BT contact numbers: How to get in touch with BT

Dan Howdle | May 23rd, 2023

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Contacting your TV, phone or broadband provider can be frustrating when the customer service number is tucked away in the pages of its website, or when you’re not sure how to describe your issue. BT makes getting in touch easy with clearly signposted information, whether you want to enquire about joining, or have an issue with your existing BT services. Whatever the reason you need to reach BT, here’s everything you need to know.

Contact BT

BT’s options for getting in touch are really straightforward. If you prefer to talk to a human directly, it’s easy for both new customers and existing customers. BT takes calls 8am to 9pm Monday to Friday, and from 8am to 8pm on weekends and during holidays.

Quick overview

Customer services (landline) 0330 123 4150
BT sales (new customers) 0330 123 4150
Twitter @bt_uk

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BT customer service number

You can call BT on 0330 1234 150, or on 150 if you are a BT mobile customer, for whatever reason you need to get in touch. Broadband and landline customers should press 1, BT TV customers press 2, and BT Mobile customers press 3. If none of the menu options suit your needs, hold and you’ll be transferred directly to an operator who can direct your call.

Numbers starting 0330 aren’t freephone numbers, but are usually included in your landline or mobile bundle. If this is not the case for you, the call will charge at the same standard rate as 01 and 02 numbers in the UK.

To get a new BT deal

If you are in the market for a new service from BT, you can call them on 0330 1234 150. BT's lines are open from 8am to 9pm weekdays, and 8am to 8pm weekends and bank holidays.

BT customer service via Live Chat

BT offers a live chat option on many of its pages, where you can speak directly to a BT service agent. Live chat is available 7am to 10.30pm, seven days a week, which is great if you can’t get in touch during BT’s telephone hours. When you enter the live chat, you’ll first speak to BT’s Virtual Assistant which will ask you questions to understand the nature of your enquiry. You’ll be quickly connected with a live agent after that.

Contact BT on social media

BT’s social media platforms are another good way to get in touch if your problem is urgent. You’ll find BT active on Facebook and on Twitter @bt_uk. BT’s Twitter is staffed around the clock, according to their bio, making it good for out-of-hours issues needing a speedy response. You can send a private message or can tag them publicly, as you prefer.

How to complain to BT

BT receives complaints through its customer service switchboard. Customers who wish to make a complaint can do so by calling 0330 1234 150, or 150 from their BT Mobile. This phone line is available from 8am to 9pm from Monday to Friday, and from 8am to 8pm at weekends and on bank holidays. You can also send a complaint by post, though it may take up to 28 days to receive a response.

There isn’t a dedicated live chat service for complaints to BT, and there’s no email address to write to either. If you’d prefer not to phone, and you don’t want to wait for a response by post, you may wish to take your complaint to social media. Companies like BT don’t like leaving complaints unaddressed when they are visible publicly. Take a firm but polite approach when you post, and you should get a quick response – and hopefully a resolution – from the social media support team on either Twitter or Facebook.

Escalating your complaint

If the resolution BT offers you is not satisfying, or if your case hasn’t been dealt with within eight weeks of submitting your complaint, you have the option to escalate your case with a third party. Ombudsman Services is the alternative dispute resolution scheme for BT, and is approved by Ofcom, so it’s qualified to be an impartial authority on your complaint.

You can open your case with Ombudsman Services by phone on 0330 440 1614. You can also escalate your complaint online by selecting your provider on the Ombudsman Services website and following the steps, and you will need to create an account for this. If it is decided that your complaint will be upheld, BT is obliged to comply with whatever resolution Ombudsman Services recommends.

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