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TalkTalk Business broadband review 2021

By Phil Wilkinson-Jones | Monday, February 1st 2021


TalkTalk is perhaps best known for its budget-friendly home broadband and TV, but did you know that the brand is also an award-winning business broadband provider?

This page will tell you everything you need to know about TalkTalk Business broadband for your business; what’s available, which deal is right for your company, and what you can expect in terms of equipment, customer service and more.

We’ll also tell you why TalkTalk Business broadband stands out from the competition and bring you the best business packages currently available from the provider.

Is TalkTalk Business broadband any good?

TalkTalk’s business broadband is generally highly regarded. The brand provides some of the cheapest and simplest internet for business deals on the UK market with the ability to add inclusive calls if a company needs them.

Overall, the brand’s business broadband is rated higher by its customers than its home internet provision.

As with any deal and provider, there are pros and cons when choosing a TalkTalk Business broadband package:


  • It’s affordable - most deals are cheaper than with BT or Sky.
  • It’s simple - making it easy to pick the right plan for your business.
  • It’s unlimited - with no data caps on any business package.
  • It’s easy to bundle - add unlimited phone calls to your plan for an extra charge.


  • TalkTalk broadband isn’t available in all areas of the UK.
  • Listed prices don’t include VAT.
  • Small businesses may find themselves with less choice.
  • Low customer satisfaction scores with regard to complaint management

The ISP also provides 70% more Ethernet coverage than BT, great for companies looking for a more secure and speedy connection.

When choosing a new business broadband provider, you should carefully weigh up the pros and cons. No one provider can tick all the boxes, but it’s entirely possible to find one that meets your most important needs.

Overview of TalkTalk Business broadband

Here’s a quick look at what you can expect with a TalkTalk Business broadband deal.

Download speeds Up to 1Gbps
Upload speeds 1Mbps – 20Mbps
Broadband Standard, Fibre and leased line
Phone Yes
ISDN line Yes
Packages available Business broadband, Business fibre, Homeworker fibre, Full fibre, Ultrafast business full fibre
Router New Business WiFi hub
Contract length 12 months – 36 months
Prices from £18 per month

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Average TalkTalk Business Broadband speeds

TalkTalk has a range of business broadband deals to suit companies of varying sizes.

For small businesses, there’s TalkTalk standard business broadband, with average download speeds of up to 17Mbps.

For medium-sized or larger businesses the brand’s fibre broadband offer has download speeds of up to 76Mbps.

Bigger businesses can also enjoy a dedicated leased line connection with TalkTalk Business broadband that can supply gigabit speeds.

Average TalkTalk Business broadband upload speeds

With home broadband, download speed is often more important than upload speed. This is because most households transfer more information from the internet to their devices than vice versa. With business broadband, however, average upload speed can be as important - if not more so - than average download speed. This is because many companies store large volumes of information online.

TalkTalk’s standard business broadband deal offers upload speeds of up to 1Mbps, whereas the brand’s fibre broadband service for companies has a much healthier average upload speed of 20Mbps.

TalkTalk Business broadband packages

TalkTalk offers a choice of either a ‘Simply’ or a ‘Complete’ business broadband package.

Both Simply and Complete deals offer unlimited broadband, static IP addresses, free new line installation, if needed and 7-day UK business support.

The difference is that with a Simply package, calls are included on a pay-as-you-go basis. With a Complete deal, various inclusive call packages can be included to help you save on your phone bills.

TalkTalk offer five different options for your business broadband, each with Simply or Complete – plenty of choice for you business’s needs.

Business broadband: This package is perfect for those looking for an economical solution to their broadband needs and comes with a standard connection.

Business Fibre: Even faster speeds than the previous package, you can choose the option to have PAYG calls or include them with the Complete option.

Homeworker Fibre: With business-grade connectivity delivered directly to the homes of your workforce and built into a single, flexible, easy-to-manage contract with all the benefits of a business offering.

Full fibre: Fast, reliable internet connectivity that gives businesses the freedom to do more online, faster.

Ultrafast business full fibre: With lightning fast productivity, crystal clear video calls and super-reliable connectivity.

Routers and installation


New TalkTalk Business broadband customers will receive the brand’s multi award-winning WiFi Hub router with Gigabit speeds, 7 separate antennae and WPS one-button pairing.

The Hub is packed with cutting-edge technology to help improve business efficiency and is ideal for businesses of all sizes, from home-based operations to large corporate offices.

Thanks to beamforming technology, it can also break through background interference and pinpoint your devices to keep them connected in all corners of your office.


TalkTalk will install a new phone line, if required, for any new business customers ordering a standard or fibre package.

The ‘Complete’ package, which costs slightly more than the entry-level ‘Simply’ plan, also promises a free business premises move, with no upfront or additional costs.

There’s no connection fee to pay for your business broadband either, just an £8.99 postage fee for the equipment.

Customer service

TalkTalk Business offers 24/7 customer support should anything go wrong, with a team of 600 UK-based business broadband experts at the ready.

The brand also has an online advice hub for business customers, or you can call one of the team on 0800 083 3003.

Leased line customers will also be assigned an account manager who will be their designated contact for the duration of the installation period.

TalkTalk also promises a five-hour fix on its Ethernet Access Direct (EAD) product, which offers speeds up to 1Gbps. It offers seven-hour fixes for its other leased line options.

Deals and offers

Along with their standard and fibre business broadband deals, TalkTalk also offer some fantastic extras to incentivise their deals:

Worksafe: WorkSafe is an online filtering and protection solution, available exclusively to TalkTalk Business broadband package customers at no extra cost.

Caller display: The brand offers a range of helpful services for business customers that include caller display, as standard.

Free standard new line installation: If a new landline connection is required, TalkTalk promises to install one of these at no cost.

Dynamic IP or static IP: TalkTalk offers either a dynamic (moveable) or static IP, depending on the needs of your business.

Our verdict

Price is really where TalkTalk stands out, as prices start at just £18 a month with additional features including unlimited calls available for an additional monthly fee. The brand will also install a new phone for free if one is required, helping you save on installation costs.

TalkTalk customers also enjoy the simplicity of the brand’s business broadband deals - there are no complicated packages to choose from, just a select range of options that suit the needs of businesses of every size.

We give TalkTalk a solid 4/5 for choice, affordability, reliable provision and simplicity.

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