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How to claim your free rewards, cashback and vouchers

By Claire Nottage | Tuesday, July 13th 2021

If you've chosen a broadband package that comes with free vouchers or cashback, you no doubt want to know how to go about claiming them as soon as possible. It’s nearly always a matter of filling in a simple online form and then waiting a few weeks for your freebie to arrive.

A lot of people either can’t be bothered to claim or just forget to do it – so make sure you claim yours and don't miss out, as the value of some free rewards can go a long way to reducing the overall cost of your broadband purchase.

BT rewards

When you place your order for BT broadband, you'll be sent confirmation emails with login details for your BT account. BT says that you can claim your Virtual Reward Card 14 days after your service is activated. They switched from offering physical reward cards to 'virtual' cards in late 2021, and you can use your card to make purchases online or over the phone. You can even monitor your spending online.

To claim, simply log in to your BT account online, fill in the details as requested and apply for your Virtual Reward Card. Make sure you put in your claim within three months of your service going live as after that you will no longer be eligible to claim. They'll then email it to you, but if you don't receive it, give them a call to find out why. You'll then have three months to activate the card.

John Lewis Broadband rewards

As ever with all things John Lewis, claiming your free e-gift card is straightforward. Simply sign up for your chosen John Lewis Broadband deal and 60 days after activation of your new broadband service, you will automatically be sent your e-gift Card by email. No need to go through a complicated claims process.

John Lewis e-gift Cards work exactly the same as any other John Lewis voucher or gift card. You can choose to spend it online or in a John Lewis store, or online or at a Waitrose store.

TalkTalk rewards

TalkTalk offers different rewards at different times, and depending on the reward there will be a different process to follow. To claim a gift card, you’ll need to visit the TalkTalk reward page where you should put your email address into the box as shown. You will then be sent an email with a link to complete your TalkTalk broadband purchase. You then need to wait 90 days after which point you can claim your reward via the email you used to sign up.

TalkTalk offers customers a choice of gift cards to choose from, usually including Amazon, Tesco and M&S, which can be used both online and in store at a large number of different outlets.

If you are claiming some free tech, once you have made your broadband purchase, you will receive an email from TalkTalk asking if you want to opt into the free gift, and to choose which you would like. Within 37 days of your new connection going live, you will then receive an email containing a code to redeem your gift – likely to be on Amazon’s website.

Plusnet rewards

Once you have ordered your new Plusnet broadband service, you will receive an email within 10 working days of your new broadband service being activated. This will contain a link which you can follow in order to claim your Reward Card. It will then be sent out to you in the post.

Plusnet offers a Reward Card – a prepaid MasterCard that you are free to spend anywhere that accepts MasterCard. Make sure you claim your reward card within two months however, or you will lose out.

Sky rewards

If you have signed for a new broadband deal with Sky that comes with a free gift or reward, then you will need to log in to your Sky account online with your Sky iD and go into the Claim Your Reward page. You can set up your Sky iD online. You will need your 12-digit Sky account number which will be sent to you in your welcome email from Sky when you sign up. Once you are logged in simply follow the instructions as to how to claim your reward and it will be sent out to you. Note that you can only put in your claim once your new broadband service goes live. You should expect to receive your gift, such as a prepaid Mastercard, within 15 days, but this can vary depending on the promotion at the time.

Virgin Media rewards

Virgin Media tends not to offer gifts and rewards as frequently as some other providers. If you have signed up and been promised a bill credit as part of the deal, there is no need to make a claim – it will automatically be taken off your first bill. When it comes to free gifts such as smart speakers or wine from Virgin Wines, you will receive an email from Virgin and your gift will be delivered 28 days after your new broadband service goes live. There is no need to go through a claims process.

Vodafone rewards

If you’ve just signed up to a Vodafone deal, you should have received a welcome email that contains both your order number and account login details. To claim your reward, you need to log in to your account and follow the instructions. Your reward should be sent out to you after a validation period of 120 days.

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