Sky Whole Home: How to get Multiscreen on Sky Stream

Dan Howdle | January 23rd, 2024

Sky Stream

Sky Stream is rapidly taking ground in the UK TV subscription space, both from other TV providers, and indeed from Sky's existing Sky Q satellite service. And it's easy to see why. Sky Stream delivers the entire Sky TV experience without the need for a satellite dish, at a lower price, without a contract if you so choose, and with lightning-fast next-day installation. Right now, it's leagues ahead of the competition.

But what if you want to get Sky Stream on more than one TV in your house? You can't simply run more wires out of the back of your Sky Stream Puck. Instead, Sky offer a package called 'Sky Whole Home', which used to be called Sky Multiscreen back in the old days of Sky Q. Here's how it all works.

Overview of Sky Whole Home

In the past, so-called 'Multiscreen', where you could receive your full Sky TV service on additional TVs throughout your house, has always been a little bit… how to put this… bad. It has (and still does on Sky Q) relied on additional Sky boxes, one per additional TV, called Sky Q Minis. These were cut-down versions of the main Sky Q set-top box that connected to it in order to function, borrowing much of its functionality, and indeed its processing power.

The problem with the system was connectivity between the Sky Q Minis and Sky Q set-top box could often be patchy, and was quite sluggish, especially with multiple boxes being used at the same time. Sky Whole Home instead adds additional Sky Stream Pucks, each functioning independently. It's a far better system, but unfortunately you won't be able to indulge for free.

Here's a quick overview of Sky Whole Home and what it'll cost you:

Product/service Monthly fee One-off fee
Sky Whole Home £12 £0
One additional Puck £0 £39.99
Two additional Pucks £0 £79.98
Three additional Pucks £0 £119.97
Four additional Pucks £0 £159.96
Five additional Pucks £0 £199.95
Six additional Pucks £0 £239.94

Prices correct at time of writing but may vary over time. To see most up to date pricing please refer to our Sky TV package comparison, which is updated daily

Monthly costs versus one-off costs

The table tells you everything you need to know. However, it's worth just stating that Sky Whole Home will cost you £12 per month on top of whatever you're paying for Sky Stream, and on top of that you will pay £39.99 per additional Sky Stream Puck you require, but only once.

You don't own your Sky Pucks

This does not however mean you own those additional Sky Stream Pucks. Oh no. If you quit out of your subscription at any point you will need to send them back to Sky. They are on loan. The £39.99 isn't a purchase price, it's an 'installation cost', though we're not entirely clear what that refers to when installation involves plugging it in, connecting it to your wifi and logging into your sky account. Sky only knows.

The Sky Stream Puck

Sky Whole Home will furnish you with as many additional Sky Stream Pucks as you desire (up to six total). But what is a Sky Stream Puck? Is it any good? What features can you expect? In this section we'll offer a brief overview of the device. You can find a much more detailed breakdown of its features, and indeed what we think of it, in our Sky Stream Puck review. Here, though, we're just going to offer you the specs:

Feature Specification
4K HDR support Yes
Dolby Atmos ready Yes
HDMI 2.1 Yes
Ethernet Yes
Wi-Fi Yes
Voice remote Yes
Dimensions 10.8 x 10.8 x 1.8cm
Warranty One-year
Colour Anthracite Black

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How to buy and install Sky Whole Home

Here's something many who've arrived to read this guide might be struggling with. You can't find Sky Whole Home advertised or listed either on Sky's own website or via a broadband a Sky TV package comparison page such as ours. Likewise, it's not entirely clear what happens if you do manage to successfully sign up to Sky Whole Home. So, here's a step-by-step from purchasing the service to having it up and running in your home:

  • Choose any Sky Stream package – First, choose a Sky Stream package. This can be on its own, or in a bundle with broadband. We recommend you use our Sky package comparison tool to do so. Note that Sky Whole Home won't be listed in any package, either in our comparison, or on Sky's website. This is fine. Just choose the package you want for now
  • Click through to the Sky website – Once you've chosen a package that suits you, click the Get Deal button to be taken to the appropriate package on Sky's website
  • Proceed through the purchase process – Check the details are correct and you are indeed looking at the package you want. Once you've done that, clicking through the checkout process on Sky's website will lead you to a menu consisting of bolt-on package options. One of these will be Sky Whole Home
  • Select Sky Whole Home – Select Sky Whole Home to add it to your basket. You will be prompted to choose how many additional Sky Stream Pucks you want. Obviously you will get one Puck with your Sky Stream package so this number will only refer to how many extra Pucks you want/need. Each additional Puck will add a one-off cost of £39.99 to your package
  • Receive your pucks and set them up – If you're just getting Sky Stream your Pucks will arrive next day. Plug them in, connect them to your wifi, log into your Sky account and you're done. If you're getting a bundle with Sky Broadband you may have to wait till your broadband is installed before doing this, which is typically about two weeks, though it can be shorter depending on the time of year

Alternatives to Sky Whole Home

Getting TV in every room can require as little as just a smart TV or streaming stick and a wifi connection, of course. Here though, we're talking about competing subscription TV services that offer a multiroom or multiscreen bolt-on option. And for that there are only really three competitors: BT, Virgin Media, and Sky's own Sky Q satellite TV service.

It probably goes without saying at this point that Sky Stream is the best of the bunch by a considerable margin. But, if you're still on the fence or are just curious as to what the alternatives are, here's a quick overview:

Feature Sky Stream Sky Q (satellite) Virgin TV EE TV (formerly BT TV)
Delivery tech Internet Satellite Cable Internet
Product name Sky Whole Home Sky Multiscreen Multi-Room Extra Box
Multiroom device Sky Stream Puck Sky Q Mini TV 360 Mini EE TV Box Mini
Additional subscription cost £12* per month £12* per month £10* per month per additional box £10* per month per additional box
Additional one-off cost £39.99* per Puck 1st additional box free, all further boxes £49* N/A N/A

*Prices correct at time of writing but may vary over time. To see most up to date pricing please refer to our Sky TV package comparison, which is updated daily

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Conclusion: Should you get Sky Whole Home?

If we're looking at what is on offer compared to its competitors, Sky Whole Home, or Sky Stream multiroom is leagues ahead. There are no chopped-down mini boxes here that put extra pressure on your main TV set-top box, just repeats of the very capable Sky Stream Puck, meaning your TV service will be equally full-blooded and functional in every room you put one in.

We're not a fan of the one-off costs for additional boxes however, and putting them under the heading of 'installation cost' when there is no installation costs to speak of rubs us up the wrong way. We would prefer Sky to set a monthly price for Sky Whole Home and for the Pucks to come free, especially since you don't ever own these devices and will have to hand them back at the end of the contract.

That's our main issue. However, compared to what the competition is offering, it's leagues ahead, and so should be congratulated on that at the very least. Just remember you'll need to pick a Sky Stream deal first, after which you'll have the option to add Sky Whole Home.

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