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Tesco mobile contract and billing

By Aaron Howdle | Friday, March 24th 2023

In this guide we will take a look at a Tesco Mobile contract, discover what you can find on your bill and what to expect if you want to leave. We will also look at payment options and your rights as a Tesco Mobile customer.

What is in a Tesco Mobile contract?

When you sign up to a mobile phone contract you are entering into an agreement known as an SLA or service level agreement. It forms the basis of the relationship between the customer and the mobile provider. Here we will look at the contents of a Tesco Mobile SLA.

Tesco Mobile contacts fall into two main types. SIM Only and plans which include a device such as a smartphone. PAYG (pay as you go) deals are also available. SIM only contracts are designed for people who are happy with the phone they already have. Plans which include a device are split into two parts. You have a monthly payment for your device, which lasts the length of your contract, plus a rolling monthly payment for your data, texts and calls. You are tied into the device part of the contract. But the usage plan only lasts a month at a time and can be cancelled or changed whenever you like. This applies to Tesco Mobile’s Upgrade Anytime Flex plans, so it is worth checking that the deal you are offered falls into this category.

Contract length

Tesco mobile customers can choose a contract lasting 12, 18, 24, 30 or 36 months to pay for their device. Generally speaking, the first few months of network usage are heavily discounted, with the price going up after the discounted period (usually 3-6 months).

Your plan

Your contract sets out what is included in your plan. This is the mobile device you are buying, The GBs of data which are included, how many call minutes and texts you get, plus offers and benefits bundled with your package.

The modern tendency is to focus on the included data in a mobile phone plan. Tesco Mobile offers plans containing data allowances of 3GB to unlimited data, with the monthly price going up accordingly.

Your phone number, plus other details such as any extras you have added are also shown in the contract.

Mobile device

Customers who get a plan with a phone included, are tied in to pay for the device for the duration of the contract. However, data, calls and texts can be changed on a monthly basis, giving a greater degree of flexibility than many mobile phone providers.

Price changes

Tesco Mobile has been publicly critical of mobile companies which raise prices during the term of a contract. As such Tesco Mobile don’t raise the price of your contract mid-term. You can however change the plan you are on yourself. Including choosing a cheaper plan.

Cooling-off period

You may leave your contract within the first 14 days without penalty, though you need to return your device in the condition you received it.

What is in a Tesco Mobile bill?

Your Tesco Mobile bill lists the charges you have incurred over the previous month and the advance charges you need to pay. There is also other useful information. You can view your bill on the Tesco Mobile app or by visiting the website to log into your account.

  • Summary of the bill – This part summarises your charges in a simple list and shows what you owe this month and the date it will be debited from your bank account
  • Adjustments charges and credits – An itemised list of the bundles. One-off charges and devices you have purchased, plus, any credits Tesco Mobile has applied to your account
  • Summary of charges – This section lists your data, calls and SMS use, as well as any additional charges which fall outside of your bundle, for example, premium rate phone calls

Paying your Tesco Mobile bill

Your bill will normally be paid by direct debit. However you can also pay by card over the phone or online using the Tesco Mobile website or app. You can also purchase bundles such as extra data on the app and website.

Late payment will lead to extra charges, so if you are having trouble with your bill you should contact 02, which may help you avoid extra charges.

Cancelling your Tesco Mobile contract

If you have a mobile device included in your contract then you need to pay the remaining balance for the device, either over the remaining period or in a single payment. The usage part of your contract which pays for your data, SMS and calls can be cancelled without early termination fees. You will need to give one month’s notice.

Cancellation charges

If you cancel your plan within the first 14 days of your contract, there is no termination fee. After the 14 day cooling off period you will need to pay the part of your contract which is for the device if you have one.

Managing your Tesco Mobile account

You can manage your account using the Tesco Mobile app or website. You can also phone Tesco Mobile or use its live chat feature on the website.

The Tesco Mobile website lets you view and download your bills, check your usage, and purchase bundles of data, minutes or extras. There is also a comprehensive help section, or you can use the live chat feature. These features are also present in the Tesco Mobile app.

Frequently asked questions

Will I pay more for my Tesco Mobile plan out of contract?

When your contract ends, you can change to a cheaper, usage-only deal. It is wise to get in touch with Tesco Mobile to arrange this as soon as your contract ends.

How do I pay my final Tesco Mobile bill?

Your final bill will be taken by direct debit as normal. If you have already canceled your direct debit, you can pay on the website, app, or by phone.

What if my account is in credit when I leave Tesco Mobile?

If your account is in credit when you leave Tesco Mobile, you will receive a refund. This does not include unused bundles.

What if I can no longer afford my monthly bill?

IF you are having trouble paying your bill you should contact Tesco Mobile to either change to a cheaper plan or come to a payment arrangement. In some cases you may simply be able to get more time to pay if you are a little late.

How can I speak to Tesco Mobile about my bill?

You can contact Tesco Mobile by phone on 0345 301 4455 form a landline or 4455 from your Tesco Mobile phone. You can also get in touch via Facebook or Twitter. Alternatively there is a web chat facility on the Tesco Mobile website.

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