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TalkTalk Business broadband review

By Phil Wilkinson-Jones | Monday, January 14th 2019


TalkTalk is best known for its budget-friendly home broadband and TV service but it is also an award-winning business broadband provider.

So if you’re looking for a decent broadband service for your business, what is it that makes TalkTalk Business stand out from the crowd?


Download speed Up to 1Gbps
Broadband Standard, fibre and leased line
Business phone line Yes
ISDN line Yes
Contract length 1-3 years
Prices from £18 per month


TalkTalk Business has a wide range of products suited to businesses of varying sizes. For small businesses there’s TalkTalk’s standard business broadband, which offers download speeds up to 17Mbps and upload speeds up to 1Mbps.

If you’re looking for something a bit faster and a bit more reliable you can upgrade to fibre for an additional monthly fee. This gives you download speeds up to 76Mbps and upload speeds up to 20Mbps.

For bigger companies or those that do a lot more online and need more bandwidth, TalkTalk Business also offers a dedicated leased line connection that will give you gigabit speeds.

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TalkTalk Business says that for anyone ordering standard or fibre broadband, it will install a new phone line for free if one is needed. The ‘Complete’ package, which costs a couple of quid more than the entry-level ‘Simply’ plan, also promises a free business premises move, which is great because sorting out your broadband when you're moving house is bad enough.

There’s no connection fee to pay, just an £8.99 postage fee for the equipment. And as TalkTalk Business’s standard and fibre services use the Openreach network, the vast majority of UK premises will be able to get it.

You can also get various types of leased line from TalkTalk Business and if you sign up to a three-year contract (as opposed to a 12-month one) there’s also no installation fee. A leased line is a dedicated ethernet connection that means you’re not sharing with any other premises.

Installation lead times for leased lines can be anything upwards of 40 days and TalkTalk Business claims it is on average 11 days faster than other business broadband providers on Ethernet Access Direct orders.


TalkTalk Business’s broadband packages include a TalkTalk Wireless Router, for which you’ll need to pay an £8.99 postage charge. This appears to be a Huawei-made HG633 model, at least with the cheaper packages. It has four LAN ports and it supports wireless connectivity.


Fibre broadband is faster and more reliable than standard broadband so paying a bit more is generally worth it, especially if you’re running a business – TalkTalk Business boasts of 99.995% reliability across its network.

A leased line gives you more bandwidth and, in theory, even greater reliability, as you’re not sharing it with other businesses or residential properties. Leased lines can also be capable of providing much faster speeds, depending on the type of connection.

TalkTalk Business’s products come with WorkSafe, which works as an anti-virus at a network level but also allows you to block particular websites and restrict access to social media during core business hours, among other features.

Customer service

TalkTalk Business offers 24/7 customer support so should anything go wrong, its team of 600 UK-based business broadband experts will be ready to help. Leased line customers will also be assigned an account manager who will be their contact at TalkTalk Business for the duration of the installation period.

TalkTalk promises a five-hour fix on its Ethernet Access Direct (EAD) product, which offers speeds up to 1Gbps. It offers seven-hour fixes for its other leased line options.


Two of the business broadband packages offered by TalkTalk Business are clearly aimed at small businesses, which the provider defines as having up to 19 employees. These give you the same standard of broadband most people will have at home, but with the peace of mind that comes from having 24/7 dedicated business support.

Price is really where TalkTalk stands out, as prices start at just £18 a month with additional features including unlimited calls available for an additional monthly fee.

TalkTalk Business’s leased line options open up more possibilities for bigger companies to not only have a more reliable and faster connection, but to set up a cloud-ready private network, make VoIP calls and set up new call management solutions. A number of TalkTalk Business’s awards have been for its Next Generation Network and cloud service provision.

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