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Plusnet business broadband review 2018

Richard Murphy
Thursday, July 6th 2017

The Yorkshire broadband company has been a huge hit with domestic users, but has its commercial service been equally well received?

Business users have very different requirements from their broadband service provider – higher capacity of users, infallible reliability, exceptional upload – so does Plusnet business broadband hit the mark, or are there far better options for small, medium and large corporate enterprises?

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Pros and cons

  • Flexible contracts
  • Some good extras
  • Sensible traffic management
  • High fees for early leavers
  • Slow initial connections reported
  • Location-dependent pricing

What we like

Flexible contracts

Plusnet has realised that new businesses are very fluid affairs, so rather than automatically committing you to a 12-month or 24-month contract, you can start off with a one-month deals and, if necessary, work up to a longer arrangement once the business is more stable.

With an optional calls package too

These no-contract monthly agreements are more expensive than longer commitments, but for new businesses in particular they represent a highly flexible and still affordable option. Bundle in your phone calls with your business broadband and even on the monthly no-contract deals you could save money.

Good selection of extras for businesses

There are some very nifty phone deals available to Plusnet business broadband customers. You can choose to pay as you go for your calls, add a UK anytime call package, or pick one of two different call plans that cover UK anytime, mobile and international calls. If you need a new phone line installed then it’s free if you go for a 24-month contract.

Including 24-hour customer support

Customers will also receive some practical extras that can really help a new business get up and running including 24/7 UK technical support, a free .co.uk web address, a free router and web space, as well as unlimited email addresses.

A sensible traffic management system

Mention the words ‘traffic management’ to most small businesses and they’ll groan. It usually means that if your usage starts to spike at certain peak times, you’ll suddenly find that the whole shebang starts to slow down.

Plusnet has thought carefully about its traffic management system and anecdotal reports suggest it seems to work well. It claims that its ‘real time’ traffic management system doesn’t block certain applications. Instead, it downgrades some services, while leaving the most time-sensitive activities untouched.

Slowdown is only likely at peak times

Plusnet only applies traffic management when the ISP notices congestion in the network. So if you remember that if Friday afternoons are busy on the broadband network, make sure you shift any non-time sensitive activities to quieter times of the day to avoid being traffic managed.

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What we don’t like

Early termination charges can be high

While this point applies to every ISP and broadband provider, Plusnet levies an early termination charge that ‘relates to the period remaining on your contract’. So if you’ve taken a 24-month agreement and you want to cancel after only six months, your early exit fee is going to be pretty expensive.

It will also depend on which package you’ve chosen – the more expensive the package, the higher the early exit fees.

Anecdotal reports of slow initial connection

Some reports suggest that, while the Plusnet business broadband service is good, you may have to wait a while after signing the contract before you actually get online. Obviously, these reports are based on individual experiences and have to be taken in that context, but there does seem to be a number of them.

Location-dependent price

How much you pay for your business broadband deal will depend on where your business is situated. Plusnet’s charges vary depending on whether you are in a low-cost area or not, but there’s very little clear explanation as to what or where these low cost areas are.

Our advice is to make sure you double-check the prices quoted on Plusnet’s site with a customer service advisor so you know exactly what you’re going to be paying – before you commit.

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The bottom line is that we believe Plusnet business broadband to be an affordable and solid option, especially for small businesses and those in the early heady days of trading.

If you’re part of a start-up and want a flexible plan with low line rental charges, a great bundle of extras that can really help get your business up and running online, and a solid, UK-based technical support team behind you 24/7, then Plusnet offer all that.

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