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How to switch from Sky to BT

By Luke Thompson
Saturday, February 10th 2018

If you’re paying too much for your Sky broadband, TV and phone services, it might be time to switch provider. BT offers a good, all-round alternative.

Switching broadband, TV and phone providers might seem difficult at first, but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s everything you need to do to switch from Sky to BT without any of the hassle, arranged in four simple steps.

1: Know which services you want to switch

Make a list of the services you want to switch before you start. If you’re happy with Sky TV, and only want to switch to BT broadband and phone, it helps to know this before you cancel, as re-activating a service can be costly. However, bear in mind that a lot of providers offer discounted rates if you take broadband, TV and phone in a bundle.

2: Compare and choose a new BT deal

If you have a Sky Fibre (up to 38Mbps) or Sky Fibre Max (up to 76Mbps) package with Sky, be sure to take an equivalent or better service with BT if you want to keep your current download and upload speeds. When you look at the BT broadband packages, you’ll notice that some plans have usage caps.

Most of Sky's broadband packages have unlimited usage, and if you want to enjoy the same freedom with BT you’ll need to choose one of BT’s unlimited broadband options. BT offers two unlimited fibre services - BT Infinity 1 (up to 52Mbps) and BT Infinity 2 (Up to 76Mbps).

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Once you’ve signed up, BT will arrange an installation date and an estimated activation date. You may need an engineer to visit your home to set up your service if required. If you’re in a rented property, be sure to get permission from your landlord if any physical changes are needed at your home.

3: No need to speak to Sky

You don’t need to speak to Sky, BT will do that for you. Once this is done, both Sky and BT will send you a letter informing you of the change. The letter will include information regarding the services that are affected, the services that are unaffected, and whether there’s any additional termination charges that need paying.

Check your current contract

If you’re still within the minimum period of your contract you may have to pay termination fees. This won’t apply if your minimum term has already passed, and you should be able to cancel without any trouble.

Sky will most likely transfer you to its retentions department during your call, where you may well be offered money-off deals and other incentives to stay. If these offer fail to sway you, be firm and repeat your intention to cancel.

Frequently asked questions

Does BT charge a set-up fee?

When switching from Sky to BT, you may have to pay a set-up fee. All TV packages from the provider are subject to activation charges, and broadband packages may in some cases require an installation fee, though not always (BT offers free installation occasionally, as part of promoted deals).

All BT broadband packages come with a charge for the delivery of the Home Hub router.

How long will it take to switch?

BT states that it will take approximately two weeks from the date of your call before the switchover is complete. You can request a later start date if necessary, and BT promises that you won’t experience a significant loss of broadband service during the change.

Will I face cancellation charges for leaving Sky?

You will only face cancellation charges if you’re still within the minimum term of your contract when you cancel Sky. This is called the termination charge, and is calculated by the amount of days remaining on your contract. If you’re cancelling early into your Sky contract, the termination charge could be very expensive, so be wary of this when making your decision.

Can I keep my Sky home phone number?

Yes, you can usually keep your Sky phone number when you switch from Sky to BT. Sky uses the same Openreach infrastructure to carry its calls, so there shouldn’t be any problems in keeping your current number. When you call BT to start your order, ask about keeping your number, otherwise you will be allocated a new one.

Can I keep my Sky email address?

Yes, Sky now lets you keep your email account, as long as you use it a few times a month. If it is left unused for long periods, Sky may close it down.


Switching from Sky to BT isn’t quite the headache it might first seem. Be sure to listen to any ‘special offers’ that Sky might put on the table to tempt you to stay when you ring to cancel, as they might save you a decent amount of cash.

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