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Free broadband speed test

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Our speed checker will test your broadband connection's current download and upload speeds. We can test all broadband types including cable, ADSL, LLU & mobile broadband.

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BT broadband speed test

BT has the most subscribers of any UK broadband provider with over 5.5 million people regularly accessing the Internet through one of its packages. The broadband packages offered by BT over the traditional copper wire telephone network currently has a maximum download speed of 16Mbps, although the top speed enjoyed by BT broadband subscribers varies greatly across the country. You can use our free BT speed test as often as you like to see how your BT Internet speed compares to the advertised speeds.

Virgin broadband speed test

Virgin Media offers a wide range of broadband packages with advertised top speeds ranging from 30Mbps to a blistering 120Mbps. Virgin Media is celebrated as the ISP that delivers real world speeds closest to those that it advertises. You can use our free Virgin Media broadband speed test as often as you like to see how your connection compares to your advertised speed.

Sky broadband speed test

Millions of UK consumers subscribe to broadband Internet access packages from Sky, the majority of whom do so as part of a value Sky broadband, TV and phone bundle. Sky offers two levels of ADSL broadband access, one with an advertised speed of up to 8Mbps and one for network areas with a top speed advertised at up to 14Mbps. In 2012 Sky also started to offer fibre optic broadband to UK consumers. To see how your broadband connection compares to the advertised speed why not try our free Sky speed test.

TalkTalk speed test

TalkTalk is a very high profile ISP that has millions of subscribers across its various broadband packages. Currently their advertised stop download speed for ADSL packages is 14Mbps, and in 2012 they began to offer fibre optic broadband to its cutomers. To see how close your TalkTalk broadband speed is to your advertised speed why not try our free broadband speed checker.

BT Infinity speed test

BT Infinity is the fibre optic broadband service from BT. It is being made available to more and more areas of the UK each month thanks to the ongoing multimillion-pound fibre optic roll out programme. BT Infinity is advertised as having a top speed of 38Mbps to 100Mbps depending upon which package you choose and where you live. You can use our free BT Infinity speed test to see how close to these advertised figures your connection is.

Plusnet speed test

Plusnet is a Yorkshire based ISP that offers broadband Internet packages with the added option to include a phone service in a moneysaving bundle. The current top speed advertised by Plusnet is 16Mbps, and they also supply a range of fibre optic packages that are significantly faster. To find out how your broadband connection speed compares to the advertised speed you can use our free Plusnet broadband speed test as often as you like.

Cable broadband speed test

Cable broadband offers the best fibre optic broadband experience with the currently advertised maximum download speed standing at a lightening-quick 100Mbps, while other, cheaper packages advertise top speeds of up to 30Mbps and up to 60Mbps. If you are a cable subscriber why not use our cable broadband speed test to see how your cable broadband connection compares to the advertised speed.

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