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Sky Box Sets

Sky Box Sets is Sky TV's on demand pack for some 500 TV series that you may have missed, you might want to catch up with, or you just want to enjoy for the 100th time as essential comfort viewing. It can be accessed as part of Sky's TV deals starting with the entry-level Signature package.

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Find out all about what you need to watch Sky Box Sets offers 500 on-demand TV series – where you can watch them, what sort of TV shows you can see, what kind of subscription works for you – right here in this guide.

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Equipment Sky Stream Puck, Sky Q Box, NOW TV Stick, NOW TV App, Smart TV

What is Sky Box Sets?

Sky TV Box Sets is part of Sky TV's entry-level Signature TV pack. As its name suggests, it enables Sky Signature subscribers to watch and download (via Sky Go) 500 digital-only TV 'box sets' (full series to binge watch) including some classics, some Sky-only shows, drama, comedy and even some documentary series. These can be viewed on TV or downloaded for viewing with Sky Go on tablet and computer. Because it's part of Sky Signature, which is the entry-level TV package, it is also included with any package upwards of Sky Signature.

How can I get Sky Box Sets?

The Sky TV Box Sets package currently offers 500 TV series. You can get it by signing up to the entry-level Sky Signature TV package, or any package in Sky's mid and upper-tier TV offerings.

If you are an existing Sky TV subscriber, all you need to do is access your account details using your remote control. Then go to the Sky Shop. Just select 'Sky Box Sets' in the shop and then follow the on-screen prompts.

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How can I watch Sky Box Sets?

You can watch Sky Box Sets by getting a subscription to Sky TV. Sky has recently made Sky Box Sets part of its entry-level 'Signature' TV package. So, if you don't already have a Sky TV subscription and want to access the 500 TV series available via Sky TV Box Sets, you will need to sign up with Sky TV.

You can also watch Sky Box Sets on NOW TV when you sign up to the Entertainment Membership. BT also now includes NOW TV Entertainment as part of its TV packages, which also gives you access to Sky Box Sets.

You cannot watch Sky Box Sets on Virgin Media TV, although Virgin does offer its own Virgin TV Box Sets. If you have TalkTalk TV, you can choose to add on NOW TV Entertainment to get access to Sky Box Sets.

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What equipment do I need to watch Sky Box Sets?

If you are already a Sky TV subscriber you don't need any additional equipment to watch any of the 500 TV shows available via Sky Box Sets. If you're going to take out a new Sky TV subscription that will include the Sky Box Sets package and you will be supplied with either a Sky Q set-top box – or more likely these days – a Sky Stream Puck for viewing.

There are other ways of accessing the Sky service. These all entail using NOW TV (which is Sky-owned) and its entertainment memberships.

NOW TV Stick

You can access NOW TV using either a NOW TV stick, which plugs into the HDMI port of your TV, or by using a Roku, Chromecast or Amazon Fire stick, all of which do the same job of enabling you to watch streaming services on your TV. You then purchase your NOW TV Membership – or Memberships – as and when you want.

The NOW TV App

You can also watch NOW TV via the app, which you can download for free from the Apple App Store or from Google Play, depending on your device. You then purchase your Entertainment Membership that gives you access to Sky TV content including Sky TV Box Sets.

Other TV providers

At the time of writing, Sky Box Sets via the NOW TV app are available on AppleTV, Apple TV+, YouView on BT TV and TalkTalk TV.

LG, Samsung and Sony smart TVs

More and more smart TVs are making the NOW TV app available directly from their own media hubs, including big names LG, Samsung and Sony.

On your games console

Both Sony's Playstation (4 and 5), and Microsoft's Xbox (One, S series and X series) offer the NOW TV app, which can be used to watch Sky TV Boxsets.

What shows are available on Sky Box Sets?

Sky TV constantly updates Sky TV Box Sets' 500 TV show full-series. You'll find all sorts to choose from including dramas, comedies, documentaries and classic shows. At the time of writing you can view the following shows on demand via the Box Sets service:


Sky Box Sets offers fun and laughs from both sides of the Atlantic in binge-worthy digital box sets to view on demand and to download and view using Sky Go. Both up-to-date and classic shows made by Sky but also by US and UK partners including Channel 4 and the BBC are available.

Comedy and entertainment shows include political satire, Veep starring Seinfeld alumnus Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and created by Thick of It show-runner, Armando Iannuci. There's also Peep Show, where you’ll find the adventures of Mark, Jez and Super Hans available from the first episode to the last.


Drama series proliferate in Sky Box Sets. You can find US, British, and European shows in all sorts of drama genres from docu-drama, to families at war, to crime and romance. The multi-award winning and gripping, nuclear reactor disaster series, Chernobyl, competes for attention with domineering dad Brian Cox in the knife-in-the-front saga of a US media tycoon and his family in Succession. It's not all US fare though. Save Me has tonnes of British acting talent including Suranne Jones, Stephen Graham and star Lennie James in search of his missing daughter.


As well as comedies and dramas, Sky Box Sets also offers documentaries that sometimes support the available series and are sometimes standalone. For example, if you've watched the Chernobyl docu-drama then The Real Chernobyl documentary provides detailed background including interviews and footage from 1986.

Classic TV

Sky Box Sets give you the opportunity to settle down and watch (or rewatch) some absolute classic TV series from the past. US, British and European dramas and comedies are there to be streamed and watched with Sky Go.

In terms of classic TV binge watches you can't do much better than Twin Peaks, to call this just a crime drama is to seriously underestimate David Lynch's epoch-making, surreal seasons of whodunnit combined with what-is-happening TV. Something different is available as Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha, Miranda, and New York City star Sex and the City, the show that took the late 1990s into the new millennium.

Frequently asked questions

Can I watch Sky Box Sets with other TV providers?

No, not directly. However, you can watch Sky TV Box Sets using the NOW TV stick or app, or accessing your NOW TV membership from your BT TV, or TalkTalk TV account.

Can I still watch my downloaded Sky TV Box Sets after they come off the service?

Unfortunately not, this is because when Sky TV removes a show or that particular series from its Sky TV Box Sets roster, then your downloads stop being viewable too.

Are Sky TV Box Sets physical discs?

Although the name might suggest that, Sky Box Sets is actually Sky TV's on demand, digital-only service. You can watch Sky Box Sets on your TV, and on your computer and your tablet device using Sky Go.

Can I watch Sky TV Box Sets on my tablet or computer?

Yes, you can watch Sky Box Sets using the Sky Go app. This means that while the show or series remains available on the Sky Box Sets roster, you can download it and watch it using Sky Go. As soon as it is removed from the roster, though, it will cease to be available to you.