your internet and you will be ready to access free channels such as iPlayer and YouTube, stream music and use subscription services. You can also rent shows from Sky Store and cast content from your phone.

The device is powered via its own app or remote and costs £29.99 for an HD stick or £69.99 for the box, which will support a 4K TV.

Smart televisions

If you can’t decide between these devices another option is to just buy a smart TV.

Brands such as LG and Samsung offer sets from around £400 upwards depending on the size. These typically give you Freeview or Freeview Play that lets you pause, rewind and record as well as apps such as iPlayer and Neflix.

The only downside is you are limited to using the smart services on one set and if you ever change television you would need to find another smart one to maintain the services.

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