Dan Howdle | Updated March 7th, 2022

The best Black Friday broadband deals for 2022

Black Friday appears to be here in the UK to stay. Increasingly, broadband providers are getting in on the action and reserving some of their best deals and offers for the occasion. We've looked at every Black Friday broadband deal to find you the absolute best, no matter your criteria.

Black Friday broadband deals

Best money-off deals

Same broadband, lower monthly cost!

These are the best Black Friday broadband deals where the provider has simply knocked some money off what you'd normally pay. If you don't want any fancy gifts or vouchers and simply want to save money, this is where you need to look. Here we go!

Virgin M100 Fibre: The best money-off deal for those who don't need a landline. With £445 (including zero setup costs and £50 bill credit) off across its 18-month contract you wont find this cheaper. Virgin Media is a premium provider and normally asks a premium price! Here, though, its capable 108Mbps average download speed will cope with the strains of even very large households for similar money to many much, much slower packages. Get it while you can.

Shell Superfast Fibre Plus: A little less money off on a package that's slower than Virgin's. But wait! Its capable 63Mbps broadband service does include a landline, and so will be a better pick for households that have need of one. This deal will save you £252 over the course of an 18-month contract, coming in at £21.99 per month total including line rental and with zero up-front costs. And what's more, just to sweeten the deal it now comes with a £65 voucher, which can be used in Shell Energy shops.

NOW Fab Fibre Broadband: The cheapest of our picks, but that's only because it's such a great offer. Including free anytime calls, NOW's 36Mb ADSL deal saves you £96 off over its 12-month contract – that's the £8 per month saving on Anytime Calls. It provides a perfectly respectable speed of 36Mbps and it's also amongst the very cheapest in that mid-tier fibre market. Additionally, NOW Broadband is one of the few providers that doesn't carry out credit checks.

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Best deals with rewards

Something with a little sweetener

Another way providers will try to tempt you in is through some form of additional reward to sweeten the deal. These tend to come in the form of cashback, vouchers, or free gifts. We've grabbed the most generous Black Friday deals with a little something extra on top!

BT Fibre 2: BT can be expensive. But there's a reason for that: BT Broadband offers a great router, and some of the best customer service in the business. Its 67Mbps Fibre 2 package comes in at £32.99 per month, without a phone line, and on a longer 24-month contract. Plus, there are no up-front costs, and currently you'll get a £90 virtual reward card which you can spend online on anything you like. That's one of the highest rewards out there right now.

TalkTalk Fibre 65: Looking for great speed, no installation fees, a great price and a cherry on top in the form of a big juicy reward card? Well, as their leading promotion right now, TalkTalk are offering just that – 67Mb average speeds, £23 per month with no extra costs and a £90 reward card which you can pretty much spend as you please. Despite a small price increase recently, this is still one of the very best value packages on the market. While the router isn't quite as good as BT's, and you'll not get BT's excellent customer service it really is still an offer worth serious consideration.

Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Extra: Plusnet's 66Mbps fibre broadband package offers a £70 reward card you can spend anywhere and charges no up-front costs. You'll get a landline and, like the TalkTalk deal, an 18-month contract. Plusnet also has famously excellent customer service so if that's important to you this deal is a good halfway house.

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Best broadband and TV bundles

Bundles save money, Black Friday bundles save even more!

You won't find a lot of people getting their broadband, TV and home phone supplied by different providers. The reason? Bundles save you money versus separate services. And there's no better time to take out a broadband, TV and home phone bundle than during the Black Friday period. Here at the best bundle deals.

TalkTalk Fibre 65 + TV: TalkTalk are well known for offering great, and sometimes exceptional value broadband packages. And when they choose to offer an incentive on their broadband, phone and TV bundles, then it really can be worth taking a closer look. What we've got here is their fast 67Mb fibre broadband (which is more than enough for most people), pay as you go calls and their TV add on, all for £27 a month with no up-front costs or setup fees. And to sweeten the deal they're also offering a £90 gift card – not much to find fault with there.

Sky Complete TV and Broadband Bundle: Expensive, but a TV-lover's paradise! As well as Sky's 59Mbps fibre broadband and a landline with PAYG calls, you will also get Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, 40 live Sky channels, Sky box sets, the Sky HD upgrade, Sky Kids, a bundled Netflix subscription, and Sky will even add one Sky Mini to your Sky Q set-top box, allowing you to have all of that in a second room. And you'll save a huge £414 across the 18-month contract.

BT Entertainment + Fibre 2: This BT bundle offers a £90 virtual reward card you can spend on whatever you like. Its 67Mbps fibre broadband is accompanied by a BT set-top box loaded with Freeview channels, as well as Britbox and AMC. There's no phone line here (you can pay a little extra for one if you wish), but BT is throwing in a NOW TV subscription giving you access to Sky Box Sets and Sky Atlantic.

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Best fibre broadband deals

If it isn't fibre, it's probably too slow!

The older, slower ADSL broadband that dominated the UK ten years ago is on its way out, with a number of providers now not offering ADSL at all. Rather, these days it's all about fibre broadband, which comes in vast array of package types and speeds. Here are our top picks!

Vodafone Superfast 2 Fibre Broadband: Vodafone's pricing is particularly competitive right now for its 67Mbps broadband with a landline and offering Vodafone's excellent home router. In fact, this would be a bargain even without the saving. At just £20 per month, this is about the cheapest 60+Mbps broadband package in existence right now, so if cheap (but also very high quality) is what you're looking for, look no further.

NOW Broadband Super Fibre Broadband: This NOW Broadband deal is also very, very cheap while offering a decent standard of service. NOW Broadband carries out no credit checks making it a great choice if you think your credit rating might be a bit iffy. Its 63Mbps broadband here is plenty for most households, and you'll get a landline with inclusive free calls, all for just £21 per month on a 12-month contract. And those free calls mean you're also saving £96 over that year.

Shell Energy Broadband Superfast Fibre Plus: Shell Energy Broadband offers good speeds, a decent enough router and a landline with PAYG calls. Its 63Mbps Superfast Fibre Plus package is plenty for small to medium-sized households, and is offered on an 18-month contract with no up-front costs, and a free £65 Shell Energy shop voucher. The best part, though? At this price, this is Superfast Fibre Plus for the same price as the lower speed Superfast Fibre. That can't be bad.

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Best full fibre deals

The fastest broadband deals in existence!

Full fibre, ultrafast, gigabit FTTP or FTTH, it's all the same gravy – fibre optic broadband all the way to your home with no copper wires. These picks are for the speed freaks, but the downside is limited availability, so it's best to check with the provider or use our broadband postcode checker.

Sky TV + Broadband Ultrafast: At just £49 per month, Sky’s ultrafast broadband and TV bundle is an absolute steal! If you can get it where you live, you’ll get Sky’s 145Mbps broadband – fast enough for literally any household – a PAYG landline package, and a Sky Q set-top box with access to over a hundred TV channels. It’s an 18-month contract and right now there’s £180 off the total, making a saving of £10 per month. There is a small setup fee, but considering what you get it’s well worth paying.

Hyperoptic 150Mb Fibre Broadband Only: What goes in terms of limited availability for BT ultrafast fibre goes double for Hyperoptic. It has its own independent network and so is not available to much of the country. If you can get it, though, Hyperoptic came first by just about every metric in our broadband provider survey this year. This deal offers 145Mbps broadband, without a phone line, for a very reasonable £27 per month.

BT Full Fibre 500: Ok, if you're lucky enough to be able to access Openreach's Fibre To The Premises (FTTP), then you can definitely access BT's excellent Full Fibre packages. You can get faster than this one, but we think the 500Mb for £44.99 probably represents the best value – few households really need a faster connection than this. And for Black Friday, BT are offering the first three months completely free.

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Best for gamers

Our picks for fast downloads and low latency!

You don't need very fast broadband to play games online. However, with game file sizes now often exceeding 100GB in size, and games consoles out in the wild with no disc drives, the need for a fast download speed should be top of a gamer's wishlist. These are out top picks for gameheads.

Sky Broadband Ultrafast: Sky's ultrafast broadband packages aren't available everywhere so you will need to check availability once you've clicked through to Sky's website. That said, its 145Mbps broadband is a reasonable £32 per month, comes with a phone line and a PAYG calling package on a 12-month contract and has no upfront costs. At this speed, gamers will be able to download a giant 50GB game file in just shy of 50 minutes!

BT Fibre 2: Unlike Sky's ultrafast packages, BT's fibre broadband is available to almost everyone. And while the speeds aren't quite as quick, at just £32.99 per month it's absolutely a solid pick. You won't get a phone line, but there are no up-front costs, and you'll get a big fat £90 reward card you can spend on anything, including games! 67Mbps will allow you to download that huge 50GB game file in around one hour and 47 minutes.

Virgin Media M100 Fibre Broadband: In terms of availability, Virgin Media is somewhere in the middle. It's available to most households in the UK, but by no means everywhere. This deal offers a £395 saving on the total cost of its 18-month contract, with no phone line and no upfront costs. At £24 per month it's an absolute steal! Its average speed of 108Mbps will download that 50GB game file in one hour and six minutes. Virgin Media broadband also offers some of the lowest latency in the UK.

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What is Black Friday?

Despite the American origin, Black Friday is now here to stay. It's an opportunity for all sorts of retailers and providers to offer you their best deals of the year. And, thank goodness, it's not just one day. 'Black Friday' in the world of broadband usually lasts a couple of weeks. So plenty of time to snap up a bargain you won't find during the rest of the year.

Black Friday broadband bargains tend to come in the following flavours:

  • Limited time low price – This is also sometimes referred to as a 'flash sale' – a limited time offer, usually confined to the the 7-10 days surrounding Black Friday, where you will be able to purchase a specific broadband deal or deals for a lower price – essentially a lower monthly cost than normal. Another 'type' that fits this category is a 'free upgrade' where you will pay the same money, but for the faster/better version of that package
  • Cashback, reward card, bill credit or voucher – This is where the broadband provider throws in some sort of financial incentive to sign up. Cashback usually takes the form of a preloaded Mastercard you can spend anywhere – this is often called a reward card. In some cases, you may see vouchers thrown in that you can only spend in one place, for example Amazon of Marks & Spencer. Bill credit is exactly that – a set amount off your bill, usually spread out across the lifetime of the contract
  • Free gift(s) – Occasionally you may see the odd Black Friday broadband deal where there is some sort of free gift on offer. These usually take the form of some piece of consumer tech – a TV, headphones, a games console, something of that ilk. Truth be told, though, these sorts of deals are far less common than they used to be. Another form of free gift you might see is a free subscription to some online service such as Netflix or Spotify

Should you get broadband on Black Friday?

Yes! But no matter what you decide, we’d recommend you think about where you are in your current contract. It’s rarely going to be worth dumping your existing provider before your contract has expired, and incurring hefty early exit fees, for the sake of an Amazon voucher.

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Frequently asked questions

Are Black Friday deals the best deals of the year?

Sometimes they are, sometimes they aren’t. Black Friday is a good time to buy if you just want to guarantee you get a little something extra.

Can I spend cashback anywhere?

Cashback yes, vouchers no. If it's labelled as 'cashback' or a 'reward card' this is basically the same thing and you can spend it anywhere. If it's marked with the name of a retailer such as Amazon, though, Amazon is the only place you will be able to spend it.

Will I automatically get my cashback, vouchers or gifts?

No. You will usually not be able to claim your cashback until after your cancellation period. Your provider wants to be certain you are going to be around for the length of the contract before lavishing you with cashback, vouchers and gifts.

Can I get a Black Friday deal on other days than just Friday?

Yes. Usually deals can start anywhere from the previous weekend and end anywhere up to the weekend of the week after Black Friday – week of Cyber Monday. Plus, offers can change and morph across this period, so it's worth keeping a constant eye on.

Do providers offer the same deals every year?

No. Usually these deals are specifically formulated to offer something that other providers don't. After all, if everyone offers £50 of Amazon vouchers, then why choose one provider over another. There will usually be a wide array of different types of offer available.