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Dan Howdle | February 16th, 2023

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Did you know, Plusnet is owned by BT? Well, you do now. And while you might think this confuses matters, the reality is Plusnet remains its own thing, its own brand, with its own offering. On Plusnet you'll get much of the premium service you'll get with BT, but broadly speaking, it will tend to cost you less. More so when you're applying as a new customer to take advantage of some sort of introductory offer of cashback or a gift card.

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Rather like its parent, BT, Plusnet likes to throw in cashback reward cards from time to time, which can be claimed by new customers once they're up and running. Broadly speaking, these don't tend to be for amounts as large as you might find with BT when BT is running a similar promotion. However, you will tend to pay lass overall on a monthly basis for a Plusnet broadband deal than you would for a BT Broadband deal running at a similar spec.

You can see every deal available from Plusnet broadband right now in our complete comparison page. There are no deals offering cashback rewards or vouchers from Plusnet at this current time. It is worth noting before we get into them that Plusnet will charge you for the first month of your contract upfront, which is quite unusual in the world of broadband. So while there is often no set-up fee, you will have to pay something upfront in most cases.

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How do Plusnet reward cards work?

Rather like BT (which is part of the same group of companies as Plusnet), your reward card will take the form of a pre-paid Mastercard which you can spend anywhere – even on bills if that's what you need. Plusnet will even email you to remind you to claim your reward, and believe it or not that's not a consideration you're going to get from every provider.

Worth bearing in mind then, that your reward card isn't simply going to turn up in the post without you taking any action. You will only be able to claim it once your broadband is installed and running and after the period in which you can back out of your contract (the cancellation period). And you have a maximum of three months after signing up to make your claim.

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Offers from other providers with cashback rewards

Of course, Plusnet isn't the only game in town when it comes to offering cashback or gift cards to new customers. To see all of the gift and reward options on current broadband deals you should visit our broadband comparison page, which shows all providers and their current offers. In the meantime here are a few select alternatives should you want to shop around.

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