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Why choose EE Mobile?

  • 4G and Wifi Calling
  • 3 Months BT Sport
  • 6 Months Apple Music
  • Apple Music doesn't use your data allowance
  • Data Boost: Extra mobile data for EE broadband customers
  • Widest available 4G network in the UK
  • Faster 4G+ where available
  • EE Hawk phone
  • Capping features to help manage your monthly spend
  • UK and Ireland based call centres

4G and wi-fi calling

When a bit of local geography or the design of your home causes bad mobile reception it can be a real pain.

To answer this problem, EE offers 4G and wi-fi calling. As long as you have a compatible handset, and are in range of a wi-fi connection you can make calls and send texts from your mobile. In addition, if you are getting a good 4G signal but a bad mobile voice signal, you can use 4G to make the call instead. A real plus for people who get bad reception at home. Basement flat dwellers will be chuffed!

There are one or two other providers who also offer this, such as BT (which owns EE), but many other providers don't.

Free BT Sport

BT Mobile customers on some of its higher end plans receive free BT Sport via the BT Sport app, and since BT now owns EE, its customers can also enjoy this boon.

Essential plans come with BT Sport free for three months, after which you can pay £5 a month if you want to keep watching sport on your phone. Max plans, which are generally a little more expensive, come with 24 months' access to the BT Sport app.

The app provides access to tons of football including matches from the UEFA Champions League, Premier League and the UEFA Europa League. Rugby fans can watch AVIVA Premiership and European Champions Cup matches.

In addition to football and rugby, motorbike fans can watch Moto GP, Moto1, Moto2 and Moto3 races, an exciting plus for all the speed kings and queens out there.

The BT Sport app's Enhanced Player allows viewers to re-watch matches and navigate to specific parts of a game. It also gives a choice of camera angles, allowing the viewer to control how they view the action.

All in all the BT Sport app is a great bonus for sports fans and a truly cost-effective way of accessing BT Sport content when compared with cable and satellite TV packages.

6 months' Apple Music

Music fans will be pleased to find six months of free Apple Music with their EE pay monthly plan and, what's more, Apple Music doesn't use your plan's data allowance, so you can stream away without worrying about your data reserves. The only requirement is that you still have some data left in your allowance. It will not be depleted by using Apple Music but you still have to be able to get online.

After your six free months are up, Apple Music requires its standard monthly subscription fee if you want to continue listening.

Apple Music doesn't use your data allowance

Okay, so we already mentioned this, but it deserves its own section to properly highlight the benefits.

Streaming music from Apple Music doesn't use your plan's data allowance, which means you can stream music on the go rather than storing thousands of songs on your device. This allows you to save all your storage space for apps and games, while simultaneously saving mobile data for other things.

This is a fantastic thing for commuters with a longish train journey every day.

Widest available 4G network in the UK

EE currently boasts the widest available 4G network in the UK, with around 75% of the population able to access 4G through its mobile network. Almost everyone else is covered by EE 3G access, which stands at 99%. EE's 4G rollout hasn't stopped with more areas being added all the time.

EE claims its 4G network will cover 95% of the population by 2020 and it is going to some extraordinary lengths to make this happen. In some cases, even drones and signal boosting balloons are being launched to provide 4G coverage in remote areas.

Faster 4G+ where available

EE's 4G has a theoretical top speed of 60Mbps. Much of its 4G network will not be able to reach 60Mbps though, but those in larger urban areas should be well served.

Back in 2013 EE rolled out the then fastest 4G network in the world (according to its website) in the London Tech City area. This superfast 4G is capable of speeds up to 300Mbps. Hopefully this is a taste of roll-outs to come.

EE Hawk phone

The EE Hawk phone is exclusive to EE and is fortunately one of the better budget 4G smart phones around.

The Hawk is a nice looking handset, rendered in eye-catching, super-tough Gorilla Glass. It features a back mounted finger print scanner to keep all your phone based secrets safe, a 13 megapixel camera and a 5” screen.

Despite being an EE exclusive, It is refreshingly free of EE related bloatware so you can use a lot of its 16GB internal storage for your own apps and photos.

While 16GB of internal storage isn't much these days, it's worth remembering this is a cheap smart phone and up to 128GB of flash storage can be added via the Micro SD card slot.

Data Boost: Extra mobile data for EE Broadband customers

EE have a special treat for those who subscribe to both its mobile and home broadband services.

These customers receive a Data Boost of either 5MB or a whopping 50MB, depending on the broadband package they have.

If you get 4GEE, Standard Broadband or Fibre, you will get an extra 5GB added to your monthly data allowance, but if you have Fibre Max Broadband from EE you'll get that huge 50GB Data Boost. With all that data you would be free to do whatever you like with your phone with very little fear of running out.

Data Boost comes with EE pay monthly plans and 12-month SIM plans taken out in conjunction with an EE broadband plan.

Tools to help manage your monthly spend

If you use all your data or calls, EE will text you a reminder to buy an add-on to continue using its services. This helps prevent overspend.

In addition to this, the My EE app allows you to view your current usage and displays your remaining calls and data. You can also top-up and buy pay as you go packs and add-ons via the app.

You can also check your usage and keep on top of bills on the EE website or by phone.