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Broadband and moving house – best way to get broadband installed

By Mof Gimmers
Sunday, December 30th 2018

Moving to a new house is a pretty stressful thing to do, and although we can't help you move your books and endless kitchen utensils, we can help you get the internet in your new home more quickly. Getting online is more intrinsic to our lives than ever before, so if you follow our guide, you’ll be sat in your new house watching Netflix and ordering a takeaway while surrounded by unpacked boxes in no time.

There is a degree of advanced organisation required to make sure it all runs smoothly, from checking your current contract situation to timing the switch to avoid being without a connection. We talk you through all you need to know.

Check availability at your new address

One of the first things you need to do is to check which broadband providers operate in the area your new home is in. If you’re currently using the services of a company that doesn’t operate at your new residence, then you won’t be able to keep them. You will have to cancel your service and choose a new provider.

Check your new address

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If your account can be moved, and you’re happy with your current provider, you’ll be glad to know that it’s really easy to get your account moved to a new home, but there are things you need to look out for; if you currently have fibre broadband in your old home, it won't necessarily be available in your new one.

If you’re moving to an area that does offer fibre broadband, and you decide you want to upgrade, then you'll need to let your provider know – it might need to send an engineer to install the relevant connections. You can check online with your broadband provider or give them a call if you’re unsure. Do this first, so you know if you need to change your services or provider before doing anything else.

Compare the latest broadband deals

Could you be saving money by switching broadband provider? Moving home is a good opportunity to start afresh if you’ve been somewhat underwhelmed by the service you’ve been receiving. If you’re looking for better broadband speeds, then there may be a provider in the area of your new home that can offer faster fibre speeds.

You can check out what’s available by using our online postcode checker. When searching, take a note of not only the speeds, but set-up fees, the monthly costs, and installation prices of any provider you are considering. You might be lucky and see that your moving dates coincide with a promotional offer, but be sure to jot down the costs that will come into play after the promotion runs out so you are aware of the longer-term costs.

If you are unsure where to start, our guide on how to find the best broadband in your area offers further information on choosing a new package.

Consider your timing

If you’re staying with the provider you’re already using, then everything is quite straightforward. In the vast majority of cases, you’ll be able to ring up your broadband provider and tell it the date you’re moving into your new home, and you’ll then be given a choice of dates when your broadband switches over to your new place.

terraced houses

You can ring in advance too and ask your provider to activate your broadband connection on a specific day, so it kicks in the day before you move in, for example. Again, if an engineer needs to be sent out, you’ll need to be around to let them in, but with some advance planning you should be able to sort that out so you’re not without broadband for too long.

If you’re changing provider, then the process of switching broadband is also quite simple. Tell your current provider that you’re leaving, and then inform your new provider of the date you’re moving and that you’d like to be connected as close to your moving-in date as possible. It shouldn't be a problem for your new provider to arrange that for you.

Compare broadband deals

Switching to a new broadband provider

If you’re looking at changing the broadband provider you’re with, then thankfully, the process has been made relatively simple. Most companies will speak to each other. Your new provider should call your old one, and you’ll then receive correspondence from both parties letting you know about any outstanding payments. (You will have to make a payment to your old provider if you want to get out of your contract early.)

You’ll need to tell your current provider that you’re leaving for another company, which means they’ll direct you to the retention team – the people hired to try and keep you as a customer. They might offer you a better deal, but if you’re certain you’ve made the right decision to switch, then just politely tell them that you’ve already decided to leave.

If you currently have a landline number, you will need to ask if you want to keep it. This is the situation with most customers and the providers expect to be asked, so don’t be shy.

What to do if you want to get online but don’t have your connection yet

Even if you’ve done everything within your power to get online at your new place in good time, there’s still a chance that you might be without your internet connection for a while. Maybe the engineer can’t come for a few days because they’re busy? Maybe some administrative thing means you have to stay in your old house for a couple of weeks longer after you’ve already got your connection activated at your new home? There’s a host of reasons why things don’t always synchronise, but that doesn’t mean you have to be cut adrift from the online world.

Most people can use the data on their phones, and if something needs doing that is laptop-specific, there’s always free wi-fi in coffee shops or at work, should you be desperate. However, if you’d rather be at home, there are a number of short-term solutions. There’s an array of things you can utilise to be online, such as Mi-Fi devices, dongles and SIMs for your tablet. Most mobile providers offer a selection.

Moving home with BT

If your current provider is BT and your're still in contract, use BT's moving home page to start the process of transfering your broadband. If you're out of contract, it's worth comparing providers at your new home to get the best broadband deals. Switching providers is easy and takes around two weeks.

Check my area


The process of moving broadband is all pretty simple: you need to check what’s available at your new home; decide to switch or stick with what you’ve got, then get in touch with your provider as soon as possible. It’s not an arduous process, and with planning and luck you shouldn’t be without your connection for very long – if at all. Happy moving!

Check availability at your new address

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